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Hugo Loredo, The Ecommerce Club and Campus Life, hosted the event: “How to Innovate Through Corporate Culture and Technology” with Marcos Constandse Redko, board member of Experiencias Xcaret- the leading eco theme park company in Latin America. 

Mr.  Constandse has a vested experience in innovation and business development within the tourism industry and currently he is developing the new business strategy for the leisure group.  In this event, Mr. Constandse shared with IE students’ key success points about how to create an innovative corporate culture and how students can implement them in their careers or family businesses.

Key points:

1. Be clear about what you would like to achieve
2. Important location with an important flow of people
3. Partnerships with research centers, universities, environment authorities and NGO’s.
4.  Be aware of opportunities
5. Keep doing what it works does not guarantee a successful future
6. Be thankful and give back to nature what you have received
7. Every tourism segment is valuable
8. Sustainability as a corporate philosophy and be congruent between what you want and what you do.
9. Disasters are unique opportunities to reinvent yourself
10. Your employees are your most important allies, so take care of them, be transparent and invest in them.
11. Crisis are unique opportunities to get ahead of your competitors
12. Listen to the market, monitor your competition and improve what already exists
13. Always look inside the company and constantly reinvent yourself
14. Be adventurous and get out of your comfort zone
15. Invest in new technologies and be creative
16. Change the rules of the game
17. Know that the best is yet to come, always!


Ecommerce Club: Adolfo Dominguez Event

Written on December 21, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

The Ecommerce Club and Campus Life Hosted the event: Exploring the world of luxury e-Commerce with Valeria Dominguez, in her last presentation in public as Corporate Director of e-Commerce & Omni – channel at Adolfo Dominguez.
Ms. Dominguez has a vested experience in e-Commerce in Adolfo Dominguez, where she developed all strategy for the area, making improvements and increasing sales. 
In this event, she shared with the students tips for improvement in e-Commerce business and how to implement this in the luxury and fashion industry.

1. It won´t work, be prepared for resistance, this is related to conquering your costumers, even when they don´t know you.
2. Don´t bury the project, try always to show the number of the e-Commerce Platform to the CEO and other areas of the company, such as Marketing or Finances.
3. Management American Style, this style doesn´t ask for the permission, they give projects and ideas to the company.
4. Make It comfortable for the client, give to them free shipping and returns. Make easy their experience buying online.
5. Conversation Online, people spent 80% online and they are willing to talk about your brand.
6. The customer is already Omni – channel, they buy online and they check products offline.
7. Technology is the Servant not the Master, you need know what and how to use the new tools for your business
8. The Myth of the first mover Advantage, is not necessary to be the first in the market. Always your competitors could do it and fail.
9. Beauty, emotion, feeling connected, you have to adjust to the clients and make them part of your brand.
10. Protect the essence, change everything, engage the new generations.

After her presentation, Valeria Dominguez founded her own business Called Digital Influencer, where she promoted the Digital and e-Commerce Jobs. She is IE IMBA Alumni, and she has an executive MBA from Harvard Business School.


Ecommerce Club: Vodafone Event

Written on December 21, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

Last September, the e-Commerce Club with Campus Life organized the event: E-Commerce & Digital Marketing: “A recipe to success”, where Jorge Sanchez Paniagua was the guest speaker. With more than 10 years in the Telecom industry, he is currently the E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager of Vodafone Spain. Before of this position, he worked in roles in sales and marketing.

In this opportunity, more than 50 students attended the event, where he explained about the importance of e-Commerce in the current market, and how the Telecom industry is moving forward to this way to sell products.

Also Sanchez gave 10 important tips for an e-Commerce Platform:

1. Strong push on results, you can check almost in real time your sales and improve online strategies if your business needs it.
2. Cost efficiency, having an e-Commerce platform is cheaper than a physical store, reducing cost and having the same profitability
3. Traffic generation as a necessary condition but not unique, because you always need quality in your new leads for transforming those in sales.
4. Best in class customer experience, make them a really easy e-Commerce experience will make your customers come back.
5. Engagement and commercial dynamization, always you have to create strategies and promotion for your clients
6. Multi-Web management, generating an experience to your costumers through mobile or web.
7. DMP & personalization, through the costumer journey, you can know the preferences of you clients and give to them a unique experience.
8. Web & assisted sales optimization, with different support tools like live chats of what´s app support.
9. Innovation and think big, looking for the new technological opportunities in the market for improving your business and with new ideas.
10. Never give up, even when your e-commerce platform is not selling so well as you expected, you can always do a quick tune to the online store and improve strategies.

Mr. Sánchez is IE IMBA Alumni and PH Doctorate in Industrial Engineering from Valladolid University.

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