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[1]Last Tuesday the AI Club promoted the first AIcebreaker of the year. The audience had a chance to meet the coordinators and take part in a debate about applications of AI in different industries in a casual atmosphere.

This year, we invited Konstantina Valogianni, Information Systems professor at IE Business School. She holds a PhD in Information Systems, specialized in machine learning. Her research focuses on utilizing machine learning and analytical modeling to enable sustainable societies, e.g., facilitating a proper electric vehicle integration in smart grids coupled with renewable generation. Konstantina gave us an overview of several branches of Machine Learning, discussed its limitations, and showcased successful applications of ML such as the development of Natural Language Processing and facial recognition systems with Deep Learning.

At the end, attendees played a crossword game about the world of AI. We would like to thank Konstantina for joining us. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did! We’ll keep promoting interesting events in the next months, so stay tuned.

Julia Agostinho de Souza Barros

President of IE AI Club