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Written on February 14, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

Yesterday evening, we had the pleasure to host Carlos Fernandez Casares, General Manager Spain of Alexa Voice Services.
We talked about multiple topics such the growing trend of Voice Search, Privacy, the Alexa Developer Ecosystem and how Alexa works under the hood.

Voice Search
Carlos Fernandez Casares discussed the rising trend in which voice search is catching up on regular search. With the ever increasing adoption of voice services, voice search seems set to catch up soon.

We discussed how Alexa was listening for the wake word (usually set as ‘Alexa’) to activate and answer the user. We talked about how some of the Alexa enabled devices weren’t always on the lookout for this word and could be activated manually (such as activating Alexa with your TV remote to interact with your smart TV).

Alexa Developer Ecosystem
We discussed how the developer community was a cornerstone of the Alexa ecosystem and how anyone could work to develop a skill using the Alexa developer platform. We will follow up shortly on this topic as we are working towards hosting a “Code your Alexa Skill workshop” in the near future.

How Alexa works under the hood
We discussed how Alexa leveraged NLU, Natural Language Understanding and TTS, Text to Speech technologies to understand a users query. We also talked about how thanks to machine learning and human tuning, Alexa could get increasingly better, leveraging its local presence in 14 countries.

This event was a great opportunity for student and alumni to interact with Carlos and ask a lot of interesting questions.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events.

Antoine Moyroud

IE Big Data Club


Mastering Your Public Speech. Public Speaking Club

Written on February 14, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

On Tuesday 5 February, Glaxton E. Robinson hosted IE Public Speaking Club’s 11th workshop on Mastering Your Public Speech. This session was an essential overview of key points of personal speech following a very successful Club Fair hosted by IEs Campus Life on Monday, 4 February.

There are several pointers to keep in mind when giving a presentation, and according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55% Rule, the three elements of personal communication are the spoken word; voice and tone; and body language.

Your vocal variety is vast, ranging from volume, diction, rate, pitch and tone. Being able to utilize these tools of the trade are of utmost importance when keeping your audience engaged, but more so, being able to deliver a sincere and heartfelt presentation.

When focusing on your body, there are three key points to always keep in mind: position, posture and movement. These are essential parts of a presentation as it allows you to engage with your audience and show what it is you are trying to say.

As with everything that is important, practice makes perfect. The IE Public Speaking Club hosts both impromptu and prepared speech formats to allow its members to practice these points of interest covering several different topics.


More than 200 students, staff, and members of the local community enjoyed the celebration of the2019 edition of IE Creativity Day, held at the IE Creativity Center & IE Segovia Campus. Creativity is a rising value in our society and a human quality that helps to evolve the world. The great minds that have made humanity progress as Da Vinci, Picasso, Gaudí, Edison, or Steve Jobs, had in their character a strong component of creativity that applied in their thoughts and actions. A creative person is, in short, the one who dares to think differently, who handles his life with imagination and positivism, and who seeks to give practical and original solutions to the problems that arise in his day to day. IE University, aware of the high added value that creative innovation produces in the university environment, celebrated a new edition of the Creativity Day, this past Wednesday, January 30th 2019.

IE Campus Life organized a complete program of activities where original thinking was the protagonist in its multiple manifestations. Art and design exhibitions, workshops dedicated to entrepreneurship, debate tournaments, music recitals, demonstrations of creative gastronomy or talks given by professors and experts form a complete agenda of more than twenty events that took place throughout the day in the Campus of Santa Cruz la Real and, fundamentally, in the Creativity Center of IE University, located in the cultural building of Casa de la Monedain Segovia.


NEW SPACE The most important novelty of the 2019 edition was the official opening of a space for entrepreneurs in the IE Creativity Center as an extension of “Area 31”, the dynamic innovation space of IE Business School in Madrid, where the talent and entrepreneurial abilities of the students are enhanced. This new space in Segovia, open to the entire IE community, was born with the aim of enhancing the creative talent of students with great initiatives and a strong entrepreneurial spirit “The word creativity comes from the Latin”creare”which means to generate or produce, but it is also linked to the Latin word “crescere”, that is, to grow, in this sense, at IE University we understand creativity as the personal growth of our students and as a key skill to achieve something as important as innovation”, said the director of IE Campus Life Juliana Pereira “The human being is creative, feeling the world more alive and vibrant; creativity is capable of producing something that did not exist before, but also generates original values ​​and lifestyles, and establishes unique connections between apparently disparate ideas,”said Pereira, who stressed that Creativity Day is”the most important that we celebrate in the IE creativity Center, on this occasion, more than fifteen student clubs will participate and there are more than one hundred and fifty students enrolled.”

The activities started with a debate tournament in Santa Cruz la Real Campus organized by IE University students, in which participants demonstrated their creative potential in their arguments. After, the different student clubs of IE University showcased their initiatives at the IE Creativity Center, ranging disciplines such as photography, dance, music, theater and gastronomy. In the latter case, the architecture student, painter and Vietnamese chef Xuan Hoang Do made a gastronomic delight: he built a work of culinary art over a canvas. During this exhibition and thanks to the agreement between Campus Life, Saborea Segovia and Alimentos de Segovia, attendees had the opportunity to taste hundreds of tapas made with local products by several restaurants from the city. There was also a demonstration and a tasting of local craft beer, by Cervezas Artesanas San Frutos, a Segovian company that combines creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

WORKSHOPS. Creativity Day also housed workshops and talks aimed at explaining what creative work consists of and how it is applied. Thus, IE University professor Vincent Doyle offered a practical workshop where he explained the conditions in which creativity flourishes, what distinguishes a creative project from a non creative one, and gave the keys to pull out all the interior potential that helps the generation of new ideas. For his part, Ian Ingelmo, Spanish filmmaker who has worked with Víctor Erice in several of his film projects and expert in creative writing 2.0, spoke about how mindfulness or full awareness, can be applied to the field of creation. Andrew McCarthy, an expert in innovation, design thinking and creativity offered attendees insight to what happens in the brain when we are operating creatively, according to neuroscience. He exposed the keys of divergent thinking that every entrepreneur should know. IE students also received the testimony of Cabify co-founder Vicente Pascual, who provided insight into the success of this transportation platform. The young creators of the Segovian company Baianai also shared their professional experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

Since creativity is at the core of every business idea, the day also gave IE students the opportunity to present their start-ups before a panel of recognized entrepreneurial professionals,that advised them on the feasibility of their projects. T he IE Creativity Day had, among others, the support of several Segovia companies: Olivia The Shop, Siempre en las Nubes, San Frutos, Octavo Arte, Asador Maribel, Restaurante La Postal, De Bote en Bote, Restaurante Casares, Onzas de Sabor, Mesón Restaurante La Codorniz and Juan Bravo/Fonda Ilustrada.


Super Bowl, USA Club

Written on February 5, 2019 by Campus Life in Geographic

The USA Club was happy to showcase Superbowl 53 at the Irish Rover Pub with fellow Americans and friends from all over the world. A 12:30 am game start time wasn’t enough to deter 70 attendees from enjoying the game, appetizers and drinks. Taste of America helped sponsor the event with a basket of USA snacks to gift as a prize to the winner of a fun prop bet game.


At the Public Speaking Club, we are constantly brainstorming to come up with ways to better engage our members and help them hone their public speaking skills.

On 29th January 2019, we implemented our first ever Prepared Speech Session, where we collaborated with the Technology and Innovation Club to provide technical topics for our members to present a 5-minute prepared speech. The topics covered included Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Machine learning, Internet of Things to name a few.

This session was a chance for us to evaluate our members on key aspects covered in our previous sessions, including; content, delivery and the psychological factor.
An important factor our presenters had to keep in mind was the fact our attendees were made of up of both technically savvy and non-technical people. This was a great opportunity for our members to find the middle ground of effectively communicating a technical topic and not alienating or boring their audience.

The long format initiative was a resounding success and IE Public Speaking Club look forward to implementing these sessions again in the near future. We look forward to collaborating with different clubs and tackling new topics in our bid to better our members as effective communicators.

Join us next week for our 11th Workshop on Mastering Your Personal Speech, where we will cover important topics such as; tone, speed, the pause, modulation and diction.

See you next week.

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