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IE Global Transformation Club 2018 Recap

Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

The Global Transformation Club team members.

This year saw some great changes to the Masters in International Relations led club. Previously under the name of “the International Relations Club”, after hours of brainstorming and countless internal meetings with students and many different faculty members, we rebranded to the “Global Transformation Club” to reflect the growing challenges that are affecting the global world, from new technologies that might disrupt most aspects of life (big data, AI, blockchain) to global challenges that can only be addressed through united and consorted efforts (climate change, refugee crises). As such, we developed the Global Transformation club that rests on three key pillars:

International Relations: Provide students, staff, and alumni from all IE schools with relevant information on current world issues in the field of International Relations, particularly focusing on disruption (e.g. technology or frameworks) to global governance through planning of different types of events, seminars, workshops
4th sector (social enterprise): Provide students, staff, and alumni from all IE schools with the opportunity to get learn about, and get involved directly, in the emerging 4th Sector, either through design thinking workshops, consulting for social start-ups/NGOs, or creating their own social start-ups with other students from IE
UN Sustainable Development Goals: Provide students, staff, and alumni from all IE schools with the opportunity to learn about the UN sustainable development (“UN SDG”) goals through a combination of seminars, design thinking workshops, and a yearly large hackathon

Manuel Muniz opening remarks on governance of change (with Adam Mitchell-Heggs – one of the club coordinators and facilitator of kick-off)

Through a combination of these three pillars, the Global Transformation Club can cater to the interests of many different backgrounds at IE, from tech, global affairs and business, sustainability, and social development enthusiasts. Some highlights of the year include the following events organised:

Seminar with the International Commission against the Death Penalty

Organised by the initial leaders of the IR club (prior to the rebranding) Lorraine Kuschel and Paloma Torres, the club hosted two prominent members of the International Commission against the Death Penalty (ICDP): Rajiv Narayan (Director of Policy) and Asunta Vivo Cavaller (executive director).

Rajiv and Asunta shared insights on the organisation in a highly interactive manner by engaging the audience on different dimensions that they are channelling through their efforts to end capital punishment. The seminar at points also included some debates on the current state with attendees for all locations of the world with different local experiences with capital punishment. Within the seminar, students were actively encouraged to share their views on the death penalty and received some interesting feedback on the work being done. A special thanks to Belen Ramirez Llopez (a member of the club) for helping to secure the seminar.

Lorraine and Paloma explaining their vision for the IR dimension of the club

Kick off Seminar: Global Transformation Club.

Once the rebranding strategy was finalised, the Global Transformation Club organised a large kick-off meeting to formally introduce the club. The meeting with attended by students from multiple IE schools and also even faculty interested in participating in the club. The aim of the kick off meeting with to share our vision for the club and what it could bring to the IE community and how students could get involved.

Guest speakers included Manuel Muniz (Dean of the IR school of international relations) who spoke about the centrality of studying governance of change, Gonzalo Garland (xx ) who spoke about global challenges in the current world order, and Waya Quiviger (Executive directorof the school of international relations) who spoke about entrepreneurship. In addition to these faculty members, we were also joined by Stuart Miinar (ex-IMBA student and founder of Fundie Ventures) who shared insights on social entrepreneurship, and Josh Entsminger (former MIR student and currently visiting lecturer at various universities/AI specialist at Nexus) to share some initial insights about the importance of the circular economy (for which he organised a very insightful event shortly after – see below). Finally, the seminar ended with a catered networking session so attendees could share their interest and ideas with the current members and let themselves known.


Javier Colino during the Circurlar Economy Forum 2018

Circular Economy Forum

On April 11, two former MIR Students, Josh Entsminger and Javier Colino of the 2017 class, hosted the first circular economy forum. This forum was held in collaboration with the Global Transformation Club, as a venue to establish improved contact between the club and firms interested in sustainability.

As speakers, we had 4 high-level circular economy professionals:

• Esther Colino – Regulatory and EU affairs Manager for Ecoembes.
• Stefan Junestrand – CEO and co-Founder of Group Team Red S.L.
• Paz Nanchon – Director at Accenture Strategy, Iberia – Sustainability and Trust Lead
• Nicola Cerantola – Founder and Director of Ecologing

The forum brought an audience of around 40 people, with the majority coming from outside of IE, to discuss how circular economy played into the future of Spain and Spanish competitiveness. We had intense discussion around the convergence of blockchain and circular economy, particularly in the future of architecture and construction – which produce over a third of global carbon emissions alone. The intention is to make this forum an annual affair, with the next version planned for April 2019.


Breakout groups brainstorming blockchain solutions to various problems

Design thinking workshop on Blockchain

On Tuesday May 22, the Global Transformation Club’s Hackathon group led a Design Thinking Workshop for IE University students and alumni on Social Business Impact. Group members as well as interested students joined a two-hour workshop to ideate on how current business solutions can be angled and used for social impact.

Jessica Harmer, current IMBA and MIR candidate, shared an overview of the Design Thinking Methodology, concepts and toolbox. Stuart Minaar and Andrew Wong, Founding Partners of Fundie Ventures, shared examples of their experience using Design Thinking to address social business problems. Javier Garcia, co-founder of 360Blocks shared his company’s unique business solutions using blockchain.

Following presentations, participants formed groups with the goal of ideating on how the blockchain solutions presented can have a social impact that address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Participants worked in Design Thinking style, first individually, then in groups, converging and diverging ideas, clustering to find themes… The workshop concluded with groups presenting final selected designs and gaining feedback from other groups. We also give additional thanks to Gianluca Tomasello and Yaneisha Perez for their efforts in the organisation of the event.

Upcoming event: UN Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) Hackathon

IE wants to propose itself at the forefront of delivering positive social impact through technological disruption to all society. The school of international relations, thanks to its renewed IE Global Transformation Club, is organizing a competition using the 2030 UNSDGs framework

The competition will be framed around the SDG11- sustainable cities. Many teams will be formed and over the span of 24 hours they will have to compete to solve diverse challenges that are affecting the future development of our future cities. The sectors for which solutions will be proposed are: energy- transportation- food system and built environment. Digital technologies will be key for the analysis of the mentioned sectors and the relevant insights will be guiding the formulation of new business models that will address the challenges that an increasing urbanization process is posing us. The final teams will have the occasion to further collaborate with the present stakeholders and within the 4th sector incubator of the club in order to leverage their ideas to the next level.

In such way, the IE community wants to offer its potential to propose itself as an academic society that engages actively with the problems that society faces every day and proposes efficient and feasible solutions to them.

Other planned events/seminars to look forward to!

• The Circular Economy: What is the relevance of the circular economy on sustainability
• Blockchain and Governance: How can blockchain be used efficiently by governments to manage efficiency and transparency
• Annual Circular Economy Forum (see above)
• Governing AI Symposia
• AI and the future of Finance
• Economic Diplomacy Forum
• Transatlantic Science and Innovation Cooperation
• Design Thinking for Circular Economy
• Understanding the Future of Automation
• Spain in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Forum
• New Political Philosophy Lecture

Gonzalo Garland providing is wise insights on key global challenges

Concluding remarks

The aim of the club is to as of September continue with our vision and activities. We will push through the summer to ensure the club is fully ready to on-board new members. We are happy and confident that the club will have a successful next year under the leadership of KC Anderson as Club President (MBA + MIR), Joshua Entsminger (MIR Alumni) and Annie Passan (MIM + MIR) as leaders of the IR division, Ahmed Elkomy (MBA + MIR) and Vanina Ricci (MIM + MIR) as leaders of the 4th Sector Division, and Jessica Harmer (MBA + MIR), Michele Mauceri (MBA + MIR) and Yaneisha Perez (MIM) who will lead the UN SDG division of the club.

We also want to say farewell and good luck to the incumbent members who will certainly still be close to the club as alumni members and help with its growth and to maintain its vision. We give a big thanks to Paloma Torres and Lorraine Kuschel for their efforts as the original club presidents and their willingness to expand the club to new heights and to Jesús Barrera, Andrea Calcagni, Adam Mitchell-Heggs, and Gianluca Tomasello for their vision and efforts in helping push through different efforts.

We also thank the following faculty and IE members of staff for their contributions and advice throughout the year and look forward to working with them further as the club continues to move forward. Manuel Muniz (Dean at IE School of International Relations), Waya Quiviger (Executive Director at IE School of International Relations), Gonzalo Garland (professor of Economics, and the vice-president of External Relations at IE Business School), Rachida Justo (Chair and Professor, Entrepreneurship at IE Business School), Juan José Güemes (Chairman Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center IE Business School), and Jaime de Aguinaga Garcia (Executive Director at IE School of International Relations).

We will be opening applications for various roles in the club in the near future to hit the ground running for a successful school year 2018-2019!


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