Workshop at Casa De La Lectura

Written on May 17, 2019 by Campus Life in Other Activities

One of the greatest joys of any form of art is giving and experiencing it. A motto that the Theatre club of IE University holds close to its very core. It had been a really long run for us, the date of the final show was closing in. Little time and lot of work remained. We worked for the final prep throughout the weeks (even the weekends!). During this whole process, one of the greatest helps came from Casa De La Lectura, Segovia. They gave us space to practice and accommodated to our needs greatly. We spent quite a few weekends going over to the building and working, while trying to do out best to keep up with the deadline. There was however a catch, a very wonderful one at that. In exchange for using the place for the production, we had to conduct a workshop for the younger kids! A workshop that would spread the joys of acting, drama, self-expression and experience!

A child’s brain is filled with wonders, imaginations and creativity. For the workshop, we believed that all that was needed was for us to push them in the right direction. And it worked wonders. The whole seminar was absolutely wonderful with the batch of kids learning new games, building up collaborative skills, honing their creativity and giving their inner actors the front stage. The room was filled with energy and excitement; games ranged from running around and catching each other, to playing animal charades. We had meek sheep’s and roaring lions, flying birds and squeaking mice. The children really seemed to enjoy themselves, they were so different from each other and yet worked together perfectly. We had a little troublemaker breaking the rules, and a shy one that just needed a nudge in the right direction.

The main objectives of the workshop were based on team building exercises and self-expression. Through games like Mice-Cat and Chain-Lock, the kids had to work together for a common goal. They had to depend on the working of every member to succeed. And games like Follow the Leader tested their cognitive skills. The workshop lasted for an hour, by the end of which we got to know each other well and were pumped with energy and yet tired from all the running around. A small feed-back session told us that the kids really enjoyed it, and some even wanted to repeat the workshop once again. In the process of creating an experience for them, and giving them something, we feel like we received much more… we experienced much more and got another chance at being kids. And this is what the spirit of theatre is about, for which we could not be more thankful.


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