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Biometric Handheld Reader in Madrid Campus MM31Bis Building

Written on November 7, 2018 by Campus Life in IE Stories

IE University is working to improve the access to the different buildings on campus in an effort to ease the flow of traffic, and at the same time increase the safety the IE Community. To do so, we are launching a coordinated series of pilot programs across campus. As part of this program, starting on Monday November 12th, at the MM 31bis building we will launch a pilot program based on new technology: A Biometric Handheld Reader. This new tool has been placed in one of the three current turnstiles, and will speed up and ease general access to the building.

Registration is required for technical reasons, as well as for complying with data protection regulation, since your biometric data may also be processed for a limited period of time and for this purpose –and only for this purpose- with your express consent. Please speak with Reception for information on how to register.

The registration period will begin on November 12th, and will have the following schedule each day:

  • 10:30 – 11:50
  • 12:00 – 13:20
  • 13:40 – 14:50
  • 18:30 – 21:00

Please bear in mind that the ID Card will still work for access at each turnstile. Your ID Card will still be required for identification in other activities, spaces and for other purposes (printers). You will only need your hand to access to the building! We encourage you to participate with these brand new tools, so please register to help us in improving our facilities.


IE’s M&A competition

Written on October 29, 2018 by Campus Life in IE Stories

The Finance and Capital Markets Club partnered together with the Venture Lab, Entrepreneurship and PEVC clubs to make an IE-wide student competition possible. The ongoing 2018 fall edition has united more than 300 participants over the two first sessions, gathering more than 60 competing teams working in a broad spectrum of innovative areas such as technology, insurance, and water treatment, among many others. As a club, we feel proud in witnessing such diversity in areas of interest: it demonstrates how committed the IE community is to creating value through innovation in impactful business proposals. Across the scope of initiatives we lead at the Finance and Capital Markets Club, the M&A competition particularly has the ability to create a tangible impact on the world.

Getting to meet WKN partners

We had the opportunity to speak with WKN partners. After winning the 2018 spring edition of the M&A competition, they decided to continue working on their proposal in order

to make it a real-life project. With this goal in mind and after shortlisting candidates for the project, WKN partners chose a company to work with towards the M&A transaction. They continued conversations, and both parties signed an NDA to facilitate the exchange of the required financial and corporate information to proceed with an accurate company valuation. Among other sets of documents, the valuation process requires the company under assessment to provide sensitive financial projections that WKN partners are using for their in-house evaluation. After carrying out this examination, WKN partners will be ready to have a quantitative assessment on how much the company is worth.

This information is going to serve as basis for a comparative analysis with respect to similar industry companies, and upon agreement on a valuation figure, for proceeding forth in raising capital. According to their latest analysis, WKN partners would be looking to raise €5 million for their M&A fund and start the search for buyers.

Coming sessions are scheduled at Area 31 for November 12th and 20th, starting at 7pm. We look forward to meeting you there!

Blog post by IE student: Alfonso Muñoz-Acevedo


Volunteers in Ethiopia

Written on July 19, 2018 by Campus Life in IE Stories

How can you do something to help people a continent away?  How can you support social entrepreneurs in other countries?  Can we, sitting in our comfortable world, really make a difference?

These are questions that IE professor Gayle Allard and her students have grappled with for the past six years, since she began leading volunteer groups to Ethiopia.  This summer, they hope that they will be able to give an answer.

Since the IE students first volunteered as English teachers for little girls in southern Ethiopia in 2013, they were struck by the immensity of one overwhelming problem:  water.  Ethiopia has one of the lowest rates of water access in the world:  the World Bank estimates that only 3.9% of the rural population and 37.8% of the urban population have access to a safely managed water source.  The result is disease, death and servitude of women and girls, who walk miles to fetch water rather than being able to work or study.  The IE volunteers came back asking: is there anything we can do to make things better?

As groups have continued going to Ethiopia each summer as English teachers, water has always been on the agenda.  Four IMBA groups presented Impact projects recommending solutions to alleviate the shortage in specific communities.  The US water purification company Kinetico sent scientists with the IE students, to test local water sources and make recommendations.  IE students surveyed local communities to help identify possible solutions, and people´s willingness and ability to pay for them.

In August 2018, a group of IE students from three programs –the MIR, the IMBA and the IE-Brown executive MBA–, along with a Kinetico scientist and Dr. Allard, are returning to Ethiopia to roll out what they hope is a sustainable answer to the problem.  A local entrepreneur has been found who wants to manufacture simple water filters locally and sell them at affordable prices to households.  The IE team is drafting a strategic plan for him and Kinetico will provide technical support.  The Ethiopian entrepreneur will fly to the United States after the IE visit to complete a technical course in the manufacture of the filters, and hopes to start production in fall 2018.  If his venture is successful, he wants to expand to other cities in Ethiopia, creating jobs and incomes but above all providing a source of safe water to Ethiopian households.

It isn´t easy to help from far away.  It requires time, patience, flexibility and perseverance.  About 70 IE volunteers have been part of this effort, and all will celebrate if this venture gets off the ground and becomes a reality.


By IE Professor Gayle Allard


A story of one small change; #iegoesgreen

Written on June 14, 2018 by Campus Life in IE Stories

It started when our team of 7 IE HST students: Angel Galeano, Ghita Haloui, Rafael Herrera, Gaby La Fata, Marilia Ribeiro, Nadine Taha and myself, Natalya Shustova, were working on a regular assignment for a Change Management course. We paid attention to the plastic bottles of 0.33 ml offered to professors before each of the class. Since all our team members are passionate about sustainability, we asked ourselves: how many plastic waste do these bottles produce? Little research showed us: our institution has consumed 43,680 bottles in 7 months what is equal to 1,092 kg of plastic waste. Just imagine: it is enough to kill 37 Sperm Whales!! (remember the case of Sperm Whale found in Murcia coast on March 2018?). Long story short, we decided to change it. We did some research, had couple of meetings and today we are happy to see the results of our efforts: IE has started to purchase bottles of 0.5 ml instead of 0.3 ml.

You may think: “But it’s nothing, guys! In reality you haven’t done that much to reduce the plastic waste!”. We reply you:  just changing the volume of these bottles from 0.33 to 0.5, the amount of plastic waste it produces has been reduced twice!

Each of us can make a small but impactful change. Which change will you do?



On May 17th, our MIM students Lorenzo Alibrandi and Ernesto Cifaldi pitched their start-up, Box’nPapers, in the Grand Finale of the luxury business model competition “The Mark Challenge” winning the contest! Among more than 200 students and 77 teams participating in the competition, they were finalists together with only seven teams from six Business Schools that went through to final round in Monaco, to pitch in front of the jury composed of investors and professionals in the industry and chaired by the CEO of Moschino, Gabriele Maggio. Lorenzo and Ernesto held a 6-minute pitch that earned them the first prize in the competition.

Their project, Box’nPapers, born out of the market inefficiencies in the vintage high-end watch industry, aims at matching the needs of watch and warranties buyers and sellers who are looking for an easier and safer shopping experience. As requested by the competition rules, the project also focuses on social and environmental impact. The start-up is committed to sponsor sustainable watchmakers and help small shops to go digital.

“We are fully aware of the stakes. Many solid ideas were out there, it is not easy to challenge the industry! That’s a starting point. We are proud of having prized IE Business School in such an international competition, without the tools we learnt here we couldn’t have succeeded” – Lorenzo, founder of Box’nPapers

Box’nPapers is already operating, and by the end of the month will be part of a VC fund’s portfolio.We are looking forward to seeing how this project evolves!





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