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Review of the panel discussion held by IE Energy Club and IE International Relations Club at IE

Business School, Madrid on February 7, 2017

Written by Manuel Weissenegger, Master in International Relations Candidate

As geopolitical dynamics unravel, the interrelated questions of clean energy and climate change face significant challenges. On February 7, 2017, we had the opportunity to hear the insights of Gonzalo Escribano, PhD and Lara Lázaro Touza, PhD from the Elcano Royal Institute. First and foremost, I cannot stress enough the fascinating intertwining of politics and economics that the world of energy faces. Decisions made in Washington or Brussels can ripple throughout the globe and have reverberating effects from Riyadh to Algiers. Such decisions can clearly also have dramatic effects on both clean energy and climate change. However, there are two important messages I could catch from this interesting discussion. First, there is hope out there. Second, while the news coming from Washington are certainly important, the US is not the only player in the field. In general, I was convinced that while clean energy and climate change do indeed face critical challenges, media coverage of negative events is exaggerated. Instead, we should not prematurely give up the hopes that a cleaner and more sustainable world is possible.

But what exactly did we learn? On the future of clean energy, Gonzalo Escribano pointed out what follows. First, in current geopolitical debates, energy independence is a key word. However, we should be warned. The notion of full-fledged energy independence is not only far from viable, but even undesirable. As he puts it, “it’s not bad to import renewables”, as long as the import-scheme is sufficiently diversified. A second insight focusing on the domestic level is associated with the power transfer related to renewables. Since clean energy (in most cases) needs a grid, there is a transfer of power from the owner of the source of power to the owner of the grid. This creates a “grid community”. Third, the geopolitics of energy are clearly marked by the recent OPEC deal to curb production. The members (and allies) of the cartel appear to follow through with their pledges. However, this will largely depend on how the Trump administration implements the Iran-nuclear deal. Iran would break the OPEC agreement should it face economic sanction limiting its global positioning in the oil market. This is where the fascinating dynamics of geopolitics become evident. Finally, an understated source of hope comes from the EU’s winter package presented on November 30, 2016 and entitled “Clean Energy For All Europeans”. This package could provide an effective way of diversifying European energy supply from gas to a combination of gas and renewables.

As for climate change, the situation does appear more dire. Again, the gears of geopolitics are crucial. With the US attempting to withdraw from the hallmark Paris Accord there is a lot of uncertainty. This uncertainty is not overcome by the unexpected pledge made by Xi Jinping to be a leader in the fight against climate change. Rather, this pledge appears hopeful but questionable. For Lara Lázaro the paradox in this situation is that “this time it is the markets that might safe us”. With ever-lower prices for clean energy, there are signs of hope that emissions might drop.

In conclusion, the geopolitics of clean energy and climate change should make as wary about the chance of achieving the goals set in Paris. However, we ought not give up our ambitions of making this world a cleaner and more sustainable place.

February 11, 2017


Earth Hour – IE Energy Club

Written on July 27, 2017 by Campus Life in Social

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

IE Energy Club President with the winner

The event is held annually encouraging individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off non-essential electric lights for one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on a specific day towards the end of March, as a symbol of commitment to the planet. It was started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia, in 2007. Since then, it has grown to engage more than 7,000 cities and towns across 172 countries. This year Earth Hour was held on March 25th from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

For encouraging more and more people to celebrate the Earth Hour and to increase awareness among everyone regarding the importance of mankind’s commitment towards the conservation of the planet, IE along with IE Energy Club undertook a Social Media Campaign in which participants had a chance to win an IE Backpack (sponsored by the IE Store and made from 100% recycled nylon fishing nets). The participants had to just post a photo of their IE Earth Hour on the night of March 25th on their social media account using the hashtag #IEEarthHour – switch off your lights and switch on your social power to #ChangeClimateChange.

From the many entries received, the winner of the IE Earth Hour photo competition was Fernando Castallo, Master in Management February 2017 student. These kinds of initiatives are very necessary for the conservation of planet Earth.


The Energy Club – First student for student event

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

At the Energy Club, we believe that all the experience of our members is valuable and worth to be share in order to stay updated with the latest industry trends. Additionally, given the cyclical nature of the energy industry, we acknowledge the current shrinking policy of the energy sector, nevertheless we also consider that any effort to stay informed today is going to be beneficial in the near future. energy club2

Therefore, the Energy Club brings to the IE community the Student for Student initiative, our proposal to keep our peers updated through sharing unique insights from actual students in the field. For the first event, held on the 14th of July 2016, we schedule 2 speakers with completely different field experience in the Industry: Rafael Gómez and Fabio Delfino, both IMBA students from September 2015 intake.

Representing one of the most traditional segments of the energy industry, Rafael Gómez as a former financial analyst of Cerrejon, the biggest coal mine in Colombia, shared with his peers his understanding of the role of the coal as an energy source, the coal extraction process, key elements for budget controlling and the drivers of profitability of this industry.  energy club


On the other side, representing a more innovative and recent segment of the energy industry, Fabio Delfino shared his experience with projects related to the generation of energy through the sugar cane processing. As a former investment analyst & business planner for Odebrecht, the Brazilian conglomerate, he exposed the problem this industry is facing, the benefits and the prospective of worldwide implementation.

 Being this the first, of multiple future events, the energy club is glad to offer a new option for information sharing, taking into account our objective of transmitting to the IE community the importance of the energy industry for the worldwide economy. 


energy clubhe outgoing board members of the Energy Club from the November 2014 IMBA intake successfully transitioned the club into a new leadership. The event which was dubbed “energy club hand over drinks” brought together the new board members and the outgoing graduating board members and they shared ideas as to how to sustain and progress the tremendous evolution the club had experienced in the past year.


The students from the November intake having come in last year realized the massive gap in Energy discussions within the IE community and as energy enthusiasts, they came on board as the new leaders of the club with one goal in mind – rejuvenate the club and ensure its sustainability. The starting board members: Flavio (President), Natalia, Anand, Bruno, Tomas and Abiola set about developing a plan and vision for the club; organizing series of information sessions to raise awareness of the club and re-energize members while getting new ones. With a midyear board refreshment bringing in Vieri, Carlos and Kenan, the board was even better positioned to deliver on its promises and series of events and discussions followed – bringing in several industry experts and alumni to campus to advance energy talks. These culminated in the IE Energy day held in September which was organized in partnership with IE Career Centre and Campus Life. The event was touted as one of the most successful events on campus with attendance of nearly 120 and with no less than 8 industry leaders contributing.  


The energy industry will continue to be pivotal to world economic dynamics, constructs and evolution and IE cannot afford to be left of such a massive discussion. The current situation in upstream and renewables begs for more questions than answers. Have oil prices of below $40/barrel come to stay? Are we expecting a rise soon? What are the incentives of continuous upward investment in Renewables? Is Shale gas revolution really a technological disruptor? How tenable and binding is the recent Paris COP21 agreement on climate change? What kinds of opportunities are there in the industry going forward and how can I position myself to leverage these? These form the crux of the next phase of discussions for the industry. The new board members not only come in with massive experience of the industry but also experience of running the club – Carlos, the new President was a member of the outgoing board. Series of exciting events are already lined up for 2016 and of course, expect another mega Energy Day event. All we can say for now is stay tuned……….!


By: Abiola Osho  


IE Energy Day 2015

Written on September 28, 2015 by Campus Life in Professional

IML_2069During September the IE Community enjoy of one of the most expected events of 2015: the return of the IE Energy Day.

The IE Energy Club organised a magnificent event where key energy industry players, observers and policy makers gather together to discuss about the industry. Companies such as Tulip, Abengoa, SunEdison, EDP Renovaveis, Acciona, Gartner, Baker Hughes and BCG.

IML_1576The event was divided in two discussion panels covering actual topics: “New technologies in the Renewable Energies sector” and the “Energy Outlook for 2040” in which the lecturers had explain us their roles and beliefs about what is going on in the Energy Market.
Moreover, with a full attended Aula Magna, the attendees had the pleasure of listening to two incredible Keynote Speakers: The CDO of a start up in gas & oil in Netherlands. (Yes, you read it right, a start up of gas & oil.) and the Energy MD of BCG who gave us a magistral class about the Energy Market.

It was an amazing night that ended with a networking cocktail in which everyone was able to meet and greet the starts of the night.

Thanks to the IE Energy Club, IE Campus Life and IE Career Management Center for organising this event!

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