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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims around the world fast from dusk to dawn.

You may wonder why exactly we fast. We do it as an act of worship to Allah and as a way to feel compassion towards those in need. It is one thing to think about the less fortunate, but it is completely different to actually walk in their shoes. Ramadan teaches you patience, gratitude and restraint. It empowers you. If you can go the whole day without eating anything or drinking even a sip of water, is there really something you cannot do?

However, it’s not purely a physical challenge. Besides not being able to eat your morning croissant or drink your iced latte, your mind must undergo a fast of its own too. It’s a time for spiritual reflection and a chance to become more introspective. To think about your personal growth, your relationship with those around you and what you can do for your community.

On that note, my good friend Yasmin Ftes had the idea to bring the Ramadan experience to our IE family. So, myself, Yasmin and Ghalia Lahlou decided to combine two Ramadan traditions into one: Iftar, the meal upon which our day of fasting comes to an end, and giving to charity. Since charity encompasses a big part of this holy month, we thought it would be only right for it to play an equally big role in our event. Therefore, we collaborated with the NGO, Madrid for Refugees.

Hence, we set about organising a unique Ramadan night filled to the brim with food, music, games and an incredible mix of cultures and wonderful people. Seeing as food is the most important component of any Iftar, we tried to find restaurants that would like to sponsor the event. After many hours spent roaming the streets of Madrid, we partnered up with Makan, Du Liban, Solidere, Shukran City and Sham Pastelería. The food was an absolute hit and possibly everyone’s favourite part!

All in all, the event was without a doubt, a complete success. The spectacular blend of people, the plates wiped clean, Fairuz playing in the background over the chatter of people playing cards all resulted in one thing: an unforgettable night.

The Ramadan Committee would like to give a special thanks to Campus Life, Ahmad Ghalwash and Eduardo Brandi from the Charity Club, without whom this event would not have been possible. And thank you to our IE community for helping us raise a grand total of 1200€, all of which will be directly headed to help the refugees of our city.

Hope to see you next year!

By Uswa Ashraf Abduljawad


The Bright Side of the Moon

Written on December 20, 2018 by Campus Life in IE Stories, Social

On Wednesday 12th, the IE Charity Club held their first solo event: the first of a speaker series, this time on the topic of Mental Health. With the wrap up of November and the work we did with the Movember Foundation, which raises awareness for men’s mental health, as well as testicular and prostate cancer, it felt like the most natural next step would be to build on Mental Health. This was also a topic that the IE community was interested in working on and hearing about, via a Charity Club survey.

We were pleased to have a speaker and founder of iFeel, an online interactive therapy service that links patients and professionals, as well as a psychologist who is pursuing her masters degree in eating disorders. In addition, we were honored to welcome two IE students who spoke about their experience with mental disorders, OCD and depression.

The combination of the professional and personal points of view lead to some great discussions and we believe it’s a good first step to #BreakTheStigma.

Learn more about iFeel via their website



Written on December 17, 2018 by Campus Life in Social, Sports

During the week leading up to World Down syndrome day (March 21st), the IE Rugby team will be having several bake sales and other fundraising actions to raise money for the Talita Foundation that works here in Madrid to integrate children with learning disabilities into the educational system.

We hope to rally many willing chefs and salespeople to make this operation as successful as can be. Please get in touch with the IE Rugby coordinators if you are interested in being involved!

Remember, awesomeness is stored in the 21st Chromosome.

Article by Stanislas Prehu IE


IE Men’s Rugby did Mo’vember

Written on December 14, 2018 by Campus Life in Social, Sports

To open a series of events organized by the IE Rugby team in tandem with the Charity club and the Student Leadership Team to raise profits and awareness towards the Movember Foundation, IE hosted an exhibition match facing off with London Business School. The match was only the catalyst for a wonderful weekend filled with social gatherings, networking events and school spirit.
For those who are unaware, the Movember foundation strives to increase support and reduce stigma surrounding men’s mental health issues, as well as increase awareness for male-specific illnesses (namely testicular and prostate cancers). The IE rugby team takes men’s health very seriously, and we greatly appreciate all the collective efforts made both on and off campus to raise awareness for this great cause.
The weekend of festivities saw the two teams come together following the match and proceed in a traditional “Tercer Tiempo” where songs were sang and friends were made. The IE rugby team then hosted a Movember event at Boom Room where all the proceeds went directly to the Movember Foundation. In total all our efforts raised over 2000 euros for the foundation.
I would like to take a moment to thank all the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for their donations! Additionally, I would like to thank the various coordinators and the LBS Rugby team for making this weekend such a success.


Charity Club #IECares

Written on July 20, 2018 by Campus Life in Social

What a year! Together we have raised funds and awareness for different causes impacting people from all walks of life, all around the world!

Thank you, IE!

Because of you – we have raised awareness and funds for men’s health through the Movember Foundation, we have donated blood to those in need through the Red Cross, and we provided school supplies to children in Puerto Rico!

Because of you – we have raised funds to keep the Charity Club going, we supported projects that focus on womens’ development in India, and we have raised over £4000 to help build homes in Peru!

To end the year, together we have organized the biggest clothing drive yet, giving back to the city we now all call home!

Thank you for this wonderful year, everyone! Together we have touched the lives of people from all walks of life, all around the world… A true reflection of IE and what it stands for.

#ThisIsIE #IEcares #IECharityClub

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