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IE Energy Club: new Club’s Officers and 2019 Proposals

The energy club is composed of a highly motivated aggregate of students from great variety of profiles, expertise and backgrounds including representatives from several IE programs.

After having successful co-corganized the Space Mining event (November 2018) and the IE Energy Club Alumni networking event (December 2018), there a are more exciting initiatives on which the Club is working for the next few months.

To name a few, these are some of the proposals which are being considered:

• Roundtable discussion about geopolitical implications of energy related topics.
• Energy Venture Day: Dedicated to pitches from energy related startups.
• Energy Hackathon: Groups competition which aim to find the best solution to tackle an energy related topic.
• Presentations linking the energy industry with new technologies such as big data and blockchain from relevant speakers from the sector.

We are also excited about working together with the rest of the Clubs to construct well rounded events and attract assistants from a wide range of areas.

Stay tuned!