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SpaceX plans to send Artists to the Moon!

Written on December 14, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

SpaceX’s ambition has never failed to surprise its investors, whether its coming up with landing spacecrafts or taking a Tesla Roadster to space. However as recently announced at SpaceX’s headquarters, Yusaku Maezawa, a 42-year-old Japanese retail entrepreneur and art collector, plans to pay for a ride on the Big Falcon Ship to the moon and back.

The week-long journey will be accompanied by companions that were claimed to be half a dozen of artists. His initiative is for these artists to visit the moon and come up with artworks based on what they had seen/felt. Since the few people that have been to the moon were professionals in their field and haven’t necessary shared their experience with the rest of humanity, Maezawa claims to reach humanity with something as close to us as the moon.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, claimed that the whole project will cost about $10 billion, but costs could vary since the project is predicted to happen in 2023. Press regarding the security of the expedition have been raised, however Musk has assured that the idea is crazy and that it will be difficult. Although there will be risks Musk plans to minimize these risks with unmanned expeditions and extensive testing. Hopefully in 2023 we will be able to say that we sent humans to appreciate the moon in a way that for millennia we weren’t able to do.


Space Mining and AI, a Space initiative

Written on December 14, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

The Air and Space Club had the incredible opportunity to host, accompanied by IE’s, Technology & Innovation, AI and Energy Clubs an event about Space Mining and AI. With the presence of Offworld’s Co-Founder, James Murray, which company’s envision the automation of Space mining and exploration by combining robotics with AI and launching them to space. With more than 60 registered including staff members of IE, the talk was inspirational and very futuristic giving us insights about how the industry is evolving and Offworld’s progress in doing so.

The talk itself took about one hour and half, in which was followed by catering where students and professionals were incentivized to network and discuss about Space Mining. The event left ambition in every single one of us since the market is so close from becoming reality. It was very thoroughly explained the importance of this next step into our society and that humanity must shift their point of reference referring to cleaner energy and exploration.
The event inspired the audience about “Astroperneruship” and the future of the new Space industry and it was an honor to have such a leader in the field to do the talk. We look forward to hosting similar events where topics that may seem futuristic but important are discussed about. To have IE as a name associated with the future of technology and innovation it is important that we partake these topics.


TECH TALK by IE AI Club, Robotics Club, and Air & Space Club

Written on November 27, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

On Thursday, November 23, IE AI Club, in collaboration with IE Robotics Club and IE Air & Space Club, hosted the biggest ever Tech Talk event of IE. Tech Talk was from 6pm to 8pm at Paper Pavilion and more than 80 people attended the event, including professionals and students from the IMBA, MiM and MBD programs. For more event photos, click here. For a recap on our AI panel questions written by panelist and TEDx Speaker Lolita Taub, click here.

The event started with presentations from four industry leaders: Balvinder Powar, Partner at AERDRON, Elena Baillo, CFO of IBERIA Express, Rodrigo Haya Ramos, Senior Expert in SENER, and an online presentation from Georgi Stoev, Manager at Hubble AI and EY. During the presentations, these professionals shared their insights and initiative regarding the newest technologies in their perspective industries.

The event was followed by a panel with Kiron Ravindran, Associate Dean and Professor of Information Systems at IE, Konstantina Valogianni, Assistant Professor in Information Systems in IE, and Lolita Taub, TEDx speaker and finalist of Forbes 30 under 30, current IMBA student at IE.

The very interacting panel was moderated by Betty Lu, president of IE AI Club. The panelists discussed various relevant issues regarding opportunities of AI in the future, how AI technologies will affect job availability and placement, the relevance of AI in different industries, and what skills are needed from business students to succeed in the area. Many students also shared their questions and concerns on AI technologies.

At the end of the event, students had the opportunity to network with the speakers and panelists, learn about the prospects in different industries, and share their insights regarding the topics.

IE AI Club thanks everyone who joined us on Thanksgiving Day and looks forward to see everyone again in 2018!

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