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The future of travel tech

Written on January 2, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

From booking flights and check-in to arriving at the final destination, today’s modern traveller expects hyper-personal and frictionless experiences no matter where they are.

Last Month, the IE Technology & Innovation Club had the pleasure of welcoming several high-profile speakers from the travel technology industry discussing how changing traveller demands influence new business models. We had a lively and engaging panel discussion moderated by our club coordinator, Alissa Warne (IMBA ’18)

We welcomed:
• Guillaume Delaître, Sales & Program Management Director, Spain, Carson Wagonlit Travel
• Jose Garrido, Retail & Travel Lead, Adobe; and
• Pascal Clement, Head of Travel Intelligence, Amadeus

We ended with our speakers talking about their career in tech and how they got to where they are, and any advice they had for IE students, before opening it up to the audience for a general Q&A. Highlights included:

Evolution of the traveller experience

Compared to 20 years ago, the traveller experience has certainly come a long way. While there are certainly tradeoffs between better flight technology and better customer experience, there is no doubt that the way we book flights, travel and experience other countries has significantly changed. In 1998, people relied on travel agents, printed tickets and actual maps to make travel plans. In the early 2000s, customisation of the passenger experience was key. And today? Our panellists discussed the importance of leveraging passenger data – when they fly, how they search for and book flights, how much research is done before finally committing to a travel itinerary – to tailor highly relevant, hyper-personal travel experiences.

Airports are changing, too

The entire travel ecosystem is evolving and none more so than airports. The global travel industry has matured and grown exponentially, with the number of travel departures jumping from 600 million to US$1.3 billion over the past 20 years. Both airports and airlines have made good use of passenger data, with airports evolving into retail hubs to encourage passengers to spend more within their terminals, as well as leverage partnerships with airlines – Changi Airport in Singapore, for example, hands out free vouchers to passengers flying on Singapore Airlines transiting through Changi.

Virtual assistants are the future, but won’t replace human interaction… or will they?

One of the main concerns today is that chatbots or voice assistants will replace the human interaction. If yes, how can travel companies can still provide the human touch? How do we ensure customer satisfaction? Guillaume from corporate travel booking company Carson Wagonlit Travel agreed that chatbots are the future, but at this stage cannot replace the more advanced, empathy-driven conversations that humans can provide. Chatbots could certainly book simple point to point trips, or make our lives easier by resolving straightforward questions (with answers from a preset database), but not for complex trips, for example, a round-the-world trip with different departure and arrival destinations.

Another point of view was also offered – if chatbots provide us with better service, wouldn’t we rather use them as opposed to grumpy travel agents or airport staff? Not to mention the labour costs that companies save using chatbots in the long run.

In conclusion…

Thank you to everyone who came to our event and participated in the stimulating discussion, and also to our coordinators who made it: Ashley O’Mahony and Furqan Shaukat.


IEOut and Allies. Amazon Recruiting and Networking

Written on December 20, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional, Social

The IE Out and Allies Club was very pleased to sponsor an Amazon Networking and Recruiting Event with David Rodriguez. David is a Senior Program Manager in Amazon’s Global Talent Management department and sits on the board of Glamazon, Amazon’s LGBT+ Affinity Group, in Madrid. David also has experience as a Process and Implementation Manager for TNT Express.
David spoke extensively about Amazon’s hiring process and the skills and values Amazon is seeking from potential employees. He took us step by step through Amazon’s application and interview process and gave students advice on how to best tackle each stage. David shared some of his own experience joining Amazon to illustrate the process even further.
Additionally, David spoke to us about the culture at Amazon and what it is like to work for the company. Specifically, David spoke about how Amazon is constantly reinventing himself and every day is “Day 1.” While David knows what his role will be for the next month or two, the company is constantly changing and thus people need to change with it. Students left the meeting with a better understanding of Amazon’s recruitment process and what their work life would look like if they worked at Amazon.


SpaceX with IE Technology and Innovation Club

Written on December 17, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

Winter holidays are just around the corner, and some time has passed since Summer… But what an exciting time for the IE Technology and Innovation Club !

Strong of its new team, our club has started this academic year with a new event serie dedicated to space exploration, with the collaboration of IE Corporate Relations and several other IE Clubs: IE Women in Business, IE Air and Space, IE Energy and IE Artificial Intelligence. We had the honor to welcome two high-profile guests to share their vision, their experience and their projects.

In Septembre, Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of Space X, explained to a large audience how success usually implies failure(s), and the organizational challenges arising when a company increases its workforce to reach 7,000 employees.

In Novembre, James Murray, co-founder of OffWorld, presented his company’s mission: expand human civilization beyond Earth. With his team, he is developing a generation of industrial robots which will be first deployed in the mining sector to reduce heavy-load tasks usually operated by humans. He projects to send these AI-enabled machines to the Moon, asteroids and Mars and allow humanity to benefit from their invaluable resources.

Listening to our guests has been highly inspiring, on both technical and human aspects. If the ambitious projects of these two companies can sound colossal, we have been impressed by the humility and the accessibility of their leaders!

IE Technology and Innovation Club is now getting ready for 2019, with many events in the pipeline! Don’t miss out and follow us on your favorite social networks @ietechinnovclub!

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IEU Segovia Debate Club 2018 Recap

Written on December 14, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

For the first semester of the academic year 2018-2019, the IEU Segovia Debate Club has engaged in a variety of activities. Our club consists of three branches, Formal Debate, Model United Nations, and Social Debates. We started the year with a welcoming event in September, where we introduce our clubs to mostly first years as well as everyone else interested. We had an interesting open floor debate where students came up to the stage to state their thoughts on whether “Stereotypes are unfairly Stereotyped.” For our Model United Nations Branch, we’ve held two mock-MUN conferences where experienced and new debaters in the Model United Nations form had an opportunity to discuss issues such as “Emergency Aid in Natural Disasters” and the issue of “Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Territories.”

Our social branch meets up regularly each week to have an open discussion over cups of coffee in La Colonial on any issues pertaining to our member’s mind. Our most noted event of this semester was our Debate with the Royal Artillery Academy in Segovia. Our members sent a delegation of six students to defend the positive influence of “Russia in the Global Setting as a world power” against the military cadets. We brought an audience of around 40 students who got a chance to participate in the discussion through questions and both institutions thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. We are in the process of planning a second event, hosted by IE for the upcoming semester.

Another notable event held this year was in collaboration with the Political Think Tank. We invited IE professor Balder Hageraats as our guest speaker to discuss the basis of our international system; “Westphalia, Dead or Alive?” and our members explored the current problems with the system, the unintended consequences of the system, and the possibility of an alternative.

We held another similar open-floor discussion format of debate with the IEU Cultural Diversity Club during Asian Week where we explored the many different aspects and influences of Eastern Culture versus Western Culture.

For more about our club and the events we’ve engaged in, have a look at our instagram page where we upload about pasts as well as upcoming events!


What to expect for next semester?

Written on December 14, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

The Madrid Debate Club will be sending delegations to both WorldMUN and GIMUN next semester. These are two of the most well-known MUN Conferences in the World. WorldMUN will be taking place in Madrid this year, and GIMUN takes place at the heart of diplomacy:  the UN Headquarters in Geneva. In order to represent the University students will be attending a mandatory oratory course that will focus on public speaking and debate techniques as well as on specific MUN Training: How to write a position paper? How to deliver an opening statement? How to request motions? How to pass a resolution? Etc. The course will be given by one of the best debaters in Spain who will be assisted by a member of GIMUN’s advisory board and GIMUN’s Vice-President in 2015-2016.

Additionally, the oratory course will also allow students to be prepared for other types of debate such as Academic Debate and British Parliament format. The students taking the course will have the opportunity to participate in these debates which are held in Spanish and English. In order to represent IE you need to attend the course, feel free to send us an email if you are interested in attending and representing the University in tournaments in Spain and abroad!

The Complu-IE Debate Tournament will also take place this year, this will be the 9th edition of this tournament! As usual the tournament will run for three days, and debate clubs representing several Spanish Universities will be attending, last year over 32 teams attended from all over Spain! The topic discussed two years ago around autonomous machines and whether these should include ethic decision-making systems; that of last year was whether or not the collaborative economy should be regulated by the state. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for this year’s edition!

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