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Through the white cave into a dark room- IE Creativity Center Exhibition

“Who in the world am I?

Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

[1]This exhibition is understood as a Collaborative Project which multiple agendas are articulated to visualize the work produced during Spring Semester by the programme Bachelor of Design at IE. Classes involved are Collaborative Design Studio; Design Studio II, Visualization & Representation Techniques; Materials and Applications; and Design History.

Collaborative Design Studio is in charge of choreographing these multiple voices and designs, and so trigger a spatial proposal where coordination, connection and exchange are desirable. The final sequence of immersive spaces is defined as a couple of articulated rooms: White Cave & Dark Room.

While one proposes a bright and mysterious topological space to be unveiled through random drifts; the other composes an abstract recreation of a [2]post-millennial apartment that can be experienced in an ordered sequence of rooms (dressing room, living room, playroom). Both stages create a physical, functional and emotional experience that engages with today’s challenges faced by Creative Strategists: emerging working dynamics and new formats of creative production, complexity of material world, and design techniques through behavior, criticism and exploration.

Let’s get fascinated by the multiple realities that can be assembled out of these (dis)connected fragments!