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IE Global Village 2019

Written on May 28, 2019 by Campus Life in Social

There are many events that happen at IE almost daily. These events are meant to broaden peoples experiences, engage with thought leaders, and help to develop skills to improve students professional profile. Global Village is unique in that it is the only event on campus that celebrates students, and their unique cultural heritage.

Global Village took place this pay May, with over 500 students participating or attending the event. Over 30 different country clubs came to represent their cultures through food and performance. Attendees were allowed to enjoy a variety of food, ceviche from Peru, sausages from South Africa, and waffles from Belgium. The performances were are varied. Children from Georgia performed a traditional dance, The Brazilian club presented a traditional compote performance, and the Indian club performed an amazing traditional song and dance.

The event focused on more than just food and dance, it was a chance for the student of IE to show our their culture and history. All participants were able to travel the world in an afternoon and experience the diversity and heritages present at IE.

Rebecca Taylor



IE Global Village 2017: Your Home, Our World

Written on June 1, 2017 by Campus Life in Geographic

“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin,
but we all belong to one human race.”
~Kofi Annan

Although the world is present at IE every day, it comes alive at Global Village! On May 18th IE Net Impact club hosted Global Village 2017. The atmosphere was electric as participants ate their way around the world, swayed to music from all corners of the globe, admired the talent of those who rocked the stage, and learned about the countries IE students call home.

A huge thank you to all of the students, coordinators, staff, and volunteers who made Global Village 2017 a resounding success!

Take a look at this year by the numbers…

506 tickets sold, plus numerous staff volunteers, for the largest turnout in eight years!
113 nationalities represented by IE students this year!
32 booths hosted by students and volunteers, which is the most in the history of Global Village!
12 performances!
10 Amazon gift card winners!
1 round trip for two to NYC courtesy of Delta Airlines! Congratulations Bouchra Guerrab!

To view photos of the event please click here


Global Village 2016, Korea Club

Written on December 21, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic

It was a really big decision that Korea Club, one of the minority clubs with a few members, decided to join as a partner in the global village event. However, since it was a meaningful charity event, we wanted to participate. Of course, we didn’t want to miss an opportunity to exchange was not easy for clubs from various countries to miss a chance to be part of the cultural exchange with other clubs of other countries.

In addition to the Hanbok, Korean traditional dress, we prepared modernized version of Hanbok, which can be worn in real life so that the students can experience it. The colorful and harmonious design of Hanbok and the harmony of beautiful colors made a deep impression on the students about Korean culture. (However, the crowds and hot weather were another problems) Also, students who participated in the contest were given a lottery to give a gift of Nanta performance tickets and traditional Korean liquor, which enabled the student to appreciate other aspects of Korean culture.

Korean-style chicken barbecue, which is a good match with beer, rice cake Gangjeong, which was a pastry dish, rice cake to blow away heat, assorted meals that can not be missed during Korean holidays, sweet bread with sweet honey, which is a sweet finger food.
The time and money spent on deciding the menu, making it, buying food ingredients and carrying the food were only for one day of June 9th. Delicious foods we put our heart into caught many people’s attention and they enjoyed their palates happily. (It is a bonus to realize that I will never choose my career in the restaurant business!)

We finished it all well, but it was an unreasonable schedule. (I will not recommend joining the GV unless the club has than 10 members.) Korea club wanted to participate in stage events, so we had thought of several methods and found that the alcohol show was the only one we could go without leaving the booth entirely (ethic code violation! This show was not allowed by the organizer.) I wish the glorious prosperity of Korea club in 2017.


(*Spanish version below)

The objective of Global Village 2017 is to celebrate cultural, artistic and gastronomic diversity of IE community within an institutional and academic environment. Thus, in order to make sure that the event is sustainable and runs smoothly and peacefully, all the participants have to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • The participants will have to consume alcohol responsibly. The organizers of the event and security guards will have a right to expel from the event those who show symptoms of drunkenness.
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring any alcohol to the event from the outside. In such case the alcohol will be confiscated by the security at the entrance. The consumption of alcohol will be limited to 2 drinks per person which can be obtained at the Bar.
  • Disrespectful or violent behavior will not be tolerated. Any activities violating IE Code of Ethics will be subject to commencing the established procedures.
  • All the participants should respect the environment and maintain the facilities clean.

Those who do not comply with the above code of conduct and/or IE Code of Ethics may be expelled from the event without prejudice to additional academic sanctions.


GLOBAL VILLAGE 2017 tiene por objetivo la celebración de la diversidad cultural, artística y gastronómica de todos aquellos que conforman la Comunidad IE, dentro de un entorno académico e institucional. Por lo tanto, y con el fin de hacer de este acto un evento sostenible y que se desarrolla con total normalidad en un ambiente distendido,  todos los participantes deben atenerse a las siguiente normativa:

  • Los asistentes deben hacer un consumo de alcohol responsable. Los miembros del Comité de Organización y de Seguridad se reservan el derecho de expulsar del evento a todo aquel que presente síntomas de embriaguez.
  • Queda terminantemente prohibido introducir bebidas alcohólicas del exterior, procediéndose a su requisa en el control de acceso al evento. El consumo de bebidas alcohólicas estará limitado a 2 consumiciones por persona que se podrán adquirir en el Bar.
  • No se tolerará ningún acto de carácter irrespetuoso o violento. Cualquier tipo de conducta que viole el Código Ético de IE, será objeto de apertura del proceso establecido.
  • Se ruega a todos los asistentes ser respetuosos con el entorno y mantener limpias las instalaciones.

Cualquier participante que incumpla la presente normativa y/o el Código Ético de IE podrá ser expulsado del evento, sin perjuicio de las posibles sanciones adicionales que se deriven desde el ámbito académico.


18732701000_ac6bea527a_oOn June 11th 2015, IE Business School along with 22 different country clubs had the pleasure to celebrate the diversity of the school with the 9th Edition of the Global Village.

Global Village is an annual event organized by IE students in cooperation with the IE Net Impact Club and IE Campus Life. The event showcases IE’s diversity through food, performances and arts and crafts prepared by various country clubs.

This year ́s event hosted approximately 450 participants including IE students, faculty, and IE collaborators. The event also featured performances by various country clubs, including presentations by Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, India, Lebanon, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Salsa Club, Colombia, and IE Faculty of Music.  By a show of applause, Colombia was the winning performance.  The Colombia club showcased mapalé and cumbia – traditional dances.  

18732727968_b4c3b49d4d_oThe funds raised by this year’s edition, approximately €9,300, will be used to fund the next Social Responsibility Forum, an international congress organized by the Net Impact Club on corporate social responsibility set to take place in November 2015.

We want to thank all sponsoring Embassies, organizations and companies that supported the efforts of the students to showcase their national pride. 

Thank you to all attendants to the event, surely the success of this edition can only be surpassed by the success of next year ́s edition.

To view photos of the event, you can visit the IE Flickr page.

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