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IE Cultural Excursions club visits El Escorial

Written on February 15, 2019 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Social

On Saturday February 19th, IE Excursions club and students from the Madrid and Segovia campus went to visit the municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The small town was quite a sight as the city is characterized by its rich architecture and symbolic presence in Spanish history. The city is full of restaurants, bars and cafes with terraces for everyone to enjoy the fresh mountain air and dazzling landscapes. Although the town itself is elegant and entertaining, it is eclipsed by colossal sight of the Monastery built during the 16th century by Felipe II.

The monastery is made up of several halls, and huge chambers that serve different purposes such as a library containing previously prohibited books by the church, incredible art galleries, a Basilica that Felipe II tried to mimic from Rome, tombs of the kings, queens and other royal family members, and finally vast gardens. The monastery was so big we were only able to experience 1/3 of it in a little over two hours.

We then had around 3 hours of free time to enjoy lunch with friends and explore the town wherever we pleased.

Lastly, before sunset, we went to a place called ‘La silla del Rey’ about 10 minutes from the town which is a set of platforms in junction with the landscape that Felipe II used as an observatory to look at the construction of the Monastery and enjoy the beautiful scenery. For more trips like this, make sure to follow our Instagram page (IE Excursions Club) and keep up to date with the latest news on upcoming trips!

Sebastian Sosa Balbuena
IE Cultural Excursions Club


What the IEU Dance Club Was Up To This Semester

Written on December 12, 2018 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Social

The IEU Dance Club in Segovia is a place where people can meet and socialize while enjoying their bodies and following and discovering their love for dancing. Now that the semester is coming to an end we would like to wrap up everything we have been doing last semester. We have offered a variety of classes and workshops on a weekly basis, which were open for anyone to join whenever they would like to. Here are our classes:

Latin Dance: Every Friday we have offered and enjoyed Latin Dance classes. This semester we decided to focus on one style instead of learning different styles. The style was salsa, to be specific a Rueda Cubana. This is a type dancing perfect for a big group of people at a celebration for instance. In essence numerous couples are in a circle, dancing like crazy, as they regularly switch partners, shout words or make fun noises, and change the direction they are dancing in. It is very energetic and simply fun to do. We learned a variety of movements from the base step to more complicated ones like “Dile que no”. Laura Segovia is a local dance teacher who has been teaching us since last year and has a lot of energy as well as kindness. The classes have been great and we will present what we have learned at the Creativity Day, which we all are very excited about.

Hip Hop: Every Thursday, an amazing architecture exchange student has volunteered to give absolutely fantastic and breath-taking classes—breath-taking in the literal sense, as his choreographies were difficult and expected a lot of energy that would leave you breath-less at the end of each class. His name was AJ Flores and we are said to see him go back home to the US, but are more than joyful of having had the opportunity to learn from his very unique and intense style of hip hop.

Workshops: There have been a variety of hip hop workshops given by Claudia Taveras and Olivia Glowacka for those who just couldn’t get enough of hip hop and wanted to experience some other styles, as hip hop offers a wide variety of different ones. I myself gave a Christmas Dance Workshop to celebrate the start of the Advent time. The Christmas choreography to Lindsey Stirling’s “Christmas C’mon” was a lot of fun to dance and a great way of enjoying the Christmas time.

We hope that people have had a lot of fun this semester and learned a lot as well and cannot wait for the next one to begin! Happy Dancing to everyone!

Written by: Theresa Erna Jürgessen


Space Mining Event

Written on November 8, 2018 by Campus Life in Other Activities

In collaboration with three other campus clubs at IE Business School (Technology & Innovation, Air & Space, and Energy), the AI Club hosted James Murray, the co-founder of OffWorld, on November 5th. The company’s mission is to build a generation of industrial robots to enable human expansion beyond Earth. The company prides themselves on their competitive advantage of building robotics on an industrial scale, something that is crucial for the successful expansion to other planets.

The robotic machines learn with the help of human teachers and millions of simulations (aka supervised learning). The robots gain experience from experiments done in hostile environments on Earth and these learnings are applied for future design geared towards planetary expansion.

In his presentation, Murray emphasized the importance of reducing the ‘heavy lifting’ done by humans and being able to alleviate this pain point with the robotic workforce. Some of the tasks that these AI enabled machines are expected to perform while on another planet include extracting water ice and materials, processing water to be drinkable, making rocket propell

ant, manufacturing solar cells, and eventually replicating themselves using the OffWorld chips.

The company’s goal is to expand human civilization outside of Earth, but they also believe their technology will have many useful applications on Earth, for example in autonomous mining, self-repairing cities, and manufacturing.

Each of the four clubs had the opportunity to ask Murray three questions on behalf of the club. Pictured here, Sabrina Mirtcheva, asks James Murray questions on behalf of the AI Club.

Without a doubt, the universe is filled with an abundant amount of elements that can be harnessed for the survival and progression of the human species!

If you would like to learn more about OffWorld, you can visit their website here.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @ieaiclub and stay tuned for futured events!

Blog post by Betty Yunlei Lu, President of IE AI Club


IEU Mentorship Society – 2018 Edition!

Written on October 10, 2018 by Campus Life in Other Activities

The 2018 edition of the IEU Mentorship Society officially started in September with 407 first-year Mentees, 131 student Mentors, and 12 student Mentor Leaders (MLs). MLs began planning the official events before the start of the summer, and Mentors and Mentees began interacting online in August prior to the first day of classes. (To view the updated lists of Mentors and MLS in each campus, click on the links below.)

Segovia Campus

Madrid Campus

Since last year’s edition, the IEU Mentorship Society has been incorporating a more pro-active student-led approach to its activities and events, mainly led by the MLs with a significant support from Mentors who wish to be involved in their planning and execution.  

In that same line of thought, the content of our Kick-Off Event during Orientation Week and the subsequent official events and activities have been developed differently in Segovia and Madrid. The aim of the Mentorship Society is to offer different kinds of opportunities for its members to come together in large and small groups, exchange valuable information and experiences, and continue building connections, friendships, and a sense of community.

Another highlight of this year’s edition has been the participation of Unismart, a company based in New Zealand, in a 70-minute show to open the Kick-Off event. The aim was to send a powerful message to Mentees and Mentors alike about the importance of finding a balance at IEU and reaching out for help whenever necessary by taking full advantage of the different services that the University has at their disposal. Actress Lizzie Tollemache delivered an energetic, funny, and highly engaging performance where she skillfully combined humor and useful advice for our Mentorship Society members.

Below is a brief summary of what has been happening in both campuses since September:

Segovia Campus

Starting in August and through Orientation Week, Mentees and their Mentors in Segovia seized the opportunity to casually meet and introduce themselves both online and in person. After opening the Kick-Off Event with UniSmart’s outstanding performance in the Aula Magna, participants searched around the campus for the answers to campus trivia questions. The event closed with some pizza and Mentee T-shirts for everyone as they socialized in a laid back setting, accompanied by music in the background.

The first week of classes for Mentees came with a couple of Mentor Polo Days where we had snacks in front of the Cafeteria, members could send each other written messages along with a candy, and they had the opportunity to take pictures in front of our own Mentorship Society backdrop to upload to our Instagram account!

In the coming weeks, our members in Segovia will be able to enjoy a Hilltop Sunset Social, a couple of Movie Nights, and an International Potluck Lunch with a few performances by our students. This is only a small part of what Mentees and Mentors have experienced and will be enjoying in the coming weeks in addition to all their frequent interactions asking questions, meeting up for coffee or dinner, or going out together. Mentors are there to make Mentees’ transition to uni life smooth, fun, and engaging. Mentees are there to allow Mentors to share their know-how as experienced students and expand their network of friends.

Madrid Campus

In Madrid, the Mentorship Society started off strong with the fantastic presentation by Unismart at the Lázaro Galdinao Museum, followed by a race against the clock to find local hotspots and student haunts. The scavenger hunt finished with a pizza social in front of the MMB campus building, giving Mentors and Mentees a chance to catch their breath and catch up with one another. The following week Mentors could be seen around campus sporting their navy blue Mentor polo shirts – giving Mentees and other freshmen a chance to ask for on-the-spot advice or directions during their first days of classes. The next weekend Mentors and Mentees got to know the city center with a unique tour guided by start-up Living La Vida Local, washing the afternoon down with tapas and drinks in La Latina.

There’s still more to come for the Mentorship Society in Madrid, with a day visit to Toledo, a Board Game Night and more up ahead. All the while Mentors have been making sure that Mentees get the best possible start to their university lives – and will be there to check in with them through mid-terms, finals and beyond!



Tapas Night!

Written on September 13, 2018 by Campus Life in Other Activities

The International Mobility department at IEU had the pleasure of closing the Fall 18 Intro Week for exchange students with the “Tapas Night” get-together, both in Madrid and Segovia campuses, this past Thursday – September 6th! The IM team was delighted to see more than 200 students in Madrid and more than 60 in the Segovia campus, enjoying tapas and networking with their appointed “amigo”.

Intro week for exchange students also included mandatory orientation sessions to familiarize students with IEU’s campus/academic environment and a “Culture Shock” workshop that provided tips on how to effortlessly adjust to the changes that come with moving to a new country.

The team would like to give a special thank you to their collaborators from SINEWS for holding the “Culture Shock” sessions and their colleagues from the Mentoring and Counseling department for making the Amigo Network a reality.

Exchange students coming to IEU are not only great ambassadors of their home countries/universities but also an important part of our diverse community, so please join us in welcoming them to the IEU family (even for one semester)!

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