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IoT: The Power of Data at Telefónica

Written on June 17, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional, Social

“The MAGIC of IoT is converting knowledge into wisdom thanks to the exponential growth of data”-Luis Simón Gómez

Last 12th of June Luis Simón Gómez (Global New IoT and Innovation Manager) was at IE doing a great presentation about the Power of Data in IoT hosted by AI & Big Data Clubs.

It is already well-known the majority of data was collected during the last 2 years and now there’s enough data as if stored in DVD´s, we were able to go to the moon 23 times. Data shared in real time is expected to grow to 20% by 2025, which could mean each person would have almost 20 IoT devices.

Having a look at the IoT path: from the initial step sensors to finally obtaining the knowledge, we reviewed how through connectivity you can send a piece of reality to transform it into data, store it in a platform and convert that physical aspect in a piece of value to make better decisions.

IoT has many different layers so is still a complex ecosystem, besides there is a huge concerned regarding security. The weakest point in these end to end services is the device and that’s one of the reasons why Telefónica applies security and operational analytics to detect, using Artificial Intelligence, any abnormal behaviour and anomalies in the network.

There are seven verticals (use cases) in the IoT framework of Telefónica, they provide the whole end to end solution besides connectivity and data management. From B2B to B2C, we reviewed all of them having in mind data analytics: what happened, why and what will happen. All solutions are smart from: mobilityproviding deep understanding in real time of driver behaviour, consumption or use of panic button, to retail companies trying to understand customers behaviours in the physical store so as to create unique experiences. In Energy and Industry the added value comes when analysing energy consumption and optimization of processes to make better decisions and reduce costs. Regarding smart Cities: waste and traffic management as energy consumption are the fields most demanded by city councils.

Although B2C is not a big market yet many devices are installed in vehicles providing information of future breaks, status of components or location, as other solution offers tracking people (most used in centres for old people care).

Telefónica wants to satisfy specific needs and its developing those use cases to offer better services for those companies who want to invest on value proposition.

By: Julia Agostinho de Souza Barros


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims around the world fast from dusk to dawn.

You may wonder why exactly we fast. We do it as an act of worship to Allah and as a way to feel compassion towards those in need. It is one thing to think about the less fortunate, but it is completely different to actually walk in their shoes. Ramadan teaches you patience, gratitude and restraint. It empowers you. If you can go the whole day without eating anything or drinking even a sip of water, is there really something you cannot do?

However, it’s not purely a physical challenge. Besides not being able to eat your morning croissant or drink your iced latte, your mind must undergo a fast of its own too. It’s a time for spiritual reflection and a chance to become more introspective. To think about your personal growth, your relationship with those around you and what you can do for your community.

On that note, my good friend Yasmin Ftes had the idea to bring the Ramadan experience to our IE family. So, myself, Yasmin and Ghalia Lahlou decided to combine two Ramadan traditions into one: Iftar, the meal upon which our day of fasting comes to an end, and giving to charity. Since charity encompasses a big part of this holy month, we thought it would be only right for it to play an equally big role in our event. Therefore, we collaborated with the NGO, Madrid for Refugees.

Hence, we set about organising a unique Ramadan night filled to the brim with food, music, games and an incredible mix of cultures and wonderful people. Seeing as food is the most important component of any Iftar, we tried to find restaurants that would like to sponsor the event. After many hours spent roaming the streets of Madrid, we partnered up with Makan, Du Liban, Solidere, Shukran City and Sham Pastelería. The food was an absolute hit and possibly everyone’s favourite part!

All in all, the event was without a doubt, a complete success. The spectacular blend of people, the plates wiped clean, Fairuz playing in the background over the chatter of people playing cards all resulted in one thing: an unforgettable night.

The Ramadan Committee would like to give a special thanks to Campus Life, Ahmad Ghalwash and Eduardo Brandi from the Charity Club, without whom this event would not have been possible. And thank you to our IE community for helping us raise a grand total of 1200€, all of which will be directly headed to help the refugees of our city.

Hope to see you next year!

By Uswa Ashraf Abduljawad


IE Global Village 2019

Written on May 28, 2019 by Campus Life in Social

There are many events that happen at IE almost daily. These events are meant to broaden peoples experiences, engage with thought leaders, and help to develop skills to improve students professional profile. Global Village is unique in that it is the only event on campus that celebrates students, and their unique cultural heritage.

Global Village took place this pay May, with over 500 students participating or attending the event. Over 30 different country clubs came to represent their cultures through food and performance. Attendees were allowed to enjoy a variety of food, ceviche from Peru, sausages from South Africa, and waffles from Belgium. The performances were are varied. Children from Georgia performed a traditional dance, The Brazilian club presented a traditional compote performance, and the Indian club performed an amazing traditional song and dance.

The event focused on more than just food and dance, it was a chance for the student of IE to show our their culture and history. All participants were able to travel the world in an afternoon and experience the diversity and heritages present at IE.

Rebecca Taylor



IE Dance Club Segovia Chapter

Written on May 28, 2019 by Campus Life in Social

Hello to all!

We had a wonderful time with the Dance Club this year. But guess what? Next year is going to be even better! The Dance Club is going to come back with many new initiatives to make our experience together the best as possible. Our big project is to set up a show at the end of the year. In order to achieve this, we will have auditions at the beginning of the year to work with people who are willing to commit and to give the best of them for this purpose! Don’t worry, the auditions will be super chill, it will only be to see your level in order to organize different-level classes. With these auditions and this show, our goal is to have an actual team of dancers. We already had a contemporary and a Latin dance styles class, and we plan on adding a hip hop class.

Besides our fixed and regular dance classes, we will organize workshops which everyone will be free to attend. We will have proper choreographers coming to give these workshops so we can have quality teaching and as much diversity as possible in the dance styles we propose. Like last year, students will also be more than welcome to give workshops as well!

We are also going to have some changes in the leadership team, since our Second Years leaders are leaving us for Madrid… Therefore, the remaining team is made of Dalya (our new president), Franka, Marta and Lucie. We will be happy to welcome Freshers in our team!

Finally, we are willing to be way more present in campus life by hosting events (remember the

Grease-themed party at Irish?) and having partnerships with other IE clubs. More surprises are to come, we might set up a flashmob…

How does that sound? Exciting right?

Well, get ready for next year, because the Dance Club is going to get crazy!

Lucie de Cazotte


Last Tuesday members of Net Impact Club had a community dinner event at La Vaqueria Montanesa.  We bonded over delicious, locally sourced food while discussing topics related to sustainable business practices. La Vaqueria Montanesa is a restaurant dedicated to simplicity and honesty in their business. As members of Net impact we love that they focus on being “green” and source their meat directly from ethical farmers whose cattle roam free. This was a fantastic event to get to know one another and Madrid better while enjoying some of the best caprese salad, and roast chicken one can find!

Sidney Wilson

Net Impact Club

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