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IE Consulting Club with Christian Cella

Written on March 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

The IE Consulting Club had the honour of hosting Christian Cella, VP of Strategy & Market Development for Emerging Markets at Wolters Kluwer. He conducted a very interactive crack-the-case event with the attendees on a real-life company example. We would like to thank him again for his time and insights on the company and strategy-related careers. The event was a success with more than 100 registered people. This would have not been possible without Ramita Vig, former IMBA and MscBD graduate; Juan Oyarzabal Lodge, BEATRIZ GARCIA-BERNALT from IE Business School; and to the rest of the coordinators: Cem Özmen, Syna Fischer and Alvaro Rueda Arellano.

Thank you all!



Written on December 14, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

The IE Consulting Club is extremely happy about the interest and participation on campus in the past semester. We are excited to announce that we will be continuing regular case cracking sessions after the break, and diversify our portfolio of events even further.

Case Cracking Wednesdays
The Consulting Club meets weekly for its “Case Cracking” session, in which we cover the basics of management consulting cases, walk you through a group case, facilitate individual case cracking or host guest speakers from the industry. We witnessed an increase in the participation rate throughout the year, and expect regular participation of those who might be preparing for consulting interviews in the upcoming semester.

Extended Membership
We are working hard to increase diverse participation in our activities, and proud to note that already many students from the IMBA, MIF, MIM, MIAF and Masters in Big Data are joining us. We plan to extend membership to IE University students by organizing joint activities and combining powers to host bigger and more inclusive events.

Company partnerships
We are looking forward to constructive long-term collaborations with firms from the industry, via co-hosting events and inviting more speakers to inform our members about the job functions and tips on a good application.

Please make sure you follow us on CampusGroups and join our Facebook page! There is nothing worse than signing up late and ending on a waiting list for an event you really want to attend. We will continue hosting representatives from renowned consulting firms and will increase our on-campus presence by giving you the chance to show what you have learnt during our case cracking sessions.

Our main aim always is to build a sustainable bridge between IE students and consulting firms, by devoting as much resources as possible to get you ready for that case interview you were waiting for!




Consulting Club – Case Cracking Sessions

Written on December 13, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

Oliver Wyman, Leticia Rubira, Senior Consultant

Reflecting on second half of 2017

Second half of 2017 saw a few changes to how the IE Consulting Club ran events with success in terms of number of attendees and public profile.

The changes were:
– Holding the weekly sessions on Wednesday evenings,
– Inviting more outside speakers, and
– Organising one-on-one case cracking sessions.

Case cracking Wednesdays

Infosys Ltd, Vijay Warrier, Principal Consultant

Moving the Club’s weekly meetings to Wednesday evenings proved to be attractive to members. Attendance rates shot up 4 to 5 times than previously. The Club also noticed a significant increase in attendances from MIM, MBD, MIAF, and students from the bachelor programme.

The Club welcomes all students and alumni to join the weekly sessions. The diversity in experience and background of students from various programme adds to the quality of discussion and learning.

Increasing visibility with consultancy firms

The-Cocktail, Gonzalo Valdes, Consultant

The Club also hosted four practitioners from the industry to explain their work, recruitment process, and answer members’ questions. The Club would like to re-iterate gratitude for their time and advice.

– Infosys Ltd, Vijay Warrier, Principal Consultant
– IBM, German Sanchez Couso, Consulant
– Oliver Wyman, Leticia Rubira, Senior Consultant
– The-Cocktail, Gonzalo Valdes, Consultant

One-on-one case cracking sessions

Practicing cases are important ahead of interviews, and one-on-one sessions provided members an opportunity to do so. Even though many members found this challenging given their low awareness of the approaches and methods in the beginning, significant improvement in members’ skills were noticeable towards later on the semester.

In 2018, the IE Consulting Club looks forward to continue growing and support our members’ skills development which are required to succeed as consultants.


Practice your way to success

Written on May 26, 2015 by Campus Life in Professional

The consulting industry is one of the most sought after by business school students around the world. As a result its highly competitive and an entry to a top firm is an uphill task, seemingly impossible to achieve.

However if we were to look deeper and study the pattern of students’ success and failure in consulting companies interviews, a very striking point comes out. A large number of candidates usually secure themselves an interview with some good firm, however a vast majority of them fail to make it through not because of any missing credentials but because they are unable to perform good in interviews.

So the question arises, as to what is so difficult about these interviews? And is there a way to learn how to ace these interviews? Quite surprisingly the answer is not as difficult as we might think. Rather the recipe for success is out there already; but we fail to embrace it because it requires effort, dedication and commitment. That secret weapon that all the successful candidates use to defeat the rest is that they have practiced case interviews; and not a few but by the dozens. Yes, that’s the key to break the barrier. All consulting companies always use case interviews to evaluate the candidates. And there is only one way to crack that: practice, practice and more practice.

In many good business schools around the world, there are established fora to facilitate students in this direction and their students make the most of it, ultimately successfully landing choice jobs at top names in the industry. The IE Business School Consulting Club has taken an initiative in this direction to provide platform to our members for practicing cases with peers. We run regular workshops every few months wherein a master class is provided by experts in the field to impart know how on how to go about solving the case interviews. Afterwards, to facilitate members, weekly session is organized every Sunday at noon in MM31, wherein members holding different levels of expertise and experience in case interviews come together to work together and improve their skills. This leads to formation of sub-groups among students who want to practice further in their own time and thus excel in it.

We invite all the IE students who are interested in the promising and rewarding Consulting career to come and join us in our weekly sessions. You will learn more about how you can help yourself and others by speaking to other students who have been part of this group longer. Do remember though, getting a job in a high repute consulting firm is quite simple and easy; you just have to give it time and start prepare for that interview at the end of the year, right from the start of the program.


IE Consulting Club: McKinsey On Campus

Written on October 4, 2013 by Campus Life in Professional

McKinsey12/09/2013. On Thursday September 12, the IE Consulting Club kicked off its series Consulting: An Insider View with McKinsey & Co. José Ramón Finch, Engagement Manager with the Strategy and Corporate Finance practice and Recruiting Coordinator, Mariña Lopez, both from the Madrid office, came to IE to speak to students about a career with McKinsey. José began the session with a review of the interview process one can expect at McKinsey, particularly the infamous case interview.

In order to succeed at McKinsey it is important to have mastered the case interview, as it is intuitive to the situations one will experience as a consultant with the firm. The ability to clarify, structure, analyze and reach a logical conclusion when faced with an ambiguous company problem is the key to success as a management consultant.

José walked the 55 attendees through a sample case interview question and encouraged students to utilize a framework and talk through their thought processes. To be successful in a McKinsey interview, José offered the crowd three simple tips:

 1.   Explain your thought process- the interview needs to see how you think!
 2.   Refine your hypothesis with intuition and feedback from the interviewer.
 3.    Push for a conclusion- that’s the point of hiring a consultant in the first place!

José and Mariña then spoke about the qualities they seek when recruiting for McKinsey. They stressed the importance of a McKinsey candidate to have strong problem solving skills; practical, common sense; and strong communication skills.

Interested in applying? Applications from the November 2012 Intake graduates should be submitted as soon as possible as the Fall recruit season starts in October.  Stay tuned  and visit our Facebook page   for more to come from the IE Consulting Club!

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