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Dancing In The Midst Of Nature – IE Dance Club

[1]The IE Dance Club has hosted a series of dance sessions at no other place, but the Retiro Park. Doesn’t it sound fun! Well, we loved the weather during the summers and fall and decided to practice our passionate art surrounded by the gorgeous nature that the park adorns.
We started with an informal “Meet & Greet” picnic which had music, snacks and Salsa dancing. After the very appreciated session, we continued with rolling sessions of various dance styles like Salsa, Hip-hop, Zumba and Bollywood. It was such a refreshing change for all the dance lovers that we feel sad that it’s too cold now to dance in the mid of the nature till it’s summer again.
All sessions were free of charge and was open for all keens. The coaches were our own students and alumni who sportily took up the opportunity to [2]spread their knowledge and show-off their skills. Promoting fitness while enjoying the scenic views is an experience that none can deny.

For the future, now that the sessions in the open are not feasible, we aim at hosting more sessions in closed halls and studios. Our motive is to keep encouraging the art of dancing on a regular basis, and we would give in our best to do so, as the club.

So, stay tuned for our upcoming events and we promise to not let you down.

We communicate through the art or dancing and we embrace every individual who speaks this language of expression too!