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IE Rugby Team at Hec

Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

IERFC, forces depleted due to exams, travelled to Paris for the MBAT games, led by Mr Zeppel and Ms Finegan. Fortunately, we were able to recruit Messrs Meucci and Sommantico who very sportingly became the Club’s newest recruits. Regrettably contact rugby was not an option due to a lack of numbers. Besides this, Oxford and Cambridge boasting a number of international players smacked of bringing a gun to a knife fight; touch was perhaps the best option for IERFC.

To our utmost horror, the combination of an organisational error and a French referee (who did not do a whole lot to quell the unfair preconception that the French are surly or unhelpful) led to our first match being forfeited and our only chance at progressing through the rounds resting the other side of a showdown with Oxford. A tremendous match ensued: Messrs Fraser and Serrano were impenetrable in defence; Mr Gonzalez’s pace did for many an Oxford man; the side-stepping of Mmes Rees, Packing and Morgan would have made the Graces envious; Mr Pineapple even wore rugby boots for some of the game. After offering up their blood, toil, tears and sweat, IERFC lagged behind by just one try as the final whistle blew. Oxford rejoiced, IE mourned.

IERFC’s performance in extra-rugby activities was admirable. Post-match beverages with the Oxford and London Business School were consumed; the latter even brought a bus full of (free) beer which greatly raised our spirits (as it were). Cheering the footballers on until an agonising silver medal finish (adding to their collection) was a highlight, especially in the glorious spring sunshine. Needless to say, the rugby men and women of IE were the toast of the dancefloor at the gala in Paris; after photographs at the Arc de Triomphe, IE returned to Madrid having enjoyed a wonderful weekend at the idyllic HEC campus. That said, we are hungry for more ‒ let us redouble our efforts to recruit participants from the Business School to take part, and bring rugby home.


IE Rugby Team at IESE

Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

On a Thursday in April, an elite IERFC squad arrived in Barcelona by air, land and sea. Once established in our respective dwellings, the players warmed up for the athletic adventures to come. At Barcelona RFC’s famous Gatsby training ground, most of the team was able to enjoy some of the excellent facilities on offer. After some ball handling exercises with the junior team, we moved on to pastures new ‒ the university stomping ground, Sutton. Mr Hutton should be lauded for playing with great spirit of the game and bonding with players from other teams; furthermore, Mr Schmitt won the Boris Johnson award for diplomacy thanks to his bridge-building efforts. Training over, the team proceeded homewards happy – only Mr Hilliard exhibited any fatigue, opting for a quick siesta.

With a certain amount of free time, most of IERFC took the opportunity to move to the beach. Mr Straker seized his moment to go for a five-hour lunch; Mr Schmitty and Ms Morgan interestingly decided to investigate the various lighthouses in the area. In preparation for our matches, the squad gathered for team bonding and a reminder of the rules of play. Messrs Foxy and Tinder provided thrilling lessons in defensive manoeuvres, by which Mr Pineapple was visibly excited. Some of the team chose to rest before the game, lulled to sleep by Blue Swede’s ‘Hooked on a Feeling’, and Mr Q ably led the rest to the event laid on by IESE near the beach.

The first fixture was against INSEAD, generally considered our main rivals, who were reaping the benefits of a strict curfew so as not to vary from their routine in Fontainebleau. Herculean efforts on the part of our noble troops were sadly not enough to overcome the giants of the FT rankings. Mr Heggs captained the team with grit and nous, and ultimately IERFC gave everything inside themselves to the cause, especially Mr Schmitty. Not deterred by a slim first lost, IERFC gathered themselves together and took the sword to both IESE and ESADE. Two colossal wins ensued, vindicating us and securing a silver medal for the Dark Blues.

The touch team, ably led by Mr “John McEnroe” Owen and Ms “Fine” Gan, showed great panache in their stewardship of the team. Coming back from a three-try deficit in the first game to secure a draw in the last moments of the game was akin to victory, much to the delight of the crowd who were by now suffering the effects of weather usually seen at Murrayfield in the autumn tests. The second match was marred by some questionable refereeing and concluded with a devastatingly tight loss. The upside was that Ms Packing survived in spite of her sporting headgear clearly in violation of IRB regulations. By unanimous vote, the heroes of the touch matches were Mmes Finegan, Rees, Morgan and Packing who showed extraordinary fitness on and off the pitch.

After IERFC distinguished itself in rugby, we decided to show our mettle in supporting other IE sports clubs. A particular highlight was chanting, singing and cheering the IE mixed volleyball team to victory in the indoor competition (following their earlier gold in the beach version of the sport). Though IESE may have had a large crowd numerically, their chants seemed mere whimpers in the face of the mighty IERFC. Our performance continued late into the night, with particular credit going to Mr Weppler for proceeding directly to the airport from the reputable location in which the competitors from all schools ended up, and to Mr Pineapple for turning up alive the next day. There are high hopes for IERFC taking home gold in the 2019 version of the tournament, many alumni having the date firmly in the diary.


IE Basketball CLUB RECAP

Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

Over the past few months the IE Basketball Club has hosted a number weekly practices throughout the term that have provided a number of benefits to our members. IE, as we all know, as a rigorous university that provides academic challenges week in and week out. With the IE Basketball Club we hoped to alleviate some of this stress by providing a casual, fun environment where students from all programs could come to blow off steam. One of the main benefits of this was that there were no set teams, practices, or schedules; people came as they could and played to the best of their abilities. What’s most rewarding about this is that there were no fixed attendees. New members came weekly and it gave everyone an opportunity to expand their network in a casual environment. With the IE Basketball Club we tried our best to mix business with pleasure by opening the court to anyone who was interested! We couldn’t be happier with the results and look forward to continuing in the future.

IESE Games

Every year IE attends the IESE Games in Barcelona, Spain. This past year we placed second during the competition. What was most rewarding about this outcome was that we were able to achieve it without formal practices beforehand. We were able to switch from playing against one another recreationally to playing with each other competitively, a different environment than we were used to. The overall experience was amazing; being able to meet students from different schools in different countries, but experiencing similar situations, was enlightening. This event is one that our members look forward to every year and it’s because it’s a break from routine. A different dynamic, in a different city, with different people is a recipe for a great weekend.


International Yoga Day

Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

Yoga and Meditation have traditionally been viewed as mystical and exotic practices from the East. The worldwide acceptance has largely been due to the distributed efforts of various like-minded people who have experienced and benefited from the practice of Yoga.

But the real push came when the then Indian Prime Minister in his address to the UN General Assembly in 2014, proposing for an International Day of Yoga said “It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere known as the Summer Solstice was proposed due its various significances’ all around the world. But from a Yoga perspective this is when the sun starts to move south and is considered a time when there is natural support for those pursuing spiritual practices.

The IE Yoga Club together with our students celebrated the International Day of Yoga (21st June), which is in its 4th year since being adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

We celebrated this with a session of Yoga led by our certified board member Carmen Gracia, which was followed by a meditation session led by IE Alumni Gonzalo Fernández.

The event took place in the Student Hub in MM31-BIS which was nicely arranged for us by the Campus Life team. A truly befitting place to carry out our last event for the current academic year.

The celebration of peace culminated with some organic drinks and snacks!

A truly fulfilling and enriching event for one and all involved !!




Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

During our time as IE Yoga Club coordinators we focused on making sure that our message and activities were available and ready for everyone.

We wanted to make sure that as many people as possible tried yoga and meditation and could experience its incredible benefits.

Life as a student can be really stressful and students can suffer from anxiety, bad sleeping and eating habits and in general a lack of physical activity that can lead to feeling unhealthy.

This is why we always focused on having weekly activities ready for our students to join. We usually had yoga classes taught by the coordinators every Monday or Wednesday and two meditation classes a week depending on the level (beginners or advanced).

In our yoga sessions, some of them taught by me, we made sure we emphasized the importance of breathing as a way to calm our body but also help you during your practice in terms of balance and cooling off the body.

We usually taught dynamic styles of yoga, like Vinyasa or Hatha, because we realized the need for movement. We as students were spending many hours a day sitting in a chair, so we wanted to make sure that our yogis were moving and breathing in what we thought was a form of moving meditation.

During the classes we usually started with breathing techniques to bring the awareness back to the body and the breath, and then started moving slowly. We started heating the body with some sun salutations and moved all the way through standing poses, twists, inversions and backbends.

The classes were usually aimed for beginners but the reality was that we had an all levels class very frequently. Therefore, we usually gave several options for the postures depending on were our students were in their practice and how they were feeling that day.

During this months as coordinators of the club we had a beautiful experience, getting to know people from many different masters and nationalities. We also had a great time among coordinators, trying to organize our events and resources as best as we could.

This experience was a great learning opportunity and we hope we have impacted our yoga students in the best way possible and that they continue their practice through their lives as a tool to a better, happier life.

Carmen Gracia
IE Yoga Club Vice-President & Certified Yoga Instructor

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