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L´Orient Le Jour – IE Lebanese Club

Written on January 28, 2019 by Campus Life in Geographic, Social

It is a common belief that when young people leave their home country in order to study abroad, they forget their roots and devote themselves entirely to their new life. It is not always the case and a group of Lebanese students is the living proof. These students studying at the IE Business School manage the IE Lebanon Club; a club dedicated to bringing together the school’s Lebanese students as well as to promote Lebanon and its culture. Through its many activities, the Club introduces the land of Cedars to students having sometimes never heard of the country.

The club is headed by several Lebanese students, including Hatem Rizkallah, Michael Atmeh and Ralph Sassi. They share their customs with a diverse and varied public, sometimes even playing tour guides when, for instance, more than thirty people joined them on a visit to Lebanon last summer in order to discover the beauty of the land.

The club even organized a Lebanese farewell to the academic year, which brought together more than 400 Lebanese and non-Lebanese students to celebrate the end of the year. The ultimate goal of the evening was to sponsor the club’s upcoming events, and to share some of the funds raised with a Lebanese charity as a Christmas present. This is how, once again, these Lebanese students demonstrated that although they are far from home, Lebanon is always in their hearts. In line with the theme of education, the funds were donated to the NGO “Include”. Founded in 2010 by parents and friends of children with different abilities, “Include” works for the inclusion of people with special needs in the Lebanese society, at the levels of education, employment and leisure. In 2018, the NGO welcomed its first class of students with different abilities at Université Pour Tous, a branch of Saint Joseph University – a first in Lebanon.

One thing is certain: these students remain rooted in the Lebanese culture regardless of whether they return home or end up pursuing new adventures around the world.


Be coordinator of IE Lebanon Club by Mohamed Daher

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic

One year ago I arrived to Madrid, a city new to me from all aspects whether its language, culture, people, food, streets and transportation. The feeling of being in a place knowing no one and having no one to rely on was overwhelming and that’s where I met Nizam. Nizam introduced himself as a Lebanese student from a previous intake and a President of what he called The IE Lebanon Club. At first it sounded to me like a group of people where I could finally speak my mother tongue and who could show me where to find my favorite food, shortly after I realized that it would be my new family for the year to come.

During this year and as a member of the IE Lebanon Club family and later its new president, I have gathered great memories and experiences from different activities and events that we have organized, planned and contributed. From arranging gatherings to our compatriots, helping new comers settling in, inviting Lebanese icons to share their experience, to contributing in parties and social events, we all worked hard to spread and recognize our culture.

Academic years finishes but the bonds we created through this club will linger through our life time. Wherever we will be we vow to continue spreading our traditions and supporting our compatriots however needed.  Thanks to IE and its amazing Campus life office now we have friends from around the world and we are happy that we have presented our country in the best way possible.

Again a student life without Campus life is no life at all, I urge all IEers whether they are current students or alumni to take part in campus life activities and join as many clubs as possible to leave a bright footprint for all the new intakes to come.



IP Seminar 2

Entrepreneurship and innovation are key pillars to the educational programs of IE University, as it prepares exceptional candidates to become international business leaders. This is why the IE Lebanon Club paid special interest to host a seminar on Intellectual Property, a topic that is of special importance to those thriving to start their companies and dive into the world of venture capital and business partnerships.

Each year, new legislations, challenges, and client preferences dictate the changes that have to be adopted by modern-day companies, else, they’re left to lag behind.

IP Seminar 4That is the core drive behind the practice of EMEA Legal Counsels. Our selected speaker on the topic, the Managing Partner at EMEA Legal Counsels, Alaa Zeineddine is always up on modern legal practice trend – which granted him exclusivity to write for world leaders such as the ILO and the World Bank.

Being an early adopter is getting Alaa Zeineddine to grow fast ahead of the competition at a very young age. He is constantly hard at work, cementing his thought leadership reputation in his areas of practice, to ensure never missing out on key opportunities to grow his firm and its recognition. This is increasingly granting him credibility, while opening up grand opportunities for legal assignments and business collaborations from Spain to Kazakhstan.

An overview of his portfolio would include representing the NASCO Insurance Group in Amman, Dubai & Abu Dhabi, acting for Universal Travel & Management Network in Lebanon, representing Mourabet Engineering for a case settlement in Equatorial Guinea, working with Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) and Arabtec, advising on legal matters regarding the Abu Dhabi Plaza project in Astana, and lastly, working with Honeywell for the Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company. The legal industry is experiencing volatile and dynamic changes as the competition heats up and the pace of mergers increases. However, when it comes to EMEA Legal Counsels, 2016 promises to be an exciting year.

IP Seminar 3

The Seminar was held on Tuesday, May 24th, on IE Premises.

Once again, a heartfelt “thank you” to Campus Life, and the IE community who made such an amazing event possible, and to Mr. Alaa Zeineddine of EMEA Legal Counsels, for his generous enthusiasm to share his impressive academic and professional expertise with our community.


Why ‘Math Men’ are the new ‘Mad Men’?

Written on March 2, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic, Professional

IMG_4182Following an invite from IE Lebanon and IE Marketing Club, the Omnicom CEO from MENA region, Mr. Elie Khouri has visited IE Business School, 25th of February, and gave us an insightful spotlight on the disruption, currently happening in the Advertising Industry.

Omnicom Group is the 2nd largest communication and advertising network worldwide, with headquarter in New York and accounting for revenues of 15 billion USD annually. Their group includes best-in-class, renowned advertising agencies like BBDO, DDB worldwide, and TBWA.

If we think creative agencies, we probably have this picture of crazy ideas and charismatic influencers in mind, like those drawn in the ‘Mad Men’ TV drama. But the days have changed and the lines have blurred between clients, customers, agencies and the media owners. In example, more and more advertising campaigns using real-life content, generated for almost free, from crowdsourcing the targeted consumers, instead of creating imitating imagery, down from expensive Hollywood Studios. Moreover, Mr. Khouri’s stated that user-generated content is even better to remember and considered as more credible than any other content, prefabricated by advertising agencies.

IMG_4268Following his presentation, Mr. Khouri gave us insight why Math Men are the new Mad Men and to what extent even consumers might be replaced by algorithms in near future. Today data is in the heart of everything and we know more about the consumer from the digital tracing than from asking questions. New professions are born, such as Data Analysts and Engagement Managers.

Moreover, Mr Khouri shared the story of his success in an interview session with our second guest, Mr. Ricardo Karam, who is a well-known talk show-host in the Middle East region. There, the Omnicom CEO gave us encouragement and guidance for our careers. He noticed that for keeping pace with the fast changing world one of the most important characteristics is being agile and able to adapt to the uncertainty of the future.

We are pleased about the strong resonance of our event, that included visitors from the Lebanese Embassy and a large portion of diverse students from our programs at our university. Therefore, looking forward for the next collaboration with our IE Student Clubs and Campus Life, who well supported the facilitation of this event.

IE Marketing Club & IE Lebanon Club Madrid Chapter

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