IE Global Innovation Challenge

Written on June 6, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

On the evening of 4 June, we welcomed 11 teams to the internal selection round for IE’s first international case competition, the IE Global Innovation Challenge. After spending 3 days with a case on Sephora’s acquisition of Southeast Asian beauty brand Luxola, teams pitched their analysis and recommendation to a panel of IE judges (Eduardo Pedreno, Maria-Eugenia Marin and Carl Kock). More than 70 people including teams showed up at Aula Magna to hear from diverse student teams from different Masters’ programs at IE applying knowledge learnt from their classes to real-life situations. While judges were deliberating, we kept everyone entertained with a Kahoot quiz to test the audience’s Sephora knowledge and the winner was Francisco Rojo (Jan ’19 IMBA)!

Finally, the winning IE team was announced…. Lavoisier!!! The team was comprised of Carolina Monteiro, Veronica Moreno, Maria  de Los Angeles Diaz Tena and Colin Constantine (all September ’18 IMBAs). A huge congratulations to team Lavoisier!!!!! They will go directly into the final round on 28 & 29 June where they will compete with other business schools globally such as HEC Paris, Cambridge, Schulich and AGSM! Observers are welcome to support the IE team – for more information and to buy tickets, visit: http://ieinnovate.global

Alissa Warne

IMBA September 2018



IE Global Village 2019

Written on May 28, 2019 by Campus Life in Social

There are many events that happen at IE almost daily. These events are meant to broaden peoples experiences, engage with thought leaders, and help to develop skills to improve students professional profile. Global Village is unique in that it is the only event on campus that celebrates students, and their unique cultural heritage.

Global Village took place this pay May, with over 500 students participating or attending the event. Over 30 different country clubs came to represent their cultures through food and performance. Attendees were allowed to enjoy a variety of food, ceviche from Peru, sausages from South Africa, and waffles from Belgium. The performances were are varied. Children from Georgia performed a traditional dance, The Brazilian club presented a traditional compote performance, and the Indian club performed an amazing traditional song and dance.

The event focused on more than just food and dance, it was a chance for the student of IE to show our their culture and history. All participants were able to travel the world in an afternoon and experience the diversity and heritages present at IE.

Rebecca Taylor



IE Dance Club Segovia Chapter

Written on May 28, 2019 by Campus Life in Social

Hello to all!

We had a wonderful time with the Dance Club this year. But guess what? Next year is going to be even better! The Dance Club is going to come back with many new initiatives to make our experience together the best as possible. Our big project is to set up a show at the end of the year. In order to achieve this, we will have auditions at the beginning of the year to work with people who are willing to commit and to give the best of them for this purpose! Don’t worry, the auditions will be super chill, it will only be to see your level in order to organize different-level classes. With these auditions and this show, our goal is to have an actual team of dancers. We already had a contemporary and a Latin dance styles class, and we plan on adding a hip hop class.

Besides our fixed and regular dance classes, we will organize workshops which everyone will be free to attend. We will have proper choreographers coming to give these workshops so we can have quality teaching and as much diversity as possible in the dance styles we propose. Like last year, students will also be more than welcome to give workshops as well!

We are also going to have some changes in the leadership team, since our Second Years leaders are leaving us for Madrid… Therefore, the remaining team is made of Dalya (our new president), Franka, Marta and Lucie. We will be happy to welcome Freshers in our team!

Finally, we are willing to be way more present in campus life by hosting events (remember the

Grease-themed party at Irish?) and having partnerships with other IE clubs. More surprises are to come, we might set up a flashmob…

How does that sound? Exciting right?

Well, get ready for next year, because the Dance Club is going to get crazy!

Lucie de Cazotte


About Bananas, Ideas and Design…

Written on May 23, 2019 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Professional

What do bananas have in common with ideas and design? Probably nothing obvious or explicit, but these are three words which may best summarize the highlights of our most recent work as a club. Hopefully the relationship will become clearer as you continue to read! We are a Madrid-based collective of design enthusiasts at IE University, and we have created a community for sharing resources, skills and stories in Human-Centered Design (HCD) as an approach to addressing human and business problems. Our audience is, primarily, professionals and masters-level students in the IE Community.

Max Oliva (Studio Banana)

Studio Banana, the “home of design-driven transformation” is an interdisciplinary design studio which develops bespoke solutions for change-seeking organizations. We were privileged to have Max Oliva, the Managing Director of the studio, as the keynote speaker of a recent seminar which we hosted under the title “Human-Centered Design and how it can add value to business”.

The event was a success, not least because of Max’s subtle yet infectious energy in sharing some of Studio Banana’s successes and failures in developing solutions for their clients who range from Fortune Global 500 companies to individual consumers. A particular favorite on the evening: one of Studio Banana’s most obscure, but certainly one of their most successful creations, the Ostrich Pillow.

In addition to sharing these captivating stories, Max also took some time to illustrate the processes and techniques that are applied by Studio Banana’s diverse, multi-disciplinary teams in delivering innovative products and experiences for their clients. This — the processes and techniques — is probably where the attendees of the seminar derived the most value from. Speaking of process, you now understand our initial reference to bananas! Trust the process!

Ideation Workshop

Part of our mission as a club is to share the principles and practices of a “design mindset” with professionals and students who are from traditional fields, outside of design. To this end, we hosted a two-session Ideation workshop, over two days, last month.

The vibrant participants — about 30 students from various IE Masters programs — were given the challenge: “How might we help IE students to better recycle their trash?”

Over the course of the two days, we introduced various HCD tools such as stakeholder maps and brainstorming, to guide the participants in the ideation process, a process which generated over 100 ideas that varied as much in sophistication as they did in the potential impact for the school and the environment! Finally, we used a feasibility and impact matrix to narrow down to the best ideas.

It was both exciting and rewarding for us as facilitators to see the participants work through a real-life problem, which affects them and their immediate environment, and guiding them into generating cutting-edge ideas and proposed solutions.

Next Activities

· In keeping the momentum and a diverse appeal of programs, we will be hosting our next event on the 22nd of May. It will be a seminar themed: Customer research as a key factor for success. We will be joined by a team from SparkLab in Spain. SparkLab is the innovation lab of Dutch financial services company, Nationale-Nederlanden.

· Agile is one of the most sought-after skills in organisations today. On the 30th of May we will be hosting a seminar: Agile & the Design Process. Our two speakers for this event are experts in the areas of Digital Transformation and Experience Design. Both of them will join us from one the world’s most renowned consulting firms and will share best practices in Agile Methodology with us.

· In the middle of June, we will be hosting a workshop which will introduce participants to the fundamental theory of prototyping. Participants will be taken through the process of bringing to life, and into tangible form, ideas which need to be tested and validated in real life. We’ll be rolling up our sleeves and cutting things up for this one!

Until then, to reach out to us for a chat or to discuss new partnerships, you can find us on Instagram @iehcd or email sbu.msimango@student.ie.edu / david.dalel@student.ie.edu .

Bananas — Check, Ideas — Check, (Human-Centered) Design — Check!

Yours in Innovation

IE Human-Centered Design Club


Workshop at Casa De La Lectura

Written on May 17, 2019 by Campus Life in Other Activities

One of the greatest joys of any form of art is giving and experiencing it. A motto that the Theatre club of IE University holds close to its very core. It had been a really long run for us, the date of the final show was closing in. Little time and lot of work remained. We worked for the final prep throughout the weeks (even the weekends!). During this whole process, one of the greatest helps came from Casa De La Lectura, Segovia. They gave us space to practice and accommodated to our needs greatly. We spent quite a few weekends going over to the building and working, while trying to do out best to keep up with the deadline. There was however a catch, a very wonderful one at that. In exchange for using the place for the production, we had to conduct a workshop for the younger kids! A workshop that would spread the joys of acting, drama, self-expression and experience!

A child’s brain is filled with wonders, imaginations and creativity. For the workshop, we believed that all that was needed was for us to push them in the right direction. And it worked wonders. The whole seminar was absolutely wonderful with the batch of kids learning new games, building up collaborative skills, honing their creativity and giving their inner actors the front stage. The room was filled with energy and excitement; games ranged from running around and catching each other, to playing animal charades. We had meek sheep’s and roaring lions, flying birds and squeaking mice. The children really seemed to enjoy themselves, they were so different from each other and yet worked together perfectly. We had a little troublemaker breaking the rules, and a shy one that just needed a nudge in the right direction.

The main objectives of the workshop were based on team building exercises and self-expression. Through games like Mice-Cat and Chain-Lock, the kids had to work together for a common goal. They had to depend on the working of every member to succeed. And games like Follow the Leader tested their cognitive skills. The workshop lasted for an hour, by the end of which we got to know each other well and were pumped with energy and yet tired from all the running around. A small feed-back session told us that the kids really enjoyed it, and some even wanted to repeat the workshop once again. In the process of creating an experience for them, and giving them something, we feel like we received much more… we experienced much more and got another chance at being kids. And this is what the spirit of theatre is about, for which we could not be more thankful.

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