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Written on July 11, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

During the first quarter of 2018, the IE Big Data club organised a series of events targeted at educating IE students in Data Visualisation tools and techniques. The workshops were of different levels of difficulty, in order to ensure that all IE students could attend at least one workshop and feel like they learned something new…. Read More

The main focus was on Tableau, as we had one, well-visited, workshop for absolute beginners. It was held by a Tableau professional who provided the basics of importing, preparing and visualising your data. We also held a Tableau workshop with a more advanced focus for students with experience.

There are many different types of data visualisation tools today, so in order to give a more balanced view of the different option, we also organised introductory workshops of tools Qlik and Carto which are both interesting tools for Data Visualisation.

Stay tuned for more events during term 3!



Written on July 11, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

We are now a few days past the TechIE conference and it is time to reflect on this first edition. TechIE aims to become the flagship event of the IE Business School, helping students and alumni uncover how tech drives the future of business.

This years’ topics covered Big Data, IoT, Fintech, Quantum Computing and Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. A few statistics: 7 speakers – +130 attendees – 6 hours of conferences and networking Co-organized by different tech clubs of IE, the event held its promise of sharing knowledge on the latest technological trends. The day started off with Juan de la Pena Gayo, expert in IoT and Data services at Microsoft, who spoke about the latest trends in IoT and Industry 4.0 talking about the different uses of data one could have. His talk on how products such as HoloLens could bring change to the industry was very interesting.

Carlos Kuchkovsky, CTO of new digital business at BBVA then came on stage to talk about the concepts of digitalization and blockchain in the banking sector. Addressing topics such as Tokenomics and the AI Revolution. Matthew Gladstone, country brand ambassador of Revolut then took the change to discuss the roadmap of the company as well as the different steps the company went through to become the first digital bank unicorn. Javier Abadia, lead developer at StyleSage gave a talk on how the Fashion Industry was in the process of embracing the latest technologies. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Javier took us through the StyleSage product and its different features which help brands uncover new trends by crunching through large amounts of data.

Our final guest speaker on stage before our panel was Juan Gomez, Senior Software Engineer at IBM Quantum Computing. Juan gave a presentation on the emergence of Quantum Computing and demystifying the different uses businesses could try to implement in the future. On discussing the potential revolutionary uses Quantum Computing could have, Juan invited us to explore the world of quantum computing by experimenting with a quantum computer online.

Finally, the conference ended on a panel discussing the Future of Banking. Moderated by Jose Esteves, IE Business School Professor, Carlos Kuchkovsky and Matthew Gladstone were joined on stage by Alfonso Sainz de Baranda, Chief Growth Officer at Bnext and Salvador Casquero, co-founder of 2gether. The members of the panel gave their opinion on the recent regulations (GDPR, PSD2), the status of challenger banks and traditional banks. After discussing whether or not the industry would consolidate, the speakers shared their thoughts on the next technological innovations in the field of banking and how students should prepare for these.

The conference ended on a more relaxed note with a cocktail, giving attendees the opportunity to network and meet with the speakers.

All in all, this was a very positive first edition and we can’t wait to get back to work on the second edition! Thank you all for having made this TechIE conference a success!


Data Disrupt

Written on July 27, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

On February 25th, IE Big Data Club in partnership with the Healthcare Club hosted its 3rd Data Disrupt (#iedatadisrupt). This year’s version presented how companies in both Fin Tech and Healthcare were disrupting their industries through data. It was a full day event where the first half was dedicated to Fin Tech and the second half to Healthcare, paving way to one keynote speech and one panel for each. There was also plenty of networking opportunities.

The event started of the best way possible with opening remarks from our very own Juan Jose Casado, Academic Director of the Masters in Business Analytics and Big Data, and Data & Analytics Corporate Director at Sanitas. Juanjo, as we dearly call him, stated how happy he was that the event had two focuses. During his professional career, he has worked in both sectors. He was eager to listen how both industries were disrupted. He spoke about the importance of how humanity is on the verge of seeing the impact of data analytics in our lives. “If we are able to put together all the data financial, genomics, life, all your data, we will have the tools on how the world really works.” He expanded by telling how he talked to Jose Luis Cordero — from the Singularity University who expressed to him how lucky we all are, that human beings are going to be the only generation to live the impact of exponential technologies in healthcare.

The Fin Tech section kicked off the event with a presentation from Juan Manuel Koury — Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young. Mr. Koury spoke about the added value of new technologies. “Because of regulations, banks aren’t able to bring new technologies into the market.” He continued to make his case on how Fin Tech companies are helping the financial industry in its evolution. Because of this he showed Ernst and Young plan to consult big financial corporations through a real time platform that observes the Fin Tech companies throughout the world.

The FinTech panel followed with the journey towards tech-based innovation, data-driven decision making and implementing a data-centric culture is complex, especially in the highly regulated financial sector. The panel was insightful, inspiring , exciting and eye opening altogether. They all exposed how technologies like, blockchain is revolutionizing the transactions and regulations. In fact blockchain took a great part of the conversation. Also, talked about where the opportunities lie, which presented a spectrum of choices like payments, blockchain and being faster than banks. Moderated by Luis Maldonado, Founding Partner at DigitalTakerts, Professor Economic Environment & Finance at IE Business School, this panel explored how their companies are disrupting the financial industry through big data. The participants were:

Luis Perez Ureña — CEO & Founder of Finn Ventures:
•Concentrated on the opportunities of Fin Tech in the Financial sector
•“Banks are not really transforming. The basically put the service to digital channels but they do not change to the new customer needs.”
•“data is the petrol of the financial industry”
•Banks should standardize their API’s to help Fin Tech companies develop products and services

Andres Varela da Costa — Business Development & Entrepreneurship Instigator, SEQR:
•One of the segments with more opportunities to be disrupted in the financial industry is payments, specially peer to peer.
•What is the new generation of users are asking for? Disruption will come from user experience
•“Banks can become aggregators of the blockchain disruption…The blockchain revolution is comparable to the invention of the internet…Blockchain will be the internet of value.”

Munya Guisa — CEO & Co-Founder of Pich Technologies:
•Gets payments data from banking APIs and works together with lenders to take decisions really fast. He thinks that in the long run many decisions will be taken based on data and automatically
•his company gathers data with user authorization rather than asking banks for the data.

Jorge Ordovas — Co-Founder — NevTrace, Blockchain Lab and Digital Transformation at Telefonica.
•“We are living the most interesting moment regarding Fin Tech”
•Nonetheless, it is still a hard moment for the blockchain sector, because people are not transacting digitally.

After a networking/lunch session, the Healthcare part of the Disrupt started with a presentation from IBM Madrid”s Javier González who introduced us to Watson the supercomputer with artificial intelligence and shared a use case on how cognitive computing is helping the Healthcare industry. He also presented how Watson is helping researchers through Big Data and AI to discover new solutions for drugs.

It was followed by the healthcare panel moderated by Joe Haslam — Angel Investor and Associate Professor at IE Business School. Healthcare is one of the highly disrupted industries, in recent years, through big data. Technologies like Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are transforming people’s lives. The discussion was based on use cases in healthcare and how big data has contributed in disrupting this industry.The participants were:

Felipe Calderero — Value Proposition Manager at ATAM (Telefónica Group)
•Stated that because technology will continue to pave the way, we humans will need to change our mentality.
•We now live in a disease management system, so disease prevention technologies will be disrupting the industry the most. Since big healthcare companies like pharma enterprises take time to adapt, will be the Startups the ones that can bring disruption.

Jose Juan Moratilla — Business Line Manager Digital Health Services at Siemens Healthineers
•Right now Siemens does prescriptive analysis on radiographies.
•They currently have more developers than Microsoft
•Privacy is one of the biggest issues in Healthcare!
•Healthcare is one of the best sectors for employments because of the vast amount of data that can be analyzed and the people you can help.
•Thinks industry disruption will be on the population health management

The event continued over cocktail and networking section, where the participants had the opportunity to interact with the panelists, keynote speakers and among each other. Overall, the event was a success with a full house. Looking forward to see which industries will be noticeably disrupted next year.

The Big Data club will have two more flagship events this year, apart from other smaller ones. Smart Cities and IoT event will be on the 20th of May and the Data Dive will be on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Stay tuned for further announcements. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook: IE Big Data Club; and Twiiter: IEBigData

Last but not least, we would like to extend our gratitude towards Campus Life and IE Careers, for helping us make this event happen.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

IE Big Data Club


Marketing Day “Sweet Data”

Written on June 28, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

MKT Day 1On June, 2016, the Marketing Club, joined efforts with Big Data Club, to raise the bar of the Marketing Day event, calling it “Sweet Data”: The charms and challenges of data driven marketing; in order to answer, how companies adjust their global strategy to their local markets? And how to obtain the greatest value from data? These questions were solve through a series of discussion panels and one mystery speaker.MKT Day 2

The first panel was formed by Armen Avakin from Garrison Group; Ignacio Entrena, Johnson & Johnson; Rosa Piorno, P&G and Diego San Roman, Microsoft in which agreed, data is not only about understanding the customer with their environment, but is crucial for having an advantage in  a competitive market. In words of San Roman, “you do not win, until you sell.”


The second panel gave insights for extracting the best value from the information. It was integrated by Marc Lladó from Ad-Pure; Luis Martín, Barrabes; Cesar Moreno, Blue Insights and Cristina Rojo, Nielsen. The discussion entered the audience in a journey from cluster formation analysis to automatize data analytics, positioning the person has the main source of data. As Cristina Rojo explains it, “the process always begins adopting the perspective of the customer, learning to adapt by becoming smarter.”

MKT Day Team 1


The event ended reveling the mystery speaker. His name is James Burton, Director of Possibilities from HeroX, Silicon Valley. The company was co-founded by XPRIZE founder, Peter Diamandis as a platform to incentivize challenges around the world for creating new solutions.


IE Datathon- 24h Challenge into Online Learning

Written on June 8, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

24 hours, 35 students, 8 mentors & judges, together on a Friday & Saturday!

3rd and 4th of June embarked another great event at IE Business School by the IE Big Data Club and Inter-American Development Bank: IE Datathon – 24h Challenge.


The key objectives for the first IE Datathon was to firstly, help the Inter-American Development Bank to study the consistency of their online courses and propose recommendations. Secondly, to provide a real-life challenge to Data fans at the Instituto de Empresa in order for them to test their abilities and understand how to work with large organisations and provide value by analyzing data.

 Data Dive

“What I saw at IE Datathon is what happens when you put so much talent and motivation together; the quality and amount of insights that people got in less than 24 hours was outstanding.  

I can’t wait to see what these guys will do in a few months once they finish their master, any company looking for talent in the data field should meet them immediately!”

Juan Cañada, IE Datathon Jury member


About 35 students from several IE programs participated in this challenge. The participants used tools such as Python, R, Tableau and many more to search for potential patterns and deliver a data story with business insights and recommendations to IDB from the dataset provided.

Five mentors were on hand throughout the day to help teams with any doubts they had in regards to the data access, analysis, visualization or business recommendations.

Weekend Datathon 1st prize was won by the team Datavores. Judges were impressed with the quality of insights and recommendations provided. The 2nd prize was won by the team Money Makers. Congratulations to both teams!!!

Data Dive 2

“I had never participated in a datathon and Datathon was a great first experience! It was very enriching to share with my team mates different ways of thinking and working, I learned a lot from them. I also got to meet people from other Masters and from outside IE who are interested in Big Data.”

Yamile Harfush, Datavores, Business Analytics & Big Data


The competition however is not yet over! Today, all teams have submitted their documentations and further analysis to the Inter-American Development Bank. The Grand Prize Award – 3 people to Washington, D.C, will be announced on Tuesday, the 14th.. Stay Tuned! ☺

We’d like to thank all the students, mentors and judges who participated in the first IE Datathon event. We really enjoyed and learned from the day and hope you did as well! A big thanks to our partner, the Inter-American Development Bank, who provided this incredibly good challenge to IE. Also, a sincere gratitude towards Campus Life for aiding the club with all the necessary support.

We’ll be coming back bigger and better next year! Stay tuned! Until then, happy crunching from all of us in the Big Data Club!

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