Public Speaking, first 2019 session

Written on January 24, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

On January 15th, 2019, Raffaele Piemonte – former Vice President and current Alumni Advisor of IE Public Speaking Club, kicked off our first session of 2019, with a rousing workshop on Style Development.
Though so many of us have our very own innate style when it comes to presenting on stage, a lot of it can be cultivated, trained and successfully delivered through practice.

How can we create our style?
Learning from the best: the first step to develop and improve your style is, paradoxically, analysing great speakers of the present and the past to catch their secrets and master public speaking skills. Take advantage of online material by watching some of the greats to get a better idea of what suits you, what motivates you, excites you to want to be up there on stage. Watch speeches held by political leaders, actors, comedians, TED speakers or communication experts to identify aspects that ring true with you. These examples will give you a canvas to work off. Dozens of examples have been discussed during the workshop. Additionally, useful material will be shared soon with members.
The second step of the style-creation process is identifying your own unique characteristics. Acknowledging your strengths, and working on your them, will allow you not only to boost your confidence but, in practical terms, to improve your delivery. Personal branding is the key.
The third and final step of the style-creation process is delving into the art of storytelling. We did have a specific workshop dedicated to the topic: use the tools we provided, create your own stories, use the incomparable communicative power of stories, which are able to evoke images, sounds and emotions.
On which aspects we have to focus to improve our style?
Creating your own style implies working hard on all the 3 fundamental aspects of Public Speaking:
a. Content Creation
b. Delivery
c. Psychological Aspect
Once again, it has to be pointed out that specific sessions have been and will be dedicated on each one of this macro-areas, and related sub-topics. Stay tuned!
Are there some tips that we can bear in mind?
When honing your style, always remember to be flexible, and to embrace everything that might happen to you.
Plus, dig deep: know thyself, bring out the best in you.
Finally, always, always bear in mind what Oscar Wilde once said: “be yourself: everyone else is already taken”.



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