AIcebreaker 2018 – IE AI Club

Written on October 26, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

The IE AI Club kicked off the 2018-2019 academic year, on October 24th, with a great AIcebreaker event, following on the steps of the previous successful year. 70+ people registered to the event, with the attendees being a mix from the IMBA, MIM and MBD programmes, as well as other friends of IE. For some event photos, click here.

The main purpose of the AIcebreaker event this year, was to give everyone an introduction to Artificial Intelligence technologies, have a discussion around ethical questions coming up in the field, not only from a technical perspective, but also on how AI advances impact business and our daily lives. This was amazingly facilitated by Professor Jaume Manero, a practitioner in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and a professor here at IE Business School. Professor Jaume brought in a very informative and engaging presentation on AI and deep learning, which sparked interesting discussions with the members. During the event we also had a little Kahoot guessing game with the winner grabbing a bottle of white wine as a prize. The lucky winner was the fastest of all, and with the highest score. The game was hosted by Betty Yunlei Lu and Yadu Brian Yang, the Club’s founding partners, and was an icebreaker for everyone to get involved.

Participants were also given a take-home game with a crossword specially prepared for AI, and made by the Club’s coordinators. The correct answers for it, will be available in our very own Instagram account ieaiclub.

We would also like to mention this year’s new coordinators Sabrina Mirtcheva, Vikas Agrawal, Sandeep Parihar, Gonzalo Ybanez and Miltos Stella.

We hope that you loved the event, and it got you interested in AI, as much as we are. Stay tuned for our next event. We’ll share the event details with you very soon!


Blog post by IE Student Betty Yunlei Lu 


IEU Mentorship Society – 2018 Edition!

Written on October 10, 2018 by Campus Life in Other Activities

The 2018 edition of the IEU Mentorship Society officially started in September with 407 first-year Mentees, 131 student Mentors, and 12 student Mentor Leaders (MLs). MLs began planning the official events before the start of the summer, and Mentors and Mentees began interacting online in August prior to the first day of classes. (To view the updated lists of Mentors and MLS in each campus, click on the links below.)

Segovia Campus

Madrid Campus

Since last year’s edition, the IEU Mentorship Society has been incorporating a more pro-active student-led approach to its activities and events, mainly led by the MLs with a significant support from Mentors who wish to be involved in their planning and execution.  

In that same line of thought, the content of our Kick-Off Event during Orientation Week and the subsequent official events and activities have been developed differently in Segovia and Madrid. The aim of the Mentorship Society is to offer different kinds of opportunities for its members to come together in large and small groups, exchange valuable information and experiences, and continue building connections, friendships, and a sense of community.

Another highlight of this year’s edition has been the participation of Unismart, a company based in New Zealand, in a 70-minute show to open the Kick-Off event. The aim was to send a powerful message to Mentees and Mentors alike about the importance of finding a balance at IEU and reaching out for help whenever necessary by taking full advantage of the different services that the University has at their disposal. Actress Lizzie Tollemache delivered an energetic, funny, and highly engaging performance where she skillfully combined humor and useful advice for our Mentorship Society members.

Below is a brief summary of what has been happening in both campuses since September:

Segovia Campus

Starting in August and through Orientation Week, Mentees and their Mentors in Segovia seized the opportunity to casually meet and introduce themselves both online and in person. After opening the Kick-Off Event with UniSmart’s outstanding performance in the Aula Magna, participants searched around the campus for the answers to campus trivia questions. The event closed with some pizza and Mentee T-shirts for everyone as they socialized in a laid back setting, accompanied by music in the background.

The first week of classes for Mentees came with a couple of Mentor Polo Days where we had snacks in front of the Cafeteria, members could send each other written messages along with a candy, and they had the opportunity to take pictures in front of our own Mentorship Society backdrop to upload to our Instagram account!

In the coming weeks, our members in Segovia will be able to enjoy a Hilltop Sunset Social, a couple of Movie Nights, and an International Potluck Lunch with a few performances by our students. This is only a small part of what Mentees and Mentors have experienced and will be enjoying in the coming weeks in addition to all their frequent interactions asking questions, meeting up for coffee or dinner, or going out together. Mentors are there to make Mentees’ transition to uni life smooth, fun, and engaging. Mentees are there to allow Mentors to share their know-how as experienced students and expand their network of friends.

Madrid Campus

In Madrid, the Mentorship Society started off strong with the fantastic presentation by Unismart at the Lázaro Galdinao Museum, followed by a race against the clock to find local hotspots and student haunts. The scavenger hunt finished with a pizza social in front of the MMB campus building, giving Mentors and Mentees a chance to catch their breath and catch up with one another. The following week Mentors could be seen around campus sporting their navy blue Mentor polo shirts – giving Mentees and other freshmen a chance to ask for on-the-spot advice or directions during their first days of classes. The next weekend Mentors and Mentees got to know the city center with a unique tour guided by start-up Living La Vida Local, washing the afternoon down with tapas and drinks in La Latina.

There’s still more to come for the Mentorship Society in Madrid, with a day visit to Toledo, a Board Game Night and more up ahead. All the while Mentors have been making sure that Mentees get the best possible start to their university lives – and will be there to check in with them through mid-terms, finals and beyond!



“Women in Entrepreneurship” Dinner

Written on October 2, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

On September 25th, the IE Women in Business Club hosted the “Women in Entrepreneurship” Dinner. We would like to thank the speakers for the active discussion they encouraged with students – their carefully thought out advice made this event a true success! The speakers who joined us were:

María Gómez Del Pozuelo, CEO of Womenalia
Alexandra Pereira, Founder and Creative Director of Lovely Pepa
Sugata Jain, Co-Founder and Manager of LifeStrong Coaching
Izanami Martínez, Co-Founder and CEO of The Notox Life

The “speed dating” set-up made it so that groups of five to six students had 30 minutes with each speaker to get to know them more closely. All rounds started with the speakers sharing general advice with students, and then discussing their personal experience in the entrepreneurial world.

According to them, there is no “right for all” path in an entrepreneurial career. For example, in Alexandra Pereira’s case, a blog can lead to a career as an influencer and later to Creative Director of your own brand. In María Gómez’s case, it is possible to have more than 10 years in the corporate world and realize you want to pursue something for yourself. They all work very closely with their team on a daily basis and agreed that it was crucial not to forget the importance of a team over a product, and that the team be aligned with the new venture’s objective.

We were all inspired by each of these empowering women’s stories, and were excited to learn about what’s coming next for them in their careers:

For Maria, Womenalia will soon launch in Latin America, with the focus of providing Latin women with the necessary information to make the best decisions in their career paths.

Alexandra is currently working bi-costal with her team in LA to launch a new collection for Lovely Pepa Collection while continuing her collaborations with other brands as an influencer.

Izanami is currently working on the app launch of her company: The Notox Life, which focuses on the importance of wellness and finding the best version of ourselves.

Sugata is launching two Academies to help others become entrepreneurs and is working as an advisor with EZ Sports to promote diversity in the gaming community.

On behalf of the WIB Club, we would like to thank the students for participating, Campus Life for assisting with event, and give a special thanks to MasterCard for sponsoring the initiatives of the Women in Business Club. We look forward to seeing you again at one of our future events.

We are very excited to announced our upcoming conference “Rise and Take the Lead” on November 12th, where several empowering women from a variety of industries will provide insights into their inspiring careers.

Do you want to participate in futures events? Want to become a member of the Women in Business Club? Sign up on Campus Groups (clubs.ie.edu) and follow us @ie.wib.club in Instagram for updates on events.


EU- China Tourism Year

Written on September 27, 2018 by Campus Life in Geographic

On September 25th, IE China Club along with China Club Spain, hosted ‘The EU – China Tourism Year’ Conference on Innovation and Digitization of the Chinese markets. The topic of discussion was insights into future opportunities in tourism between China and Spain.

The China Club invited the General Director of Turespaña, Mr. Héctor Gómez. Director of Corporate Relations Director of IE, Antonio López de Avila. CEO of AsialinSpain-Ctrip Spain Destination and president of CHINA CLUB SPAIN, Jennifer Zhang. Sales director of EMEA, USA and ASIA in IBERIA, Head of Research of European Travel Commission.

During the event, the guests talked about the tourism digitalization. Mr. Gomez special emphasize the Digital Injection to be used in China.  Now, Ctrip is using a data control center to analyze all the patterns of foreign tourists. Iberia using data analysis to decide which route should be opened between China and Spain. Also, it´s very important to maintain a balance between online business and offline business.

In 2017, there are more than 130 million people travelling outside china, Spain has received more than 80 million tourists, but only 720 thousands of people are from China. The tourism between China and Spain has a very bright future.

Blog post by Haowei Gao


“Leading out Loud” LGBT@Work 2018

Written on September 26, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional



“Why should CEO’s speak about LGBTQI* issues, equality, and inclusion? Not for profitability. It’s a question of justice and fairness.” – Santiago Iñiguez

On July 5, 2018, IEOut & Allies Club, IE University’s LGBTQI* & Allies network, hosted the 12th Annual LGBT@Work Conference at Madrid’s historic 19th century palace, Casa de América, located in Plaza de Cibeles. This year’s theme was “Leading Out Loud” and the event welcomed 200 attendees representative of 29 countries worldwide. LGBTQI* professionals from various industries around the world presented their company’s best LGBTQI* workplace inclusion practices, shared their personal journeys, and discussed what it means to be LGBTQI* in the global workplace today.

Since 2006, IEOut & Allies Club, IE University’s student-led LGBTQI* and allies’ organization, has proudly presented LGBT@Work, the longest-running LGBTQI* work conference in Europe and the 3rd-largest organized by a business school in the world.

“Be the change that you want to see, and that we need in the world today.” – Marijn Pijnenburg

The goal of LGBT@Work is to promote the free exchange of ideas and provide a unique networking platform for LGBTQI* students, professionals, and allies. Speakers, sponsors, and attendees from all over the world join LGBT@Work, creating a truly diverse, international, educational, and welcoming learning experience.

Santiago Iñiguez, Executive President of IE University, delivered the conference’s official welcome at 18:30 to an energetic room of attendees, representative of over 40 nationalities from around the globe: “It’s always an honor to be opening this event that we are so proud of.” His opening remarks addressed the conference’s 2018 theme, “Leading Out Loud.”

The 2018 LGBT@Work Speakers Series began with an introduction by Barbara Albajara (Spain), LGBT@Work Committee, and a personal testimony from Hyung Hak Nam, President of UN-GLOBE of the United Nations, the group representing lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex employees of the UN system. Nam spoke of his personal aim to change minds and attitudes in the UN system, and his desire to push the UN to be front and center in the fight for equality and inclusion for people of diverse sexual and gender identities everywhere.

“We [lesbians] need to be more visible because invisibility comes at a high cost: what you can’t see – you can’t be…We need to communicate, we cannot be hidden anymore. Go ahead and live out loud.” – Marta Fernández Herraiz

Next up to the LGBT@Work stage was Johan Turcios (USA), IEOut & Allies Club Coordinator, to introduce Marta Fernández Herraiz, founder of LesWorking & co-general director of REDI (Red Empresarial por la Diversidad e Inclusión LGBT in Spain), who delivered an inspiring message citing the need for lesbian visibility and her motivation behind creating the first international professional network for lesbian women. She is also a board member of the European Lesbian Conference and coordinator of REDI, the first professional network to promote LGBTQI* diversity and inclusion the in workplace in Spain. Her testimony included an emotional video starring the women of LesWorking titled, “Yo Lesbiana” – a video which was first featured on the front page of EL PAÍS on April 26th, the International Day of Lesbian Visibility, and has since received international recognition, awards, and over 500,000 views.

“Be the change that you want to see, and that we need in the world today.” – Marijn Pijnenburg

Joël McConnell, Director for Europe and Central Asia for IE University’s International Development Department presented Marijn Pijnenburg, Global Business Development Executive at IBM, LGBT@Work’s 12-year legacy sponsor. Pijnenburg spoke to the importance of sponsoring LGBQI* conferences such as LGBT@Work, citing the desire to see change in professional organizations in the coming years.

Alex Luzar (USA), LGBT@Work Committee, was next up to announce Luisa Ercoli, Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager for Barilla, who spoke about the importance of authenticity and the support from allies within organizations. In September 2013, Guido Barilla, the chairman of Barilla Group made controversial remarks regarding his refusal to feature gay couples in his company’s advertisements and his opposition to adoption by gay parents. Ercoli reflected on her personal experience working for the organization during this time – she transitioned from her position in marketing to a managerial position in the company’s diversity and inclusion office to help the company where she thought it needed it most. In response the to the chairman’s remarks, she and her colleagues created Barilla’s first LGBTQI* employee resource group and leveraged their authenticity to volunteer for special causes to help create a more inclusive workplace environment, allowing other employees to feel safe. Ercoli concluded her speech by

“Leverage your authenticity.” – Luisa Ercoli

challenging the audience to “bring your authenticity, create an employee resource group, volunteer for a special cause, and help someone to uncover.”

The first half of the LGBT@Work Speakers Series concluded with an introduction by Chris Chinting Kuo (Taiwan), IEOut & Allies Club Coordinator, and a powerful personal story by Joel A. Brown, Esq., CLC, Chief Visionary Officer of Pneumous LLC. Brown is based in San Francisco, California and specializes in cultural intelligence,

“He is black so he must be good at basketball – but he is gay so he is probably not that good.” – Joel A. Brown

leadership, and organizational strategy. As a change agent, Brown works strategically with organizational leaders to cultivate innovative, creative, and adaptive environments where the cultural genius of everyone can be harnessed and leveraged successfully. His captivating storytelling led the audience to follow his high school and college experiences and the double-bias and intersectionality he faced as both a person of color and as a gay man.

Prior to the conference’s intermission, Santiago Iñiguez, Executive President of IE University, anad Michelle “Michi” Raymond, President of IEOut & Allies Club, took to the podium to present the 2018 IEOut & Allies Awards: The Leading Out Loud Award & The IEOut Allie’s Award.

Pictured: José de Isasa Fereres and Juan Ramirez, accepting the 2018 Leading Out Loud Award

The “Leading Out Loud” Award is given annually to someone who has demonstrated exceptional service and support to the LGBTQI* community. The recipient of this award is someone who has had a significant and positive impact in advancing LGBTQI* initiatives. This year’s recipients were the founding members of IEOut & Allies Club: José de Isasa Fereres, Frank Uffen, Paul Crabtree & Juan Ramirez. In attendance were José de Isasa Fereres and Juan Ramirez, who accepted the award on behalf of the founding members. During their acceptance speech, they surprised the audience by dialing in Paul Crabtree via speaker phone to deliver a riveting testimony of their experience founding IE University’s LGBTQI* club over a decade ago.

For the first time in the conference’s history, an Allies Award was presented to recognize someone who has had a significant and positive impact on the LGBTQI*

Ignacio Martinez Mancebo accepting the IEOut Club Allies Award on behalf of Maaian Lichtensztajn Kaplan, who delivered her second child earlier that day

community through their demonstration of exceptional service, advocacy, and support. Maaian Lichtensztajn Kaplan was the award’s inaugural recipient in recognition of her work with Fundación Eddy-G, the first LGBTQI* shelter-home for youth in Spain. Earlier in the day, Kaplan and her husband welcomed their second child into the world. Accepting the award on her behalf was her colleague and friend, Ignacio Martinez Mancebo. Speaking passionately of Kaplan’s formidable contributions to the LGBTQI* community, Mancebo concluded by addressing IEOut & Allies Club and Fundación Eddy-G’s long-standing partnership.

Following a networking intermission which included and assortment of traditional Spanish tapas and refreshments sponsored by Mahou, the second-half of LGBT@Work

“You need to be out to lead…Everyone has an opportunity to succeed if they are treated equally.” – Richard Sypniewski

kicked off with an energetic, humorous, and powerful testimony by Richard Sypniewski, CEO & Managing Director, SAGIN, LLC. Sypniewski was introduced to the stage by Jorge Hoyos (USA/Colombia), IEOut & Allies Club Coordinator. According to Sypniewski, “Education is a fundamental value that breaks down all the walls of indifference.” This belief led him to create SAGIN’s E3 fund which donates 15% of profits to organizations supporting Equality, Education, and Environment. In addition to his professional career, he spoke of his childhood, growing up in a working middle class neighborhood of Chicago, and the close relationship he shared with his father, whom he was raised by after losing his mother at the age of 3 to cancer. His charisma brought the audience to laughter when he openly advertised for a Spanish husband from the stage. “Like all gay American men at the moment, I’d like a second passport.” Sypniewski also developed his own drag character, “Wendy Sitti,” which he performs to raise money for causes supporting equality. He concluded by encouraging the audience to believe in themselves, “…Your success is not tied to working for a big company. Your success is within you. And once you’re out, you will start leading. Follow your heart.”

Pictured: Pedro Pina

Leandro Augusto de Oliveira (Brazil), IEOut & Allies Club Coordinator, introduced the conference’s next presenter, Pedro Pina, VP Global Client & Agency Solutions at Google. Pina is a Portuguese-born marketer who joined Google in 2013, overseeing Google’s deep engagement with some of the biggest advertisers around the world and their respective media/creative agencies. During his presentation which included emotional and inspiring videos, Pina spoke of the importance of online media channels in supporting the LGBTQI* community.

Pictured: Charles Myers

Sarah Finegan (Ireland), 2018 International MBA Student, welcomed Charles Myers, Chairman of Signum Global Advisors to the LGBT@Work Conference stage. Prior to becoming Chairman, Myers was the Vice Chairman of Evercore ISI and a member of Evercore ISI’s Executive Committee and Investment Policy Committee. In addition to his advisory career, he has had over 20 years’ experience in US electoral politics, having served as a senior member of the Finance committees of the 2008 and 2012 Obama Presidential campaigns as well as the 2016 Hilary Clinton for President campaign. Myers spoke about the importance of coming out at work and encouraged audience members to vote and elect leaders that were representative of their beliefs – leading out loud by taking a more active interest in politics.

Zayne Imam (South Africa), head of the LGBT@Work Speaker Committee and IEOut & Allies Club Coordinator, delivered an enthusiastic and heartfelt thankyou to IE University, the IEOut & Allies Club, the LGBT@Work Speakers and audience members, and took great pride in introducing the LGBT@Work Committee: Johan Turcios

Ignacio Martinez Mancebo accepting the IEOut Club Allies Award on behalf of Maaian Lichtensztajn Kaplan, who delivered her second child earlier that day

(USA), Sarah Finegan (Ireland), Chris Chinting Kuo (Taiwan), Jorge Hoyos (USA/Colombia), Leandro Augusto de Oliveira (Brazil), Barbara Albajara (Spain), Ravinjay Kuckreja (Indonesia), Alex Luzar (USA), Cat Dawson (USA), and Samuel González Rodríguez (Spain). He concluded by congratulating and introducing Michelle “Michi” Raymond, LGBT@Work Committee Chairwoman, to the stage by saying, “all of this, everything that you see before you today…this would not have been possible if it were not for this woman, who I have the pleasure of introducing you, my friend, Michelle Raymond.”

“When speaking about leadership and living authentically – it is not just about being good at something… it’s about being good for something.” – Michelle “Michi” Raymond

Michelle “Michi” Raymond (USA) approached the stage by individually hugging and thanking each one of the student committee members. Her address to the audience was both heartfelt and cheeky as she explained her reasons for moving to Spain and heading IE University’s LGBTQI & Allies Club. Reminiscing about her decision to move to Spain for love, she spoke of the heartache that came when on the first day of her arrival, the relationship between her and her girlfriend abruptly came to halt. An “aww” from the audience was quickly deadpanned with, “hey, hey, don’t worry – the good news is that now I’m single,” accompanied by a grin and a wink. Raymond spoke of the importance of leading out loud and the support she received from IE University, especially from the institution’s Executive President, Santiago Iñiguez. Citing the need for action, she challenged the audience to consider when asking “Shouldn’t someone be doing this?” to instead question, “Am I that someone? Why aren’t I doing this?” She spoke proudly of IEOut & Allies Club’s rapid growth and the many events and partnerships that have been established with local organizations including: Fundación Eddy-G, REDI, Fundación Triángulo, and LesWorking, and multinational companies. Lastly, she introduced her friend and mentor, Selisse Berry, as LGBT@Work’s 2018 Keynote Speaker.

Pictured: Selisse Berry, 2018 Keynote Speaker

Selisse Berry is the founder of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. Since 1996, Berry has built the Global LGBT Workplace Equality movement by creating a network of multi-national companies and federal agencies to work toward LGBT education, empowerment, and visibility. When Berry founded Out & Equal, less than 4% of Fortune 500 companies had LGBT protections. Through her tireless efforts 96% of companies now protect their LGBT employees. In the past 20 years, Berry’s work has impacted more than 40 million people in over 50 countries. Berry captivated the room with her powerful story of coming out while studying for the Presbyterian ministry and California, even creating a support group called Seminary Lesbians Under Theological Stress (SLUTS). She concluded her awe-inspiring speech with a video highlighting Out & Equal Workplace Advocates’ push for LGBTQI* workplace rights, her legacy as the non-profit’s founder and former CEO, and closed with the unifying message, “When leading out loud – We are stronger together.”

Immediately following the LGBT@Work Conference, attendees were invited to join the event’s speakers and organizing committee members at the official Networking After Party on Casa América’s terrace overlooking Plaza de Cibeles. Conference attendees enjoyed a tapas-style dinner, drinks, and dancing while interactively networking with event speakers, sponsors, corporate recruiters, and partnering organizations. Business professionals from around the globe and undergraduate and masters students representative of 21 universities worldwide attended the 12th Annual LGBT@Work Conference, creating a diverse and electric atmosphere at the longest-running LGBTQI* work conference in Europe.

Gold: Salesforce
Silver: Amadeus, IE Foundation, Google, IE Talent & Careers, LinkedIn
Premier: RBC Wealth Management
Legacy: IBM
Supporter: U.S. National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)

2018 Conference Speakers (from left to right): Luisa Ercoli (Italy), Selisse Berry (USA), Pedro Pina (Portugal), Joel A Brown (USA), Charles Myers (USA), Marta Fernández Herraiz (Spain), Richard Sypniewski (USA), Hyung Hak Nam (Republic of Korea), (not pictured) Santiago Iñiguez (Spain)

About IEOut & Allies Club:
IEOut & Allies Club, IE University’s student-led LGBTQI* & Allies organization, is a network that provides educational, social, and professional support to LGBTQI* students, alumni, staff, allies, and surrounding communities. IEOut & Allies Club organizes events year-round that are open to all members of the IE Community, which range from educational workshops and volunteer activities to health seminars and networking social events. For more information about IEOut & Allies Club, please visit: https://www.ielgbtatwork.com/ieout-club

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