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IE Public Speaking Club

[1]On Tuesday, 27 November Sowmya Vavilala, one of our esteemed coordinators hosted an exciting session on Debating. Having a wealth of experience in the topic she took us through an insightful journey of the facets of debate.

A debate is an ongoing action of listening to your competitor’s points while effectively communicating your own. We learnt that to effectively communicate your point, you should do it with passion, and if you can’t find it, fake it, as we learnt in our previous session on Body Language, how you something is more important than what you say. But always remember to take note that a great debate is backed up by solid research, always opting for logical and rational thought. Other key points from our session included:

·         Criticize the opinion, not the person
·         Hold your poise, if you lose your temper, you lose the debate
·         Do not generalize or exaggerate, it weakens your position
·         Debate like a politician, as though your opponent isn’t present

Our members then took the stage to put their new-found skills to work, debating from pizza to tomato sauce versus mustard, and even veganism.

Join us next week for our session on Stress Management on Tuesday, December 4th.