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IE Badminton Club update

Written on June 17, 2014 by Campus Life in Sports

IE Badminton club is helping members and newcomers come and enjoy playing badminton each weekend. The membership has been steadily growing and we are 235 members strong now on Facebook. We have created this club by indulging in daily activities which are centered around badminton. We meet weekly on a Saturday or Sunday to have regular practice sessions which help students come out from their stressful and tight schedules and enjoy some sporting action which rejuvenates them for the coming week and more MBA stress. The activities revolve around singles and doubles games which are played for 2 hrs which help players practice and improve their skills and also build their stamina. By indulging in regular practice sessions we have been able to build a strong bench strength of badminton players who can represent IE at badminton tournaments and bring laurels to this esteemed institution. True to our motto of giving a right environment and place for students to play sports, we are encouraging IE students to take up sports and also live in a healthy and stress free way. We look forward to continuing this tradition by encouraging and enrolling more and more new IE students and giving them some awesome sporting experiences over the weekends so that this too makes their year in Madrid eventful and memorable.

IE Badminton Club


MBAT 2014

Written on May 25, 2014 by Campus Life in Sports

We went ahead this year for participating in MBAT 2014 with lots of fanfare and preparation. IE Badminton club is absolutely proud of our team!!! We started off with an amazing and entertaining match against LBS 1, definitely by far the strongest team on the entire competition…

We started with the men’s doubles, where Prashant Kumar and I made a fantastic Job and beat them on the first match! 1-0…Then I assumed the responsibility for the men’s singles… Even though I’m not a singles guy, and having the complete support of our IE’s cheerleaders, I lost that game 21-17 with an amazing opponent from Hong Kong… I swear I gave my best guys, still sad to disappoint you but after the match I was overwhelmed by your support and from other schools about my game and our effort, so I ended really happy for playing an awesome match that everyone in the colyseum enjoyed watching, the entire place was watching the game and it was an amazing experience. We added Hidemi to our team so she could give us a hand on the women’s singles, however she faced the most hard girl’s opponent in the entire competition and she lost, but words aren’t enough to thank her for her support and her awesome performance through the entire competition!!! Then we had the nicest girls Yuvika and Mallory just made a superb match for the women’s doubles and totally kicked their asses on the doubles match!! Making the match tied up 2-2 and a definition pending to see which was the best team of the entire competition (really sad that both teams were against on quarterfinals, we were all recognized by other competitors as the strongest team, but HEC odd rules made that happen and somehow made them benefit…)

A thrilling definition, with an absolutely amazing performance by Yuvika and Prashant…we have analyzed the match several times, there was nothing to change, they just weren’t so lucky in a game that was applauded by LBS members themselves..We lost 3-2 in a game that we all know it was the real final (people from LBS, Manchester, ESADE, and other schools have approached to me to tell us that we were the strongest one!)…we made an awesome bonding with LBS players, they complained also to the organization that the rules made them go against the strongest team (us) when it should have been the final…but IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE! I’m totally proud to have been the captain of absolute fighters! I love you guys, you completely made me proud today for what we have accomplished in just a few months, you are awesome…Let’s not forget Thorsten , he also played an amazing role in the games he played! We sadly didn’t have him for the quarterfinals but his commitment and effort in other stages was admirable…We wish to thank each and every member of the badminton team and all the supporters present for their dedication and efforts. It was a wonderful tournament.

IE Badminton Club


Intra IE Badminton Tournament

Written on July 16, 2013 by Campus Life in Sports

SONY DSCLast week on 7th July, 2013 IE Badminton Club organized an Intra IE Badminton Tournament which brought a pleasant change in the packed schedule of the students in the various programmes in IE. The tournament was also open for the staff and faculty members to participate. The Badminton tournament was organized in two categories of Men’s Singles and Doubles events. The tournament saw many exciting matches with breathtaking badminton being displayed by few of the talented players. The events was held on a Sunday at our common practice courts at c/ Pradillo, 33. The results of the tournament are:

SONY DSCIn Singles category the winner was Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya (IMBA 2013 April) and the runner-up – Konstantin Sukhobaevskiy (IMBA 2012 November).

In Doubles category the winners were Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya & Nishant Agarwal (IMBA 2013 April) and the runner-ups – Nikita Matunov (IMBA 2012 November) & Denis Borzunov (IMBA 2012 November)

SONY DSCThe endeavor of the tournament was to involve as many students from the IE community so that students start taking a keen interest in Sports and get to play the wonderful game of Badminton. IE badminton club tries to organize such events as often as possible to give the students a pleasant change from the packed schedule.

In conclusion, IE Badminton Club seeks to reach out to more players and badminton enthusiasts and desires to involve them in more fun filled events in the near future. Students interested in knowing more about the upcoming events and various activities of the club can reach us by email or Facebook.

IE Badminton Club


Interview with a Club: IE Badminton Club

Written on June 24, 2013 by Campus Life in Sports

Who are we?

Badm2IE Badminton Club is a unique place for unique people. Badminton helps not only to switch our focus from studies to networking and physical activity, but also to generate or advance skills. We believe that this sport develops both attention focus and strength. From managerial point of view, badminton teaches us how to take risks and what are the consequences of our actions. In addition, we as players develop several skills that are essential in our personal and professional lives, some of them are: goal-orientation, time-management, effective usage of resources and team-work. It is not a club for badminton professionals, IE Badminton Club is for everybody!

Current Coordinators

Current coordinators are Konstantin Sukhobaevskiy and Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya.

KonstantinKonstantin Sukhobaevskiy is an IMBA student from November 2012 intake. Although badminton is not popular sport in his home country, he is a real enthusiast of this sport. He was the captain of IE Badminton teams for IESE 2013 and MBAT 2013 tournaments. Konstantin has 7 years of work experience in financial field of manufacturing companies. He held different financial positions in world-leading chemical, steel manufacturing and electricity generating companies.


SabySabyasachi (Saby) Bhattacharyya is an IMBA Student from April 2013 intake. He has been enthusiastic badminton player since his school and has represented his college and previous organizations in many Badminton tournaments. He has won Silver medal in Men’s Singles in the just concluded IESE 2013 Games. Saby is a Six Sigma Green belt certified professional with 7 years of diversified global work experience in leading and managing multi million dollar technology intensive Industrial Automation projects for Fortune500 clients.


Badm1Club Activities

IE Badminton Club organizes weekly games. We play every Sunday afternoon. The popularity of the club is high, the maximum number of people who came to play simultaneously was 28 players.

IE Badminton Club participates in IESE Spring Games tournament and MBAT.

Badm3Of course, we organize internal tournaments throughout the length of the year. At the moment are happy to announce the first Intra IE Badminton tournament!

Our Vision

We are planning to maintain our level of activities and invite more and more people. In addition, we are considering the collaboration with other clubs for organizing joint events such as seminars, discussions and invitation of guest speakers from sports industry.

Get in touch and participate!

The main source for the information is our Facebook page. You can also contact us via email.


Intra IE Badminton Tournament

Written on June 21, 2013 by Campus Life in Sports

Badminton1IE Badminton Club is planning to organize an Intra IE Badminton Tournament among all the programmes, partners, faculty and staff. The tournament will be held in the following categories:

  1. Men’s Singles
  2. Men’s Doubles
  3. Women’s Singles
  4. Women’s Doubles
  5. Mixed Doubles

Badminton2The tournament will be held in July and will give everyone of us an opportunity to come out of our busy schedule and enjoy some thrilling moments of sporting action. Please send us your nominations HERE for registering your names for this exciting event. Please indicate the category you are willing to participate. For doubles categories, please indicate your partner’s name.

Hurry up! Nominate yourself as soon as possible!

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