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The Road so Far, at IE, 14 May 2019

Our experiences are what shape us. But more importantly, it is our view of those experiences that shape our memories for years to come. When selecting a business school, university or program those ideals are front and centre, and with them comes a certain level of expectations. In a school like IE, there is so much on offer it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize our wants and needs, but those decisions are what directly affect our experience.
In this week’s session, we shared those experiences and life lessons from our time here at IE. We had the chance to hear some amazing, truly inspiring stories of hardship and challenge and how our members ultimately overcame adversity, placing themselves in the position they are today.
Prepared speeches give us the opportunity to contemplate our delivery, thoughts and structure, to be able to better portray our stories and draw a certain response from our audience. This session was a perfect example of how prepared speeches can motivate others.