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Future Plans in 2018 for IE Automotive Club

Written on December 20, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

After an excellent year when IE Automotive Club has revved its engines with exciting activities, it is time to think forward and plan ahead for the future. We strongly believe that 2018 will be at least as fruitful as 2017 for IE Automotive Club and, to make our point, we will share with you some of the activities that we are organizing throughout next year.

PSA factory visit
We are happy to announce that a factory visit to one of the greatest automobile plants in Spain has already been scheduled for the beginning of June 2018. PSA Group is a French multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles sold under the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall brands. Stay in touch with us to find out more information about the visit as we get closer to scheduled date.

Guest speakers
As you already got used to, we will keep bringing relevant people from automotive and mobility industries here in IE. Some of the companies that are under our radar for next year are BMW, Mini, Uber, Daimler, Emov, Volvo and many others. These events are a great opportunity to expand your network in the sector and to learn more information about each company so get ready to make the most out of them by being present and asking relevant questions to our guests.

Fun activities
One of the reasons that brings us together here in IE Automotive Club is the passion for cars. That’s why we are planning some exciting activities outside of our academic environment, such as karting and drive test sessions. It’s going to be a great opportunity to network and bond with the other club members who share the same interest for automobiles.

We hope that our future activities have captured your interest in joining IE Automotive Club in the upcoming year and we are looking forward to meeting you in January when our first event of 2018 will take place.

Until then, good luck to your finals and happy holidays from IE Automotive Club team!


2017 Automotive Club for Students’ Review

Written on December 19, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

I have been always passionate about the automotive industry and as soon as I joined IE, at the beginning of the year, I was very excited to discovered that there was an Automotive Club for students. Later, I found out that the club had been suspended due to inactivity and I thought that bringing back the club together would be a great opportunity to share my common interests with other people also curious about this field and a great chance to network with industry leaders. 

While having conversations with some colleagues, I met two friends who shared the same passion as me for cars and we decided that, together, we will start the club back leveraging on our own experiences and contacts, and this is how the Automotive Club for Students begun in May 2017. Our first meeting was held at Selfie restaurant to get to know each other and those willing to be part of the club. 

Previously, I had met an IE Professor who was well connected among people in the automotive industry and was willing to collaborate with the club. Without any doubt, I can say he was a key contributor to the club all this year. With his collaboration, we managed to arrange a visit to Volvo Headquarters in Madrid, which was our second event. A group of 15 people were kindly received by Enrique Entrala, Volvo’s Network Development Manager and we discussed about the company’s vision of the future related to the vehicles distribution strategy and learned some specific company insights that helped us broaden our perspective.  Already before going into the August break we were planning to do a factory visit which was originally planned for September. After a lot of effort and talking to many people, I must mention that it was very difficult to find a company that would be willing to open their doors to a group of students, due to external reasons, they cancelled our visit and got rescheduled for June, 2018; part of our legacy for the new club coordinators and its members.

Moving forward this planning issue, in September we got in touch with EMOV’s Chief Marketing Officer, Carlos Blanco, an IE alumni, who generously accepted to present to us their view of the car sharing industry and where it is moving to in the coming years. The event was the one which had the highest participation rate, we believe this happened because the topic was more popular and trendy among students.

Finally, in November we leveraged on the fact that two of us were working in an Impact Project with Daimler – Germany. Within Daimler, their truck division and its telematics department called Fleetboard. During this month, we held two events; in the first one we discussed how they employ an entrepreneurial approach to manage their projects, something that is not common at all in such big and structured companies. The second topic was about working in Daimler across multiple geographies and job functions. In both of them, students were very committed and engaged to the topics discussed. 

Concluding, it was a wonderful year at IE Business School where we worked as a team doing what we liked the most, that is being strongly involved in automotive events where we were able to know many interesting people. We hope this help the coming coordinators to leverage in our positive experiences and to promote the Automotive Club for students. 


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