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IEU Segovia Debate Club 2018 Recap

For the first semester of the academic year 2018-2019, the IEU Segovia Debate Club has engaged in a variety of activities. Our club consists of three branches, Formal Debate, Model United Nations, and Social Debates. We started the year with a welcoming event in September, where we introduce our clubs to mostly first years as well as everyone else interested. We had an interesting open floor debate where students came up to the stage to state their thoughts on whether “Stereotypes are unfairly Stereotyped.” For our Model United Nations Branch, we’ve held two mock-MUN conferences where experienced and new debaters in the Model United Nations form had an opportunity to discuss issues such as “Emergency Aid in Natural Disasters” and the issue of “Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Territories.”

Our social branch meets up regularly each week to have an open discussion over cups of coffee in La Colonial on any issues pertaining to our member’s mind. Our most noted event of this semester was our Debate with the Royal Artillery Academy in Segovia. Our members sent a delegation of six students to defend the positive influence of “Russia in the Global Setting as a world power” against the military cadets. We brought an audience of around 40 students who got a chance to participate in the discussion through questions and both institutions thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. We are in the process of planning a second event, hosted by IE for the upcoming semester.

Another notable event held this year was in collaboration with the Political Think Tank. We invited IE professor Balder Hageraats as our guest speaker to discuss the basis of our international system; “Westphalia, Dead or Alive?” and our members explored the current problems with the system, the unintended consequences of the system, and the possibility of an alternative.

We held another similar open-floor discussion format of debate with the IEU Cultural Diversity Club during Asian Week where we explored the many different aspects and influences of Eastern Culture versus Western Culture.

For more about our club and the events we’ve engaged in, have a look at our instagram page where we upload about pasts as well as upcoming events!