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Personal Branding and Elevator Pitch by The Bold Choice

Written on November 21, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

In Collaboration with three other clubs (IE Marketing Club, IE Communications Club, and IE Public Speaking Club), IE Entrepreneurship Club co-hosted Jane Rodríguez del Tronco who is an Executive and Team Coach, Personal Brand Expert, CEO of The Bold Choice, and Associate Professor at IE Business School. Jane offered a session on Personal Branding and Elevator Pitch for Entrepreneurs to 80 students.

Entrepreneurs need a personal brand because they are constantly in contact with investors and potential business partners with whom they need to build trustworthy relationships.

In her presentation, Mrs. Rodriguez mentioned that the main purpose of building our personal brand should be to show others what is special about us, what is the value we can offer to the world. Our personal brand is what people say about us when we are not in the same room and it has a lasting power.

Mrs. Rodriguez also highlighted the importance of having a good elevator pitch in order to succeed in our careers. When building our elevator pitch, we have to think about what makes us different and what are the solution/s we can provide to others. She said that sometimes we work a lot in our true selves but we forget to make us visible because we expect others to make us visible. Therefore, we need to work on our elevator pitch as this is a great opportunity to show our value and sell ourselves or our business ideas.

Finally, Mrs. Rodriguez added that networking is fundamental in our careers, but what is more important is how we work with our net.

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Blog post by Andrea Labiste, President of IE Entrepreneurship Club.


Mary Kay Presentation

Written on July 28, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

The IE FMCG Club partnering with IE Marketing Club and IE Fashion Club, was delighted to welcome Mary Kay Inc., one of the leading cosmetic companies, at IE Business School.

Business and Human Resources representatives shared with the students their knowledge about the industry, company positioning and opportunities.

With 3.5 million Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and $4 billion in global annual wholesale sales, Mary Kay is a top beauty brand and direct seller in more than 35 markets around the world.

Carin Mazaira, Alberto Hoffmann, Christoph Janke, Lisa Cheng, Flavia Leggio, Diego Lozano

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The Superpowers of Semiotics

Written on July 14, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

hanser_semioticsWhat makes smileys sympathetic, stars superior and surfaces seductive? Why we think, or even enjoy the feeling of romance while we see the Eiffel Tower? And of bargains when we notice a product tagged with a yellow-red printed price-label? And why are we usually emotionally opinionated about the company’s logo design, but far less engaged while reading the company’s balance sheet?

On 29th of June, in our very last session of the IE Marketing Club before summer break, Christoph Hanser, an MBA candidate and graduate in graphic design, was providing us a quick introduction into the world of visual communication and the science of semiotics. After a short introduction, the story starts with the cultural shift from the written word to an abundant use of nowadays digital imagery. In this interactive session we were discovering about the relation between image, emotion and imagination, and getting insight in decoding the cause and action by analyzing multiple visuals.

Although we live in an age of ever-increasing images, the cognitive processes behind our image-driven culture are commonly unknown.

As our presenter was highlighting, semiotics, the science on meaning of symbols, however provides surprising insight into the hidden aspects of visual communication and the suggestive power of those non-verbal, implicit codes. This suggestive power derives from the simplification and emotional connection, when we subconsciously process images and visuals, and the relative effort we have to consider processing more logical communication codes, like written words or numbers. Therefore, understanding non-verbal communication and semiotics became an important aspect for contemporary marketing. Nevertheless, we need to ask ourselves if we use those ‘superpowers’ wisely and do not walk down the slippery slope of suggestive manipulation, that could lead to misleading promises and consumer dissatisfaction in the long run.

We hope that everyone enjoyed our last Club session and looking forward to welcome you after some refreshing summer break.


Marketing Day “Sweet Data”

Written on June 28, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

MKT Day 1On June, 2016, the Marketing Club, joined efforts with Big Data Club, to raise the bar of the Marketing Day event, calling it “Sweet Data”: The charms and challenges of data driven marketing; in order to answer, how companies adjust their global strategy to their local markets? And how to obtain the greatest value from data? These questions were solve through a series of discussion panels and one mystery speaker.MKT Day 2

The first panel was formed by Armen Avakin from Garrison Group; Ignacio Entrena, Johnson & Johnson; Rosa Piorno, P&G and Diego San Roman, Microsoft in which agreed, data is not only about understanding the customer with their environment, but is crucial for having an advantage in  a competitive market. In words of San Roman, “you do not win, until you sell.”


The second panel gave insights for extracting the best value from the information. It was integrated by Marc Lladó from Ad-Pure; Luis Martín, Barrabes; Cesar Moreno, Blue Insights and Cristina Rojo, Nielsen. The discussion entered the audience in a journey from cluster formation analysis to automatize data analytics, positioning the person has the main source of data. As Cristina Rojo explains it, “the process always begins adopting the perspective of the customer, learning to adapt by becoming smarter.”

MKT Day Team 1


The event ended reveling the mystery speaker. His name is James Burton, Director of Possibilities from HeroX, Silicon Valley. The company was co-founded by XPRIZE founder, Peter Diamandis as a platform to incentivize challenges around the world for creating new solutions.


The Art to Brew Big Beer Brands

Written on April 12, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

Think about an ice-cold beer, a warm Spanish sunny afternoon with your closest mates from class…

Where are you now?                                                      

And are you enjoying a beer?  Or are you actually enjoying the “beering experience”? 



Last Tuesday that was the question of the night! IE Marketing Club have had the pleasure to be in the company of Armen A. Avakian, Partner and Regional Director at the Garrison Marketing  Group and specialized marketing consulting resource for multinational as well as large local brands. He has personally overseen projects that cover over 100 beer brands worldwide and he shared his experience with us. 

From the everyday Mahou, to the summer Corona and a conflict hit craft brew from Crimea, each brand describes the portfolio that makes up our own definition of beering experience. IE Marketing Club had the opportunity to play architect, tackling our very own local pour – Mahou in an actual strategy model by Garrison Group, using the marketing trifecta to understand the components to build a successful beer brand.

With data harvested from some of the biggest market research agencies in the world, like TNS, a beer is designed for very specific audiences – from the ‘Chardonnay Girls’ to progressive intellectuals and hipsters, each having a profile of its own beering experience.

Finishing off­ with the latest trends of what might define the perfect pint – from the curry flavored beer to the rise of ‘nitro cans’, each an experience of beering in itself, we had the chance to keep our conversations running for the second half of our event: Having some chilled drinks at Selfie bar, next corner to our institution

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