Mixed Team Competition


There will be 2 different technical climbs and 1 speed climb. Climbers compete in teams:

4 players minimum and 6 players maximum per team
Gender requirements: At least 1 woman per team

Max 12 players (2 teams) per school allowed


Friday, May 10th

8am to 5pm

Interested? Drop an email to R&BClimbing.Club@ie.edu


R&B Climbing Club offers new climbing courses

Written on January 22, 2014 by Campus Life in Sports


This course is for people who want to learn how to climb from the beginning, acquiring the necessary techniques and practice safely this impressive sport.


To acquire the basics about gestures and safety for autonomous climbing.


Basics about using the climbing material.

Gesture techniques: postures and movements.

Safety: how to use the safety systems.

Lead climbing on equipped routes.


5 days/10 hours

Monday to Friday or weekends

*Ask for other options

Price: 95 €/person (2h/day, Monday to Friday)

          115 €/person (four days: two afternoons during the week + weekend)

Includes the rent of all the necessary material.

* For this course it is not necessary to fulfill any special physical conditions or to have any experience.




To acquire basic gestures, to learn and practice the basic techniques of safety

To learn how to use and enjoy the most the indoor climbing.


Developing of gestural techniques.


Climbing with pulley: basic skills


2 days/4 hours

Two sessions of 2 hours (during week or weekend)

*Ask for other options

Price: 55€/person (rock shoes and material rent included)

* For this course it is not necessary to fulfill any special physical conditions or to have any experience.


If you are interested or have any questions, get in touch with the club at R&BClimbing.Club@ie.edu


Israeli Embassy Spokesperson visits IE

Written on January 21, 2014 by Campus Life in Professional

Israeli EmbassyOn January 9th, IE International Relations club invited Hamutal Rogel, spokesperson from the Israeli Embassy in Spain, to introduce her role as spokesperson and to talk about the current dynamics in Middle East with a special emphasis on Israel.

Hamutal Rogel started with a short introduction of her daily tasks as spokesperson and then gave a brief overview of geographical, geopolitical and economic data about Israel and her presentation was followed about an hour of questions and answer.

Her studies in sociology, anthropology, international relations and conflict resolution and her experience as adviser for the Israeli Embassy in the Netherlands, first secretary for the North American Division in Israel and her experience as spokesperson of the Israeli Embassy in Spain, enabled her to provide relevant answers to the many questions asked. Indeed, a wide range of questions were asked, from the Israeli-American relations to more details about her daily work as a spokesperson.


“Wine is much more than a drink”

Written on December 21, 2013 by Campus Life in Professional

December 18, 2013. Madrid, Spain – IE Wine Industry Club has organized an event with Rafael del Rey, Manager of the Foundation for the Culture of Wine to share the cultural importance of wine associated with the history of Spain and provide a nostalgic experience for the students with respect to tastings of a variety of wines.

2013-12-17 20.17.10Rafael started off the presentation with the definition of wine –“It is a drink, part of our diet, celebration, party/fiesta, friends, family” and then shared his unique perspective and association of wine with Economics, Society, Culture, Toursim, and Environment/Country Side. He also explained the various types of wines and differences among the white, red, rose, sparkling and other wines. The audience was thrilled to know the great variety of wines and the production processes of these wines by various wine manufacturers.
bodegaRey explained the tourism architecture developed by the Muga wineries in Spain which helped for the increase of brand awareness, sales and business diversification for them. After this, Ms.Maria Antonia, the popular wine consultant spend 75 minutes explaining the “wine tasting process”. In her view, one has to first experience the color (light, intense, dark), then move on to smell the aroma (fruity, floral, herbal, citrus, etc.) and then experience the tasting. The association provided the rarest opportunity for the students to experience five variety of wines (two white and three red) manufactured by best wine manufacturers such as Muga, La Rioja, Terras Guada and Vega Sicilia in Spain.
Bharath Kumar (IE Wine Industry Club President), Rasagna Rao Dharmana (IE Wine Industry Club Vice President) and Ravi Teja Pandiri (IE Wine Industry Club Vice President) along with the audience applauded Rafael and Maria for sharing their practical experience and innovative wine tasting procedures.


IEOut Club winery trip

Written on December 18, 2013 by Campus Life in Professional

Haro (2)IEOut Club organised a winery trip to Haro area in the north of Spain on 3rd of Dec. The purpose of this trip was to celebrate the end of our program as well as to understand the history of famous winery area in Spain.

La Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana (The Northern Spanish Wine Company), Cvne, was born in Haro, La Rioja. Cvne was founded by two brothers, Raimundo & Eusebio Real de Asua. By acquiring a few local winery companies, Cvne has become one of the biggest wine companies in Spain since 70s. Cvne’s current company strategy is to initiate a radical experiment, planting double the amount of wines per hectare, the objective is to reduce the production per wine, and therefore to increase the quality of its product.

Haro (1)During the trip, we visited wine factory and we have also had a wine tasting course which included 4 wines guided by an expert. Those four wines inluded Monopole, Cune Rosado, Vina Real Crianza and Vina Real Reserva. After wine tasting we arrived to Haro. Haro is a town in La Rioja province known for its fine red wine and the Haro Wine Festival. We visited Santo Tomas Church, the work of Felipe Vigamy and the old town, which was declared a Historic Artistic Site in 1975.

IEOut Club is proud of organizing numerous events throughout the year.  It has been a great experience to share our own experiences among different club members and our current members are ready to embrace the new life after the graduation.

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