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The Art of Impromptu Speaking, 23 April 2019

At the Public Speaking Club, when we host our flagship weekly workshops, we often conclude them by inviting our members to take the stage for an impromptu speaking session. [1]
On 23rd April 2019, Bhargavi Mantha hosted IEPSC’s first session after a lovely Spring Break. The workshop was on “The Art of Impromptu Speaking”. The session was an overview of some tricks and tips to think on your feet and also prepare for being able to tackle situations where one needs to be candidly insightful on various topics.
We flipped the session for this workshop to implement the Do, Reflect, Apply philosophy to better demonstrate this workshop. Meaning that we conducted the impromptu speaking segment first and then the lecture/education part of the session to reflect on each members’ performance.
The strategies of conquering an impromptu speech can be summed up into 4 main points:
• Express an Opinion – It is key to take a stance on a topic. You either pick a side or stay neutral but always remember to express what you choose
• Address Cause & Effect – If, then, give it a point of view that addresses a cause and the effect that supports your initial opinion
• Support your Line of Thought – Support the Cause & Effect with examples and anecdotes
• Bring It all together – Conclude, reiterate back to your opinion and end strong!
Furthermore, Bhargavi helped us understand how we could practice for impromptu speeches. She took us on a journey from her past experience as an Impromptu speaking contestant at an International Competition and how she practiced and prepared for the event, in terms of having the right mind-set, the kind of story development from within and finally being able to deliver a clear and concise idea/story about a certain topic in a limited amount of time.
Finally, at the IE Public Speaking Club as we always say that “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”, and thus invite you to our future sessions to come and Conquer the Impromptu Speech with us.