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Blockchain trends

In collaboration with the IE Blockchain club and the IE Tech and Innovation club, the Entrepreneurship [1]  Club was pleased to host a series of keynote speeches led by Gabi Gutierrez, Alexandr Chevtaev and Alexandre Bussutil who tackled current blockchain trends within the Entrepreneurship world.
Alexandre Bussutil, CEO of B-scaled spoke about the ups and downs of the crypto market over the past 2 years, and what to look-out for in the near future. He is a firm believer of blockchain, and its potential to uphold transparency and trust within various industries.
Alexandr Chevtaev has been an advisor for blockchain and crypto startups over the last 2 years. He has helped raise over USD 100 M in private sales and ICOS. He is of the belief that bitcoin price will rise again in the near future, and that 2019 could be the year that utility tokens become more widespread.
Gabriel Gutierrez, CEO of a crypto mining farm in Siberia, has educated the students about the processes of crypto mining and its current trends. Today, due to the current dip in bitcoin price, many crypto farms have foreclosed, however Gabriel sees opportunities for IE students to open new farms in countries with low-priced electricity such as Russia as he believes the price of Bitcoin will rise again in 2019.
During the event, the students were immersed with the speakers through Q&As, and have challenged the speakers in numerous occasions. The Entrepreneurship club thanks its speakers, and is posed to believe that blockchain is an immersive technology to look out for in the future.