IE Club Election Schedule

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December 9 at 8 pm – December 15 at 11:59 pm

Current coordinators: decide the 3 coordinators staying for the next term of office and send their names to campus.life@ie.edu no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 15th.

New students and partners: prepare and send the nomination form for becoming a coordinator of the clubs of your interest to campus.life@ie.edu. Remember that you cannot be a coordinator of more than two clubs. Choose carefully!

December 17

Campus Life will revise the names of the previous club coordinators staying for the next term of office and the new candidatures received and:

  • Will announce the new boards for those clubs that have 6 or less participants;
  • Will inform the clubs with more than 6 participants about the necessity to organize elections in order to determine the new board.

December 17 – January 19

January 19th is the deadline for the new boards that do not have to organize elections to communicate the official roles each coordinator will be taking in the board to Campus Life.

Campus Life can book meeting rooms for the new boards when needed.

December 17 – January 26

January 26th is the deadline for the clubs that have to organize elections to communicate both the newly elected board and the roles of each coordinator to Campus Life.

The clubs that have to conduct elections are welcome to ask for Campus Life support. Campus Life can book rooms for meetings or the election itself, help the club to organize elections online (if online method is chosen), communicate the election date to IE community, etc.


IE Club Election Process

Written on December 5, 2013 by Campus Life in Geographic, Other Activities, Professional, Social, Sports

Election period

The election period will start on December 9th, right after the Club Fair. The exact dates are provided in IE Club Election Schedule post in the blog.

All members of an IE Club who are currently studying at IE or are partners of IE students, are allowed to raise their candidatures in order to occupy vacant positions in the Board of the club in question.

The maximum number of clubs in which a current IE student/partner can be a coordinator is two.



Club coordinators: 5 rules to remember

1.     3 members of the current board can stay for the next term of office. The names of the coordinators staying should be sent to the campus.life@ie.edu before 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 15th.

2.     New students can send their self-nominations for the clubs of their interest during the same week (from December 9th to 15th at 11:59 pm). The completed nomination forms should be sent to campus.life@ie.edu. Campus Life will share the candidatures with the corresponding Club Boards on December 17th.

3.     If the total number of candidatures (the members of the board staying + new candidates) is less or equal to 6 after 11:59 pm on December 15th, no elections will be required and the 3 new candidates will be announced members of the new board of the club.

In case the total number of new candidates is less than 3, more than 3 members of the previous board can stay for the next term of office, always given that the total number of members of the board does not exceed 6 coordinators.

4.     If the total number of candidatures (the members of the board staying + new candidates) is bigger than 6, the club will have to organize elections in order to determine the new board.

The members from the previous board who are staying for the next term of office (no more than 3) do not have to participate in the elections, their seats in the new board are automatically allocated.

5.     The names of all the Coordinators elected should be officially communicated to Campus Life office for the formal approval and update of the database of Club Boards.


Elections: 4 rules to remember

1.     If there are more than 6 candidatures for the board of a club, elections are necessary.

2.     A member of the previous board who should be appointed to organize the elections of the club.

3.     The clubs are requested to conduct elections for the new board in a free, transparent and fair manner. Selecting the most appropriate system for the election is the sole responsibility of the current Club Coordinators, always given that the system is participative and democratic.

4.    Dismissal of the Board: IE Campus Life has the authority to dismiss a Coordinator or the whole Board if there are proofs of violation of IE Ethics Code or the principles, values or norms contained in this guide.


In both cases (if no elections are necessary or if the elections were held) the roles of the members of the new board can be freely decided by new coordinators and should be communicated to Campus Life no later than the dates indicated in “Election Schedule” document.


IE students visit Saudi Arabia

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IMG_0937 (Medium) copiaOn the first week of November 2013, IE Saudi Arabia Club and the Saudi Spanish Center of Islamic ecnomics and finance organized a trip for 18 MBA students (9 guys and 9 girls) to Saudi Arabia. Students from Japan, Colombia, El Salvador, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Nicaragua , Costa Rica and Germany visited Saudi Arabia for the first time. The trip took place in the west coast of Saudi Arabia to the city of Jeddah (The biggest port of the red sea). The trip had to main goals: An academic goal to learn about ethical and islamic financing. The second is to get to know saudi arabia from the inside.

IMG_4835 (Medium)The Saudi Spanish Center of Islamic Economics and Finance with its partners in Saudi Arabia arrange for the academic part of the experience. The students visited the Islamic finance center in Jeddah to learn the theory behind islamic finance and then visited several banks and finance institutions to see how it’s practiced.

On the cultural aspect, Students went to a diving trip on a boat in the red sea, went to three diving sport and enjoyed the rich corals of the red sea. It was interesting to see dolphins accompanying the boat to the diving spot.

The students visited the old town of jeddah and wend to a trip to the desert where they observed a full sun ecqlipse form the open deserts of Saudi Arabia.  Here is vedio clip of the trip to the desert

Visiting a saudi house was a part of the cultural experience. The students were welcomed to a homemade saudi dinner at the house of a saudi club member in Jeddah and the several Saudi Alumni Club members flow from other saudi cities to welcome the visiting IE students and present some souvenirs.

IMG_0928 (Medium)001 (25) (Medium)Some of the students went to visit Madain Saleh a 3000 BC UNESCO cultural site. the site was really magical.

The students saw Saudi Arabia from the inside, the culture, the rich and the poor parts of the city, met local guys and girls and had interesting discussion. An observation quote is that saudi arabia went along way in its development in many aspects through is young age as a country, yet there is a lot more to do which is quite interesting to the saudis.

Special thanks from IE Saudi Arabia Club to the Saudi Ambassador to Spain and the embassy staff for all the support. Also to SCEIF staff in Madrid and Jeddah and finally to the amazing group of students who visited despite of the tight schedules.


The 7th edition of IE LGBT@WORK annual forum

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LGBT WORK 129The 7th edition of LGBT@WORK annual forum took place in November and was organized by the IEOut Club, IE gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual network that aims to promote and spread respectful attitudes towards the LGBT community and to foster the best practices to integrate them in academia and the work place.

Last year the main topic was Careers: we talked about the right process of job hunting, the importance of finding our own passions and we have also discussed how the LGBT community tends to be stereotyped on with gay men and ignored niche of lesbian women.

This year we have discussed the diversity practices at some of the world’s leading companies, including IBM and Barclays. We were honoured to have Sakis Louloudis from IBM, who talked about different diversity communities within IBM and how important diversity is for a successful global organLOGO IBMisation. We were also privileged to have Beatriz Morilla from Barclays, who talked about how to tackle challenges at both home and work for being a successful businesswoman. Other speakers were Margarita Alonso, researcher at IE Diversity Center and author of “Best inclusion practices: LGBT diversity”, and Juan Pedro Tudela from Diversity Consulting.

On the last note we would like to thank our sponsor IBM. Without their constant support this special event wouldn’t be so successful!


IE Spanish Outreach Club: Knowing Madrid in a different way

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Knowing MadridWho?

The event was open to all students from IE. Additionally they could bring both their partners and friends. The group however was limited to 25 people in order for the guide to be able to clearly communicate and deliver the information of the buildings and the city.

The guide was one of our team members, María Luisa de Miguel, an architect and current student of the MIM program.

An explanation of the four most important art museums of the city of Madrid took place. These are: The Thyssen Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum, the Prado Museum, the Caixa Forum Museum. All of them located in what is known as the triangle of art. The urbanism of the area, especially the development of the Castellana Street was also given in order for the participant to have a better understanding of the city of Madrid

The combination of these four buildings covers different approaches to architecture and diverse examples of how an expansion of a building can be done.

The intention of this event was to help students understand the city they have been living or will live for a minimum period of a year. Madrid has many interesting buildings to offer and is known for many of its architecture. Like all or our events, it is always a great way to do “networking” while getting more involved in the culture of Spain and the city of Madrid.

The event took place on Saturday, the 9th of November, during the morning from 11:00 till 14:00.

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