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“Structure” and “Analysis of the Greats”

[1]Another two amazing weeks have passed, and IE Public Speaking Club has continued to show creative and innovative ways of teaching its members regarding the art of public speaking.

Raffaele Piemonte, IE Public Speaking Club’s alumni consultant led a riveting workshop on ‘Structure’ on Tuesday, 26 February. Structure to public speaking is what a foundation is to a house, it’s the bedrock from which your creativity and success are built upon. This is true for many reasons, but none more than the fact it is the point of preparation that you have such an instrumental role in shaping your success. The structure of your speech is much like any story you have told, there is an introduction, the body and a conclusion. Knowing how to put these key points together is the art of preparation.

An introduction is your moment to catch the attention of your audience. Three tried and tested methods include using; a quote, a question, or a punchy story. A strong introduction sets the tempo for the presentation and should be thought out very well. When considering the structure of the whole presentation, one should try to focus on keywords that flow throughout the presentation. They function as a great measuring stick for whether you are getting your full story across, but also as milestones from which you are able to maintain your train of thought. This methodology can be taken further by building a story through which your presentation can flow. The idea is to try to evoke images and emotions through your speech.

When closing your speech, one should always be mindful of the introduction, relating back to the introduction completes the audience’s journey thus allowing them a better understanding of the entire delivery. If your presentation has been very factual, be sure to take the opportunity to recap your key takeaways as it can be difficult for the audience to retain all the information you’ve delivered.

Lastly, this past Tuesday, IE Public Speaking Club took the agenda to the next level, hosting its first ever movie night, dubbed, “Analysis of the Greats”. We had the opportunity to – and with popcorn – watch some of the best public speakers on screen and then analyse what it was we found so intriguing in their delivery. This was an amazing opportunity to discuss how we each felt about these speakers with constructive conversation between our members and coordinators.

We look forward to another great instalment of the video format very soon.

See you there.