On April 25, the official opening of the art exhibition “D-Needs – B-Needs” took place at the Casa de la Moneda. Realized by the IE Alumni Ana Gadé Silva (Portugal, 1983), who is a scientist with experience in Economics, Pharmaceuticals and Social Entrepreneurship. She wanted to show us her conception. Ana applies science to the domain of art and, once she has fulfilled her basic needs (Maslow’s “D-Needs”), she is determined to reach the metaneeds (“B-Needs”) and to approach more closely self-actualization.

However, her grandiloquent presentation on what She meant to get to work, seek inspiration and creativity did not have a single answer. The event was also attended by the humanities professor Carmen Van Bruggen, who taught that art is not unique and closed, but has infinite interpretations and ways of valuing it. Following her, the student Gabrielle Isa was explaining why art was so important to her, how different cultures reflected when making music and how to communicate that passion that she has had since childhood. Bearing in mind what the BBA degree brings to her career as a singer.

Concluding the event, the professor and director of the Arts Club, Alberto Fernandez Hurtado, shared his experience and the meaning of art as a way of living with the help of the student Laura Ortega Pastor. Then, and from the business perpective, Professor Fernando Dameto explained to us what is behind the purchase and sale of art and its involvement in life. At the end of the event, the speakers, staff and attendees could enjoy a small cocktail while sharing their experiences and visions of meta-art.


IEU Social Impact Lab

Written on May 3, 2019 by Campus Life in IE Stories

The Social Impact Lab is part of the IEU LABs Programme and works a a social development consultancy. This year, the Lab students are helping the NGOs: Bassari and Balia to reach their goals and empower their social awareness by implementing different programs and strategies, one of them being the Social Fair, which took place last April 10. Among other activities, they organised a raffle where a number of popular brands collaborated by donating their products. Thanks to all the students and members of staff who participated, the team managed to raise over 1000 €. 


Motivation and Creativity Workshop

Written on April 25, 2019 by Campus Life in Other Activities

On Saturday 13th of April a Motivation and Creativity hands on workshop was held at IE Madrid. The workshop was conducted by Pamela Diaz, Director of Marketing of Italtel & Exprivia in Peru and Author of “Reinventa tu Creatividad”, and Camila Monguzzi, Communication and Digital Media bachelor student. The workshop was aimed at exploring your inner self and bring out the best of you through art. Each student received the book of activities of the author in order to do the dynamics. The workshop included six team and individual dynamics that were conducted to reveal intrinsic behavior and translate these into tangible paper by using colors, to get unstuck and boost your inner motivation.


Transforming Education with A.I. and new technologies

Written on April 23, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

Last week, in collaboration with the IE School of Human sciences and Technology and the IE business school, the AI club organised a visit to the WoW room of IE university. Launched in October 2016, the WoW room (Window on the World room) is a virtual classroom comprised of a 45 square meter video wall made up of 48 monitors arranged in a U-shape. This lecture theater simulates a face-to-face classroom environment, seamlessly allowing all students to interact with each other as if they were sitting in a real classroom.

The WoW Room takes IE’s commitment to technology immersion in learning environments to the next level. It provides students with a unique and highly-immersive virtual classroom experience that uses artificial intelligence, real time simulations and analytics, big data analysis, and interactive robots to provide both the students and professors (either a hologram or physically present) with a highly enriched learning experience. It can even run algorithms that recognize patterns in facial expressions to assess understanding and identify students’ emotional state and levels of attention. You can also have a look at a demo video of the WoW room by clicking on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHNlFGNrA9w .

“The great thing about a virtual classroom is that your students are already in a digital format, which means you can run algorithms that recognize patterns in facial expressions to assess understanding and identify students’ emotional state and levels of attention in your class.” Professor Martin Boehm, dean of IE .

After the visit to the WoW room, a live demo of the new VR (Virtual Reality) center was presented to our student. The VR space is a place specially put in place for the students of IE University. It is located in Maria de Molina 4, 2nd floor and can be booked online. The VR space is designed for our student to experience Virtual reality through different applications. If you are studying at IE, make sure you check this place out.

This event allowed students to visit these special and innovative places while discovering the new dimensions of future online education as well as how AI and new technologies disrupt this industry.

Thanks to IE university for providing the demo to the IE AI Club!

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Léon Junique, MScFollow
MSc in Business Analytics and Big Data



Written on April 2, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

On Wednesday, 27th March 2019; the IE AI Club hosted the Machine Learning for Fraud detection event session. Our speaker was Professor Jesus Prada an expert in Machine Learning -Sigesa and holds many credentials under his name such as Professor -IE School of Human Science & Technology, Teacher at DevAcademy, Freelance Data Scientist -Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Machine Learning Engineer, Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium and many more)

Professor Jesus Prada walked the audience through the fundamentals of Machine Learning, the importance of aspiring data scientist to be well-rounded & balance in computer science, business knowledge and Statistic and mathematics. He further presented on Data sources, Pre-processing data, Algorithm parameters, Machine Learning models analyses and Evaluation Metrics.

The audience remained engaged throughout the presentation & fascinated by such rich knowledge.

Jesus Prada further elaborated on a very important concept in Machine learning ‘Accuracy Vs Interpretability trade-off’
“In Machine Learning, the most accurate models tend to be the most complex ones, for this reason, best models are usually the less interpretable ones”

This event was indeed enriching and captivating. Stay tuned with the AI Club for our upcoming events!

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