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IE Creativity Center Exhibition- The D-Needs & B-Needs: Art and Metamotivation

On April 25, the official opening of the art exhibition “D-Needs – B-Needs” took place at the Casa de la Moneda. Realized by the IE Alumni Ana Gadé Silva (Portugal, 1983), who is a scientist with experience in Economics, Pharmaceuticals and Social Entrepreneurship. She wanted to show us her conception. Ana applies science to the domain of art and, once she has fulfilled her basic needs (Maslow’s “D-Needs”), she is determined to reach the metaneeds (“B-Needs”) and to approach more closely self-actualization.

However, her grandiloquent p [1]resentation on what She meant to get to work, seek inspiration and creativity did not have a single answer. The event was also attended by the humanities professor Carmen Van Bruggen, who taught that art is not unique and closed, but has infinite interpretations and ways of valuing it. Following her, the student Gabrielle Isa was explaining why art was so important to her, how different cultures reflected when making music and how to communicate that passion that she has had since childhood. Bearing in mind what the BBA degree brings to her career as a singer.

Concluding the event, the professor and director of the Arts Club, Alberto Fernandez Hurtado, shared his experience and the meaning of art as a way of living with the help of the student Laura Ortega Pastor. Then, and from the business perpective, Professor Fernando Dameto explained to us what is behind the purchase and sale of art and its involvement in life. [2]At the end of the event, the speakers, staff and attendees could enjoy a small cocktail while sharing their experiences and visions of meta-art.