Written on December 14, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

The IE Consulting Club is extremely happy about the interest and participation on campus in the past semester. We are excited to announce that we will be continuing regular case cracking sessions after the break, and diversify our portfolio of events even further.

Case Cracking Wednesdays
The Consulting Club meets weekly for its “Case Cracking” session, in which we cover the basics of management consulting cases, walk you through a group case, facilitate individual case cracking or host guest speakers from the industry. We witnessed an increase in the participation rate throughout the year, and expect regular participation of those who might be preparing for consulting interviews in the upcoming semester.

Extended Membership
We are working hard to increase diverse participation in our activities, and proud to note that already many students from the IMBA, MIF, MIM, MIAF and Masters in Big Data are joining us. We plan to extend membership to IE University students by organizing joint activities and combining powers to host bigger and more inclusive events.

Company partnerships
We are looking forward to constructive long-term collaborations with firms from the industry, via co-hosting events and inviting more speakers to inform our members about the job functions and tips on a good application.

Please make sure you follow us on CampusGroups and join our Facebook page! There is nothing worse than signing up late and ending on a waiting list for an event you really want to attend. We will continue hosting representatives from renowned consulting firms and will increase our on-campus presence by giving you the chance to show what you have learnt during our case cracking sessions.

Our main aim always is to build a sustainable bridge between IE students and consulting firms, by devoting as much resources as possible to get you ready for that case interview you were waiting for!




Football Memories

Written on December 14, 2017 by Campus Life in Sports

This Sunday, the IE Women’s Football Club looks forward to its last practice of 2017 and its team celebration dinner. It has been an incredible year practicing together each week, gathering for pickup games against local players and competing at IESE in Barcelona and MBAT in Paris. The field was a place to make friends with girls from other Masters programs and to leave behind the stress of school. Let’s enjoy a fun night together and keep the momentum going into 2018!



MBAT Champions 2017: Preparing for 2018

Written on December 14, 2017 by Campus Life in Sports

This past May, the IE Womens Football Club took gold at MBAT 2017 in Paris. The intense match made its way to penalty kicks and ended in a dramatic IE victory over Oxford. Since September, the team has been preparing for MBAT 2018. The transition to new coordinators from different Masters programs in addition to more marketing for the club has doubled the number of players at practice each Sunday. Furthermore, having two rockstar coaches from the Men’s football team has been a big help and has greatly improved everyone’s skills. Graduating students wish the team well and look forward to IE defending its MBAT championship title.


Representing IE at ESADE Case Competition Finals

Written on December 14, 2017 by Campus Life in IE Stories

Out of 20+ entries from schools all over Europe, our pitch deck was selected as one of six finalists and we had the honor of representing IE Business School at the Leading Futures Case Competition November 23-24th in Barcelona. The competition is an annual, ESADE student-led case competition and conference. This year, entrants were asked to create a brand new fintech venture for Banco Sabadell’s innovation hub, InnoCells.

Our Idea: Helping wealth management select investment portfolios that align with the interests, personality and values of millennial clients using data mining techniques from clients’ purchasing habits, prior investment history, social media habits, geo-location, professional history and more. Millennials feel comfortable in investing what they like and wealth management does not know what that is, our tool is to help bridge that gap and leverage data that banks already have and are not leveraging to its fullest potential and data that banks can easily get to better know their clients.

Our Experience: Despite being sleep deprived from final exams we had the opportunity to attend a 5 hour marathon of workshops with Google, Insitum, Business Models Inc and InnoCells to fine tune our new venture idea. The most valuable workshops for the team were on the business model canvas and human centered design, and the elements needed for a successful pitch. After the workshops, we had until midnight to refine our pitch and submit a final pitch deck for the next day. Despite the time crunch, we were amazed by our team’s cool composure throughout the process.

The next day, in between other workshops attended by ESADE students we pitched our final solutions in front of a panel of industry experts:

•Lilly Vasanthini, Infosys, AVP & Germany Head – Delivery & Operations

•Moniek Tiel Groenestege, Business Models Inc, Strategy Designer

•Dr. Miquel Noguer Alonso, UBS & Columbia University, Executive Director & Adjunct Professor

•Adria Battle, Innocells, Director of Venture Building

We pitched in front of 100 audience members and fielded tough questions from the judging panel. The other five finalists from ESADE, IESE, and Bath had amazing venture ideas ranging from tuition currency hedging, green finance investing, personal finance management, and leveraging blockchain technology. Ultimately our team was not selected as the winning team and the 2000 Euro grand prize went to the team from Bath School of Management.

The Learnings:

Despite not winning, the experience of pitching a venture exposed some areas of improvement for each of us especially skills related to storytelling and understanding our audience. We really enjoyed the collaboration and networking amongst MBA students outside of IE. The conference had a healthy dose of competition amongst schools but also an incredible amount of knowledge sharing on the fintech sector but more importantly on the MBA experience. Finally, this competition got us out of our comfort zone and forged new bonds. Our team had never worked together before and came together because we were all looking to challenge ourselves and bring classroom learning to the real world. We have to give a special shout out to Professor Jose Esteves whose Innovation in a Digital World course served as inspiration for our venture idea and whose mentorship on the case proved to be invaluable in making it to the final stage.

Short Bios:

Trishna Patel is a former management consultant and Kiva Fellow looking to transition into a career that ideally blends innovation, digital technology, and social impact.

Geetansh Kakkar has 4+ years of work experience as an entrepreneur and consultant in the transportation and automotive sector.

Guillermo Chinchilla has joined IE’s IMBA pursuing a new career line within Finance after five years in Private Banking in Geneva.

Daniel Schloss comes from a market entry research and strategy background for a real estate firm. He is looking to transition into management consulting or digital market entry strategy.

Dr. Luca Borgio holds a PHD in Bioengineering and in the past has successfully managed international medical devices, healthcare, pre clinical & clinical pharma projects. He is a dedicated team player and thrives in managing complex projects in an open & innovative environment.



Consulting Club – Case Cracking Sessions

Written on December 13, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

Oliver Wyman, Leticia Rubira, Senior Consultant

Reflecting on second half of 2017

Second half of 2017 saw a few changes to how the IE Consulting Club ran events with success in terms of number of attendees and public profile.

The changes were:
– Holding the weekly sessions on Wednesday evenings,
– Inviting more outside speakers, and
– Organising one-on-one case cracking sessions.

Case cracking Wednesdays

Infosys Ltd, Vijay Warrier, Principal Consultant

Moving the Club’s weekly meetings to Wednesday evenings proved to be attractive to members. Attendance rates shot up 4 to 5 times than previously. The Club also noticed a significant increase in attendances from MIM, MBD, MIAF, and students from the bachelor programme.

The Club welcomes all students and alumni to join the weekly sessions. The diversity in experience and background of students from various programme adds to the quality of discussion and learning.

Increasing visibility with consultancy firms

The-Cocktail, Gonzalo Valdes, Consultant

The Club also hosted four practitioners from the industry to explain their work, recruitment process, and answer members’ questions. The Club would like to re-iterate gratitude for their time and advice.

– Infosys Ltd, Vijay Warrier, Principal Consultant
– IBM, German Sanchez Couso, Consulant
– Oliver Wyman, Leticia Rubira, Senior Consultant
– The-Cocktail, Gonzalo Valdes, Consultant

One-on-one case cracking sessions

Practicing cases are important ahead of interviews, and one-on-one sessions provided members an opportunity to do so. Even though many members found this challenging given their low awareness of the approaches and methods in the beginning, significant improvement in members’ skills were noticeable towards later on the semester.

In 2018, the IE Consulting Club looks forward to continue growing and support our members’ skills development which are required to succeed as consultants.

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