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IE Family Business Club Wrap up 2017 – 2018

Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

During this academic year at IE (Sept 2017 – July 2018) we, the Family Business Club, have organised a variety of events for both the English and Spanish speaking community of IE. Six different events have been carried out. Some of them have been organised taking in the participation of renowned IE family Business professors such as Manuel Bermejo and Cristina Cruz while others have been focused on more institutional personalities such has Hans Van Bylen (CEO of Henkel). We have also organised more personal gatherings such as a very insightful dinner with Manuel Pavon (Former Senior Partner at Garrigues). Not to forget our beers where we have enjoyed a relaxed chat sharing experiences and ambitions for the forthcoming future.

Another key event for our community has been the opening of the IE Centre of Families in Business Centre; early this year the IE Centre for Families in Business was launched by the hand of its Director Cristina Cruz and President Carlos Mas. The IE Centre for Families in Business is a Network and Research Centre that represents IE’s commitment to adding value to business families on a global scale. This centre has been a critical pillar to the Family Business Club assisting on and supporting the creation of events and bringing critical speakers to our community such as Hans Van Bylen (CEO at Henkel), Carlos March (President at Corporación Financiera Alba) or Alfonso Líbano (VP at Cobega & President of FBN Europe)

Just a kind reminder that if your wish is to keep linked to your national or International Family Business Community, there are very well organised associations such as the Family Business Network (FBN) and their national and municipal chapters where you can request membership.

We hope that in its various forms, this year at the Family Business Club, have provided you with a bit more insight, knowledge and even tools in order to succeed within this challenging but still fascinating environment.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Alonso – Patallo de la Torre
President at the Family Business Club


Family businesses are one of the oldest forms of commercial organization. They continue to be among the most common forms of business today and the driving force behind the global economy. According to the Family Firm Institute, family-owned companies account for two-thirds of all businesses worldwide, generating more than 70% of global GDP annually.

Family businesses are often seen as stable, but perhaps conservative and outdated. Their behaviour might often seem irrational and they rarely are transparent in terms of business operations. Figures confirm that family businesses better retain their talents, create a strong culture based on values and commitment and investment in training.

These is very related to one of the concepts discussed in our last event “El reto de reinventar Europa desde la perspectiva de la Empresas Familiares” introduced by Cristina Cruz. This concept is called socio-emotional wealth and describes how culture within the family sometimes prevail as a determinant factors in terms business decisions over revenues or other economic variables. For instance, when making an important business decision the family might first analyse how its outcome might impact the family name and reputation before considering economic profits.

Kind Regards

Pablo Alonso – Patallo de la Torre
President at the Family Business Club


Dinner with Miguel Lopez de Silanes

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional, Social

The Family Business Club organized a very insightful dinner on the 28th of April, 2016. We were honored to invite Miguel Lopez de Silanes, HBS MBA alumni and CEO of NEINVER (Family Office). The topic of the dinner was centered on conflict management in Family Businesses, and everyone had a chance to share their experiences.

Mr Silanes, expert in conflict management, gave us a very interesting introduction on his experiences on the topic. We really appreciated his willingness to share stories on conflict management, and to give thoughtful advice.

Afterwards, each one of us talked about our own experiences. The fact that the dinner was a small one, just 12 people, allowed our members to be comfortable sharing their thoughts. Throughout the dinner, we covered other aspects of a Family Business, with everyone contributing in a honest way, all with the guidance of our guest.

By the end of the event, we all came out feeling the satisfaction of sharing our experiences together, and we thank Miguel Lopez de Silanes for his support to the club.


The first IE Family Business Summit!

Written on November 9, 2013 by Campus Life in Professional

Family Business SummitIE Family Business Club organized its first Family Business Summit in Madrid past October. “Next Generation at a Crossroad, truths and myths about the challenge ahead”, was aimed at helping the NextGen handle topics that arise, for instance, from ending an MBA to the succession some years ahead.

After the opening statements by Ricardo Pineda, president of the Club and Cristina Cruz, professor Family Venturing at IE, Santiago Perry and Carlos Boggio discussed the issue of succeeding or not in the family business. Luis Baón, consultant from EgonZehnder, followed to give his outsider perspective into the family company. Closing the day, a panel of three MBA alumni (two from IE) shared their experience on how they joined their businesses.

Saturday started with the “Finding your authentic leadership” workshop, led by coaches Carmen Lence and Borja Raventos. Next, Julia-Carolin Schmid continued with “How to manage the soft side of the family through a Shareholder’s Office”. Jesus Casado, Secretary General of European Family Businesses, shared his perspective on family businesses within Europe. The Summit was closed by an excellent presentation from Andrew Keyt about the challenges of succeeding a legend.

The first edition of the summit was a success! More than 100 participants shared and learned insights on how to take another step towards a sustainable family business future! We look forward to the next one!

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