Written on July 13, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

This year was a great year for the IE Women Football Club. We had the chance to participate in both IESE Spring Games 2018 and MBAT 2018 tournaments, getting 2nd place in both of them.

We had two great weekends with a lot of fun playing and also had the chance to party with members from the other sports clubs and from schools from all over Europe.

IESE Spring Games 2018 took place from April 13-15 and although it was a lot of fun we had a really bad weather and had to play 5 games in a row under the rain, which was a huge challenge, but still we managed to get 2nd place.

On the other side MBAT 2018 took place from May 10-12 and we had a better weather on that weekend. We had the chance to compete with 7 different Businesses Schools from Europe and although the final game was a great one, we didn’t manage to win, but still had a lot of fun.

Thanks to every girl who were part of this two great experiences and special thanks to our great coach Matt for everything.



Written on July 12, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

On behalf of the IE Football Club, we would like to say that we feel very honored for the great number of sign-ups to our club, this is proof of the great enthusiasm in the IE community for the most beautiful of sports.

Regarding this, we would like to share with the IE community that the Club will be holding Try-outs in September, in which members of all schools including current and new students of IE will be able to participate.

Therefore, we invite you all to follow us on Facebook and on the Campus Life website for further details.


En nombre del IE Football Club, ante todo, quisiéramos decir que nos sentimos muy contentos por gran cantidad de solicitudes de ingreso al Club que venimos recibiendo, eso demuestra el gran entusiasmo que existe hacia este hermoso deporte.

Al respecto, debemos comunicar que el Club tiene programado realizar en el mes de setiembre los Try-outs, en los cuales podrán participar todos los nuevos alumnos del IE, independientemente del master en que se encuentren inscritos.

En tal sentido, los invitamos a quedar pendientes de futuras comunicaciones.




IE Football Club Graduation

Written on July 12, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

On behalf of the IE Football Club Coordinators, we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to all our club members that are finishing their respective programs and are ready to graduate on July 20.

In addition, we would like to thank them for their contributions to the Club, their camaraderie in and out of the field, respect, and commitment, which were the foundations to obtain great results in the last two terms. We would like to highlight our historic participation at the MBAT in which we reached the final.


Keep the great results coming.


En nombre de los coordinadores del IE Football club, quisiéramos FELICITAR a todos los miembros del club que han concluidos sus respectivos programas de estudios y se encuentran prestos a graduarse el 20 de Julio.

Asimismo, quisiéramos agradecerles, por el gran interés mostrado hacia el Club, el compañerismo mostrado tanto fuera como dentro del campo, como el respeto mutuo, los cuales fueron pilares fundamentales para la obtención de los buenos resultados conseguidos a lo largo de estos dos (2) semestres, dentro de los cuales destacamos un histórico segundo (2) lugar en el MBAT.


Que continúen los éxitos.


IE Tennis Club Activities

Written on July 12, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

I would first like to take the opportunity to thank the past club coordinators and president Natasha Savic and Henry Chao for their outstanding work throughout the year. During the past months, the IE tennis team attended several tournaments and can report great achievements, for example the IESE Spring games in Barcelona and another tournament in La Baule, France, where they reached the semi-finals. This was also because of the great team spirit which we established throughout the months.

After their graduation this summer, the IE Tennis Club had some restructuring at the board and we would like to welcome the new club officers Stuart Barraclough and Thibault Apollis, who joined the board in July.

After the break in August, the tennis club is planning to start session with all students who would like to have a good hit, want to have fun or just want to meet people who are passionate about sports and share the same interests.

We are also happy to invite all new students, who will join IE in September, to join the tennis club and become part of a great community! We are planning to promote our club at the club fair at the beginning of the semester and will provide a list where students can sign-up to a WhatsApp group. There the coordinators organise hitting sessions, will offer help in booking the courts, and people can also arrange hitting times by their selves. Worried that your hitting partner might not fit your level? On our blog we uploaded a list of all members, their contact details and level of play, in order for everyone to find potential sparring partners and coordinate matches on their own.

Later this year, we will again arrange try-outs for the next IESE spring games in 2019, because we want to defend our title for sure – stay tuned! 



Written on July 12, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

I predict that one day when we’ll go to an hospital, we will enter a small room where a machine will take our blood sample, scan our internal temperature with thermic cameras, identify what’s wrong with us and direct us to a specific department or even prescribe directly a treatment. But even if we are slowly going there, the medical industry collaboration with artificial intelligence is progressing with baby steps. However, it is already amazing to see how the current applications some companies created are already bringing results.

I have argued many times with my father about how artificial intelligence can have an impact in the medical industry and whether it is science fiction to think a computer can actually replace doctors. I don’t blame anyone for being pessimist regarding this, however we need to differentiate internet forums low accuracy in terms of medical advices and artificial intelligence powered medical tools. They are not related as medical forums are just content written by anyone and the actual algorithm behind an artificial intelligence framework is based on medical verified resources.

This is not the future, this is now. Here are three concrete applications within the medical industry that help doctors to increase the efficiency of their diagnosis. Those start-ups and big companies are using the concept of deep learning technology to increase the medical research and medical treatments by submitting a large amount of data to identify patterns.

Google AI & Verily : Identify cardiovascular diseases

Scanning patient’s eyes to predict cardiovascular diseases with the help of artificial intelligence. To achieve this, the companies fed their deep learning framework with an input data of 284000 of retina pictures. From this, the algorithm can assimilate patterns with different input such as :
• Sex
• Age
• Smoker or not
• Blood pressure
• If they had Cardiovascular accident or not

Those information are used by doctors to predict future cardiovascular issues that there patient can face.

Constitute a giant DNA database to detect rare diseases: Sophia Genetics

The Swiss startup Sophia Genetics raised $ 30 million last September. Its niche: to propose a genetic database that health professionals can consult to “search for the specific molecular characteristics of a tumor or a congenital disease”, explained his boss at Le Temps. Its strength is based on its database which grows more and more, analyzing “the DNA of 8000 patients each month”, able to identify recurring patterns and anomalies.

Being able to determine if you will die in five years:

Researchers published a study on May 10, 2017 in Scientific Reports that shows that it is possible to predict the life of a patient by having chest scanners read by an algorithm.

Precision Radiology: Predicting longevity using feature engineering and deep learning methods in a radionics framework

The goal is to save doctors time by letting the machine analyze the scans itself and provide predictions. The longer-term goal: to succeed with a single scan to predict future diseases, so that doctors can intervene as soon as possible.

Identify signs that a patient health is getting worse in hospitals.

DeepMind, the Google lab dedicated to artificial intelligence research, has a new, large-scale project: helping doctors find patients who “sink” before it’s too late to save them. 700,000 patient records will be read and analyzed by the algorithm developed by Google to train it to detect signals that indicate that a person’s health is deteriorating.

The goal: to reduce the percentage of deaths in hospital space that could have been avoided if physicians had been able to observe the patient’s health decline in time (11%). DeepMind gives the example of an operation such as the replacement of a hip that can cause kidney failure, impossible to detect with the naked eye.

Other interesting reads about medical and AI applications:

DeepMind develops AI to diagnose eye diseases
How AI is transforming the future of healthcare

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