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Democrazy; the sense or nonsense of Democracy

Written on February 28, 2019 by Campus Life in IE Stories, Professional

Democrazy; the sense or nonsense of Democracy event held by the IEU Segovia Debate Cub invited two IE professors; Oscar Martinez and Balder Hageraats to broadly discuss the advantages, disadvantages, faults and achievements of democracy as a political institution. The debate took the broader form of discussing the ‘sense’ of democracy, and the ‘nonsense’ of democracy which 

at times covered other sub discussions such as foreign aid and the difference between a democratic state’s spending and a non democratic state. The high intensity level of the debate was often felt throughout the audience as over 60 participants showed up, all with varying thoughts and opinions regarding democracy and the various statements the two professors were making.  

The overall format of the event consisted of opening statements by the two professors, and Sarah McFadden as moderator throughout the event. There was a question and answer portion towards the end where the audience were able to ask questions regarding the sense or nonsense of democracy, and due to time constraints, after the end of the event many participants stayed back to continue to discuss at length their questions with the professors. All in all, this event had been one of the Debate Club’s biggest event thus far, and most anticipated event. With enough popular demand, we hope to invite the two professors and perhaps other speakers to further engage the community in discussions and debates regarding varying issues pertaining to the student body.  


More than 200 students, staff, and members of the local community enjoyed the celebration of the2019 edition of IE Creativity Day, held at the IE Creativity Center & IE Segovia Campus. Creativity is a rising value in our society and a human quality that helps to evolve the world. The great minds that have made humanity progress as Da Vinci, Picasso, Gaudí, Edison, or Steve Jobs, had in their character a strong component of creativity that applied in their thoughts and actions. A creative person is, in short, the one who dares to think differently, who handles his life with imagination and positivism, and who seeks to give practical and original solutions to the problems that arise in his day to day. IE University, aware of the high added value that creative innovation produces in the university environment, celebrated a new edition of the Creativity Day, this past Wednesday, January 30th 2019.

IE Campus Life organized a complete program of activities where original thinking was the protagonist in its multiple manifestations. Art and design exhibitions, workshops dedicated to entrepreneurship, debate tournaments, music recitals, demonstrations of creative gastronomy or talks given by professors and experts form a complete agenda of more than twenty events that took place throughout the day in the Campus of Santa Cruz la Real and, fundamentally, in the Creativity Center of IE University, located in the cultural building of Casa de la Monedain Segovia.


NEW SPACE The most important novelty of the 2019 edition was the official opening of a space for entrepreneurs in the IE Creativity Center as an extension of “Area 31”, the dynamic innovation space of IE Business School in Madrid, where the talent and entrepreneurial abilities of the students are enhanced. This new space in Segovia, open to the entire IE community, was born with the aim of enhancing the creative talent of students with great initiatives and a strong entrepreneurial spirit “The word creativity comes from the Latin”creare”which means to generate or produce, but it is also linked to the Latin word “crescere”, that is, to grow, in this sense, at IE University we understand creativity as the personal growth of our students and as a key skill to achieve something as important as innovation”, said the director of IE Campus Life Juliana Pereira “The human being is creative, feeling the world more alive and vibrant; creativity is capable of producing something that did not exist before, but also generates original values ​​and lifestyles, and establishes unique connections between apparently disparate ideas,”said Pereira, who stressed that Creativity Day is”the most important that we celebrate in the IE creativity Center, on this occasion, more than fifteen student clubs will participate and there are more than one hundred and fifty students enrolled.”

The activities started with a debate tournament in Santa Cruz la Real Campus organized by IE University students, in which participants demonstrated their creative potential in their arguments. After, the different student clubs of IE University showcased their initiatives at the IE Creativity Center, ranging disciplines such as photography, dance, music, theater and gastronomy. In the latter case, the architecture student, painter and Vietnamese chef Xuan Hoang Do made a gastronomic delight: he built a work of culinary art over a canvas. During this exhibition and thanks to the agreement between Campus Life, Saborea Segovia and Alimentos de Segovia, attendees had the opportunity to taste hundreds of tapas made with local products by several restaurants from the city. There was also a demonstration and a tasting of local craft beer, by Cervezas Artesanas San Frutos, a Segovian company that combines creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

WORKSHOPS. Creativity Day also housed workshops and talks aimed at explaining what creative work consists of and how it is applied. Thus, IE University professor Vincent Doyle offered a practical workshop where he explained the conditions in which creativity flourishes, what distinguishes a creative project from a non creative one, and gave the keys to pull out all the interior potential that helps the generation of new ideas. For his part, Ian Ingelmo, Spanish filmmaker who has worked with Víctor Erice in several of his film projects and expert in creative writing 2.0, spoke about how mindfulness or full awareness, can be applied to the field of creation. Andrew McCarthy, an expert in innovation, design thinking and creativity offered attendees insight to what happens in the brain when we are operating creatively, according to neuroscience. He exposed the keys of divergent thinking that every entrepreneur should know. IE students also received the testimony of Cabify co-founder Vicente Pascual, who provided insight into the success of this transportation platform. The young creators of the Segovian company Baianai also shared their professional experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

Since creativity is at the core of every business idea, the day also gave IE students the opportunity to present their start-ups before a panel of recognized entrepreneurial professionals,that advised them on the feasibility of their projects. T he IE Creativity Day had, among others, the support of several Segovia companies: Olivia The Shop, Siempre en las Nubes, San Frutos, Octavo Arte, Asador Maribel, Restaurante La Postal, De Bote en Bote, Restaurante Casares, Onzas de Sabor, Mesón Restaurante La Codorniz and Juan Bravo/Fonda Ilustrada.


IEU Exchange Experience

Written on January 23, 2019 by Campus Life in IE Stories

Orientation Week for Spring Incoming Exchange Students

Orientation – January 8th

The start of the Semester for exchange students was marked by the mandatory info sessions organized by the International Mobility Office both in Madrid and Segovia. During orientation students met their IEU institutional coordinators (Andreea Vitalaru in Madrid and Lola Rivera in Segovia) as well as representatives from all offices; Campus Life, Student Services, Mentoring & Counseling, etc., that explained what their departments are involved in and how they could help make their exchange experience one they would not easily forget.

Culture shock – January 9th

Moving to a new country, even for one semester, can be overwhelming, for this reason the IM Office in collaboration with SINEWS organizes a Culture Shock Session for Exchange students every semester. The workshop is focused on the effects of culture shock, it´s manifestations and phases, as well as giving students tips on how to adjust to this period of change. These interactive workshops took place on both campuses and even though they were not marked as mandatory in the exchange students agenda, the organizers were very pleased with the amount of attendees!

Tapas Night- January 10th

As part of the Orientation Week for the Spring ’19 Incoming Exchange Students, the International Mobility Office held the Tapas Night event on Thursday 10th both in Madrid and Segovia!  Tapas Night was the perfect setting for almost 250 exchange students to get their first taste of Spain and to socialize in a more relaxed off campus setting. The fun get-together took place on both campuses at the same time and the chosen restaurant in Madrid was “Makkila”, where students were able to enjoy the best tortilla in town, while in Segovia students got to taste the typical segovian tapas at “El Sitio”.

The IM Office would like to give a special thank you to the Student Government representatives that joined us in welcoming exchange students at IEU and for playing an active role in helping them integrate into the community!


IE Volunteers’ T-Shirt Design Contest 2019

Written on January 22, 2019 by Campus Life in IE Stories

The workshop was an initiative by IE Campus Life and it was held at the IE Creativity Center in Segovia, on Tuesday January 15th. Students from Design, Communication and dual degree in Business and Law attended and learned about the basic principles on design in order to create the new T-shirt for IE Campus Life Volunteer 2019. During the workshop students had the opportunity to develop and perfect their creativity and design skills, led by Álvaro Mehrgut, a reference of the design industry and chief of Baianai. Everyone experimented and came up with creative ideas and sketches but only one will have the privilege of having their design printed on the Campus Life Volunteers’ T-Shirt. The jury, composed of members of Baianai and Campus Life staff, will judge based on the originality and creativity of the proposals. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on January 30th during Creativity Day at Creativity Center. 


The New Year at Segovia’s IE Creativity Center had a great start on Wednesday January 9th, 2019. The works created by Bachelor in Design students during their first semester, were showcased in an exhibition themed Learning by Doing / Branding a Country. The exhibition reflected two projects that the students worked on. First year students worked on Learning by Doing project – an elaborate set of exercises involving fabricating different products with different materials. Some of the products were chairs, door handles, glasswork, wood joinery exercises, etc. The second year students worked on Branding a Country project, where each group of students was assigned a continent, and had to create a fictitious country and a brand and visual identity for it. The exhibition reflects all the work created by first and second year undergraduate students of Design during their first semester.

The launch of the Learning by Doing / Branding a Country exhibition was organized by Campus Life and counted on the participation of Program Directors Iona Gonçalves (Communication) and Edgar González (Design), as well as IE faculty, including Andrea Caruso (Caruso & Dalmas), Francesco Furno (Relaja El Coco) and his partner DJ Pablo Galeano, who closed the amazing evening by having everyone dancing their feet off, in the theatre room of the IE Creativity Center. The cocktail for the event was provided by the Bachelor of Design. The event welcomed all students, external guests, as well as local authorities like such as Segovia’s Town Hall Heritage Office.

The exhibition will be open to all IE students, faculty and staff members from January 9th through February 4th , 2019. The opening times of the exhibition are: Monday from 4:30pm to 9:30pm, Tuesday – Friday from 10am to 9:30pm, Saturday from 10am-8pm and Sunday from 10am-3pm.

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