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IE Rotaract Club- Animal Shelter visit

In September 2018 the Rotaract Club of Segovia organized a trip to the local animal shelter, Animalejos. Before the visit, the club held fundraisers such as bake sales as well as a Godparent initiative to raise funds for the shelter to be able to gather food, blankets and toys. The Godfather initiative consisted of students donating money to a specific dog for which they then received a certificate, a plaque with the dog’s name and a small photograph. Not only were student able to “adopt” dogs, but also some horses, sheep, cats and even a pig.  

 The Rotaract Club and some 40 volunteers went to Animalejos in September and March to go and help out. The team managed to build two new kennel spaces, wash and walk the dogs, feed and play with the dogs as well as planting some trees in memory of the deceased dogs. The visits were very succes [1]sful and both the shelter and the volunteers are eager to repeat these tri [2]ps. With the joint effort of the Rotaract Club and the volunteers, we have managed to make a real difference for Animalejos and the animals. We have been able to establish a good relationship with Animalejos and hope to make regular trips and continue supporting this great cause.  

The Rotaract Club is grateful for any donations if in the form of money, food, toys or other products that want to be made to Animalejos.