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Written on February 14, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

Yesterday evening, we had the pleasure to host Carlos Fernandez Casares, General Manager Spain of Alexa Voice Services.
We talked about multiple topics such the growing trend of Voice Search, Privacy, the Alexa Developer Ecosystem and how Alexa works under the hood.

Voice Search
Carlos Fernandez Casares discussed the rising trend in which voice search is catching up on regular search. With the ever increasing adoption of voice services, voice search seems set to catch up soon.

We discussed how Alexa was listening for the wake word (usually set as ‘Alexa’) to activate and answer the user. We talked about how some of the Alexa enabled devices weren’t always on the lookout for this word and could be activated manually (such as activating Alexa with your TV remote to interact with your smart TV).

Alexa Developer Ecosystem
We discussed how the developer community was a cornerstone of the Alexa ecosystem and how anyone could work to develop a skill using the Alexa developer platform. We will follow up shortly on this topic as we are working towards hosting a “Code your Alexa Skill workshop” in the near future.

How Alexa works under the hood
We discussed how Alexa leveraged NLU, Natural Language Understanding and TTS, Text to Speech technologies to understand a users query. We also talked about how thanks to machine learning and human tuning, Alexa could get increasingly better, leveraging its local presence in 14 countries.

This event was a great opportunity for student and alumni to interact with Carlos and ask a lot of interesting questions.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events.

Antoine Moyroud

IE Big Data Club


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