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Personal Branding and Elevator Pitch by The Bold Choice

Written on November 21, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

In Collaboration with three other clubs (IE Marketing Club, IE Communications Club, and IE Public Speaking Club), IE Entrepreneurship Club co-hosted Jane Rodríguez del Tronco who is an Executive and Team Coach, Personal Brand Expert, CEO of The Bold Choice, and Associate Professor at IE Business School. Jane offered a session on Personal Branding and Elevator Pitch for Entrepreneurs to 80 students.

Entrepreneurs need a personal brand because they are constantly in contact with investors and potential business partners with whom they need to build trustworthy relationships.

In her presentation, Mrs. Rodriguez mentioned that the main purpose of building our personal brand should be to show others what is special about us, what is the value we can offer to the world. Our personal brand is what people say about us when we are not in the same room and it has a lasting power.

Mrs. Rodriguez also highlighted the importance of having a good elevator pitch in order to succeed in our careers. When building our elevator pitch, we have to think about what makes us different and what are the solution/s we can provide to others. She said that sometimes we work a lot in our true selves but we forget to make us visible because we expect others to make us visible. Therefore, we need to work on our elevator pitch as this is a great opportunity to show our value and sell ourselves or our business ideas.

Finally, Mrs. Rodriguez added that networking is fundamental in our careers, but what is more important is how we work with our net.

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Blog post by Andrea Labiste, President of IE Entrepreneurship Club.


The IE communication club has always seeked to explore the realm of communication in the media for brands and organizations. Every year, the club hosts series of events that spans from workshops to speaker panels. The aim for the communication club is to provide IE community the opportunity to learn from the top industry professionals who have expertise in the field of communication which can be brand management, marketing, PR etc. As time passes and the current batch of students graduate, the club’s members need to pass up the mantle to the incoming batch. The IE communication club will soon be welcoming new students and is excited about its future.

In terms of the line up of events, the IE communication club is looking forward to hosting and organizing events that interest students who are interested in the media and communications sector. The club will continue to bring experts from established companies in the market for these events to hold speaker sessions. Sharing their experience about the industry and insights about the environment, these professionals will have a lot to offer. This will also provide students the opportunity to network with the industry experts. The IE experience is also about the network one builds and these events offer the chance for the same.

In addition to the regular events, the IE communication day is a peculiar day for the club as it brings experts from a wide range of companies with diverse backgrounds within the communication field on the same day. The club also plans to jointly organize debates, case competitions and other interactive sessions in collaboration with other IE clubs to diversify its offerings for the IE community. The alumni panels are also what the students like to see as it gives them the chance to meet with past students and know more about their IE experience and how they benefited and moved into the business world. As always, the IE communication club looks forward to working with support systems such as Campus Life and Careers and Talent to assure the best quality for the audience.


IE Communications day

Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

IE Communications day is the prime event organised by the IE Communications Club. An annual flagship event hosted by the club, the event involves the gathering of students, professors, alumni, panellists and all those interested in the field of communications. This year, the event saw participation from various schools of IE and students across various courses such as IMBA, MRCB, MCMC participated. The speakers in this years’s edition were professionals from multinational companies across several industries such as technology, FMCG, and retail. Companies that participated in the event were Amadeus, Aristrocrazy, Diageo, LG, Mars, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, and Newlink.

The event focused on important themes such as communications in the retail world, best communication practices in the different industries, internal communications, and experiential marketing to name a few. Some of the topics that were very interesting were the intersection of AI and Big Data with communication and how the growing technology is changing the scope and methods of traditional communications. The audience also indulged in discussions about the evolution of communication practices from the last part of the 20th century to the first few years of the 21st century and the time now. Some insights from the discussion are on the lines of extensive reliance on technology and the blurring lines between the physical and digital experience. The speakers also touched on customer experience and its key in unlocking the world of experiential marketing communications.

The event came to an end with the alumni from various companies such as Asseco, Nielsen, Accelerate Lebanon, and Edelman. It wouldn’t have been a success without the constant support and help provided by professors, Campus Life team, Talent and Careers, and the coffee sponsor Lots Coffee. The club is all set to welcome the new students of the IE Community in September. Until then, adios and best wishes.


Communication Day

Written on June 15, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

June 7th, 2017, Madrid – The IE Communication Club had the pleasure of hosting the annual Communication Day in the Paper Pavilion under the theme “Experience the power of Communication”.

The Communication Day is a unique opportunity to share ideas, learn from experts, build an exceptional network and enjoy the possibilities that the field of communication has to offer.

This year a variety of leading professionals from different industries were invited to share their insights and expertise. Our first speaker was, Carmen Juan-Aracil, the former Marketing Director of Porsche Iberica. She talked about the importance of creating a successful customer experience at Porsche. The second speaker was Cristina Vicedo, General Manager at FutureBrand Spain as well as Professor at IE. She talked about crafting brand strategies and identities whilst sharing in-depth examples from her professional life. Inés Arnal, Marketing Manager of Heineken was third and shared her insights about working for a global FMCG. She shed a light on the current challenge Heineken is facing with the launch of its line extension “Heineken 0.0” and how they are tackling this challenge from a communication perspective. After this presentation, Isabel Eva Bohrer, one of the directors and founders of ROOSTERGNN, described how to create content for the web and shared her insights on how to differentiate yourself in the saturated field of digital communication and journalism.

The last event on the agenda was an interactive panel moderated by Laura Illia with IE alumni graduates from different HST programs. They shared their life and work experiences after graduating from IE. The participants of the panel were Marta González Pérez, Rosario Garcia Company, Monica Vicente, Keunwoo Kim and Sandra Zobel de Ayala. After graduation, they found jobs in the following companies: L’Oréal, Schweppes Suntory, Fjord, Llorente y Cuenca and Ogilvy.

The IE Communication Day ended with a networking cocktail on the lawn of the paper pavilion,  where visitors enjoyed cheeses sponsored by Martin Afinador and beers provided by Heineken while talking to the amazing speakers of the day and discussing their learnings from the afternoon.

The Communication Day was organised in cooperation with Campus Life and IE Talent & Careers. Overall, the IE Communication Day of 2017 has been very successful with a total of 90 visitors, 4 keynote speakers, 2 IE professors, 5-panel members. In total, 9 companies were present.

We want to thank everyone who made this year´s Communication Day an unforgettable experience!


Crisis Communication & Management

Written on March 27, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

On Tuesday 21st of March 2017, the Communications Club had the immense please of hosting Arturo Pinedo, Partner and Managing Director of Llorente & Cuenca – expert in the field of Crisis Communication, to share his experiences and learnings.

Students and alumni from different programs at IE were treated to an informative talk and multimedia presentation held in Maria Molina 2, where they learned about the many ways and common mistakes that are often made when dealing with large scale crises in the corporate world. Mr. Pinedo examined and explained the many success and failures that have resulted in some of the world largest companies. Furthermore, he described the long term effects from these crises.

Mr. Pinedo talked about companies such as, BP, Lehman Brothers, Enron, and Samsung as well as the common and often obvious mistakes that were made when dealing with the crises these companies went through. 

A lively debate followed the presentation which carried on to a cocktail reception, where the audience was able to mingle and discuss their learnings.

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