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Personal Branding, 21 May 2019

Interviewing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when somebody thinks about Public Speaking. However, the critical skills that make one a great public speaker are very similar to those that help us perform well in the interview setting. Speech structure, use of the voice and the body and storytelling are all tools that will help us keep our audience or interviewers engaged. Still, there are some substantial differences between the two experiences, and that is why we partnered with IE Talent & Careers to create a unique feedback session.
During the session, our club members were able to practice answering very common interview questions while getting invaluable feedback not only from their peers but also from the Talent and Careers team. We had both Natalya Shustova and Juan Pablo Rodriguez who shared their extensive experience in coaching IMBA students on their careers. They helped our members navigate question such as “Can you tell me about your weaknesses?” or “Tell me about yourself”. Focusing on the content we had great guidelines around how to convert weaknesses into strengths and how to tell a story that ties to the job position.
Public Speaking Coordinators provided guidance on body language, engagement and length of the speech. We provided tips regarding how to engage with the interviewer and make sure that interest is maintained throughout the whole process.
As some of our stories at IE come to a close, we start looking forward to the future. We hope our club members found value in this experience as many set their eyes on the journey ahead.

See you next Tuesday!