Interview with a Club: IE Badminton Club

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Who are we?

Badm2IE Badminton Club is a unique place for unique people. Badminton helps not only to switch our focus from studies to networking and physical activity, but also to generate or advance skills. We believe that this sport develops both attention focus and strength. From managerial point of view, badminton teaches us how to take risks and what are the consequences of our actions. In addition, we as players develop several skills that are essential in our personal and professional lives, some of them are: goal-orientation, time-management, effective usage of resources and team-work. It is not a club for badminton professionals, IE Badminton Club is for everybody!

Current Coordinators

Current coordinators are Konstantin Sukhobaevskiy and Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya.

KonstantinKonstantin Sukhobaevskiy is an IMBA student from November 2012 intake. Although badminton is not popular sport in his home country, he is a real enthusiast of this sport. He was the captain of IE Badminton teams for IESE 2013 and MBAT 2013 tournaments. Konstantin has 7 years of work experience in financial field of manufacturing companies. He held different financial positions in world-leading chemical, steel manufacturing and electricity generating companies.


SabySabyasachi (Saby) Bhattacharyya is an IMBA Student from April 2013 intake. He has been enthusiastic badminton player since his school and has represented his college and previous organizations in many Badminton tournaments. He has won Silver medal in Men’s Singles in the just concluded IESE 2013 Games. Saby is a Six Sigma Green belt certified professional with 7 years of diversified global work experience in leading and managing multi million dollar technology intensive Industrial Automation projects for Fortune500 clients.


Badm1Club Activities

IE Badminton Club organizes weekly games. We play every Sunday afternoon. The popularity of the club is high, the maximum number of people who came to play simultaneously was 28 players.

IE Badminton Club participates in IESE Spring Games tournament and MBAT.

Badm3Of course, we organize internal tournaments throughout the length of the year. At the moment are happy to announce the first Intra IE Badminton tournament!

Our Vision

We are planning to maintain our level of activities and invite more and more people. In addition, we are considering the collaboration with other clubs for organizing joint events such as seminars, discussions and invitation of guest speakers from sports industry.

Get in touch and participate!

The main source for the information is our Facebook page. You can also contact us via email.


IE Global Villlage 2013

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9091329359_eb9dcd8f69On June 13th 2013, IE Business School and IE´s Net Impact Chapter along with 25 different Country Clubs had the pleasure to celebrate the diversity of the school with the 8th edition of Global Village.

Global Village is a fair organized by IE students in cooperation with the school´s administrative team whose aim is to showcase the diversity that thrive on campus everyday by having food, performances and arts and crafts in the same place for all the attendees to enjoy.

9093543712_af31a8d188This year´s event had 550 visitors that included students, IE collaborators and the respective partners and children of both of these groups. The event opening was done by Mr. Martin Boehm, the Dean of Programs of IE Business School, and during the length of the event the attendees were able to see performances from the different Country Clubs that included presentations by Colombia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Lebanon, Japan and India.

We want to thank all sponsoring Embassies, organizations and companies that supported the efforts of the students to showcase their national pride. A special mention should be made to Korea Club, that with the sponsorship of LG Electronics, donated a 47″ LED TV, a Nexus G Series Smartphone and a 8GB USB memory stick to be raffled among the attendants. 

Thank you to all attendants to the event! Click HERE to see the official photo album of the event and relive the best moments again!








IE Net Impact Club 


Cracking the Case with Dr. Rolf Strom-Olsen

Written on June 21, 2013 by Campus Life in Professional

fotoMonday the 17th of June, the IE Consulting Club hosted a “Cracking the Case” session for students interested in learning more about the case-based interview. 

The session was led by IE Business School professor, Dr. Rolf Strom-Olsen, who spent an hour with students talking through a sample case typical of a management consulting interview. The case was about the challenge faced by a pharma company that dealt with a lower than expected sales of a specific drug.  Students were guided through the process of creating the 5 C’s marketing framework based on the case facts given and taught how to formulate the best questions and reasoning for tackling the case-based interview. Through this process, the lesson stimulated the students to understand broad business concepts as well as their ability to think analytically to uncover the true causes of businesses’ issue.

Dr. Strom-Olsen was careful to point out both the good and bad ways of approaching the process and encouraged students to rationalize their suggestions and draw conclusions on their own.

The next Cracking the Case session will be in July- stay tuned to Campus Life for details!

IE Consulting Club


Intra IE Badminton Tournament

Written on June 21, 2013 by Campus Life in Sports

Badminton1IE Badminton Club is planning to organize an Intra IE Badminton Tournament among all the programmes, partners, faculty and staff. The tournament will be held in the following categories:

  1. Men’s Singles
  2. Men’s Doubles
  3. Women’s Singles
  4. Women’s Doubles
  5. Mixed Doubles

Badminton2The tournament will be held in July and will give everyone of us an opportunity to come out of our busy schedule and enjoy some thrilling moments of sporting action. Please send us your nominations HERE for registering your names for this exciting event. Please indicate the category you are willing to participate. For doubles categories, please indicate your partner’s name.

Hurry up! Nominate yourself as soon as possible!


Interview with a Club: IE Colombia Club Madrid Chapter

Written on June 17, 2013 by Campus Life in Geographic

Colombia (Medium)Who are we?

IE Colombia Club has two main goals aligned with every activity we do. The first is to promote Colombia amongst IE students with help from the Colombian embassy, Proexport, and Colombian IE students. The second is to make Colombian IE students know each other and bond in Madrid and keep on networking after Madrid.

Current Coordinators

David Acosta

David Acosta is an IMBA student graduating December 2013. He is an Industrial Engineer from Bogotá,  Colombia with experience in planning and strategy.



Lina Aristizabal is an IMBA student graduating December 2013. She holds a BA on Business administration from Bogotá, Colombia with experience in marketing.



Foto Carlos Suarez

Carlos Suarez is a IMBA student graduating December 2013. He is an Industrial Engineer from Medellín, Colombia with experience in marketing.



Club Activities

The club has organized events to promote Colombia to IE students, like our latest “Colombia, una oportunidad de inversión” with the company of the Ambassador from Colombia in Spain and a representative from Proexport. Also parties to promote Colombian culture, like our latest “Colombian Party” May 2013 and more to come. And lastly endorse the IE Colombian students to know each other, like our event to see the game Colombia vs Perú.

Our Vision

Last week we hosted an event for IE Colombian students to watch the Colombia vs Peru match and attended the Global Village with surprises. There will be more meetings with the support of the Colombian embassy and Proxeport. And last but not least we will be having more COLOMBIAN PARTIES!!!!

Get in touch and participate!

Please contact the club by sending us an email.

We are happy to have you in the club and help us promote different activities to pursue our objectives!

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