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IE Partners club lunch

Written on July 1, 2016 by Campus Life in Social

The school year it’s ending so the Partner’s Club decided to organize the last lunch of September Intake as a good bye and thank you to all the partners.


We went to an Asia Street Food “TUK TUK” in Chueca. The restaurant was really nice, different for what we are used to, the food delicious and the company great as always. This time we were just few people of September intake but the perfect way to say good bye to those people we have share all year long. partners4




Written on June 20, 2016 by Campus Life in Other Activities

Jardin Botanico

In this beautiful summer the Partner’s Club arrange a visit to The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, an 8-hectare botanical garden located at Murillo Square, in front of the Prado Museum. There we can know many different plants, fruits and flower growing in the nature. It was really beautiful to see the vegetation you have in this garden, some of there from other countries. As always we have a lot of fun and we could learn something about this amazing place.

The garden was founded on 1755, by King Ferdinand VI, and installed in the Orchard of Migas Calientes, near what today is called Puerta de Hierro, on tJardin Botanico2he banks of the Manzanares River. It contained more than 2,000 plants. The herbarium is the largest in Spain, and has now has over a million specimens.[1]

Since 1939 the garden has been dependent on the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and in 1942 was declared Artistic Garden. Today’s garden is divided into seven major outdoor sections and five greenhouses. Total collections include about 90,000 plants and flowers, and 1,500 trees. It also contains a substantial herbarium.

The garden’s two greenhouses are divided into four rooms. The Graëlls greenhouse dates from the nineteenth century and exhibits tropical plants and bryophytes. The newer structure supports three climates: tropical, temperate, and desert.

The herbarium was established in 1846, and now contains about a million specimens from around the world organized into two collections: phanerogams and cryptogams.[1]





IE Partners Club Activities – April

Written on May 3, 2016 by Campus Life in Social


partners 2Last Sunday April 24 THE PARTNERS CLUB conducted a picnic at retiro park to incentivize the interaction of students and their partners in a different environment. Each guest took something to eat or drink and shared it with all the people that attended. We spent quality time with students of the different intakes, their partners, families and pets.

Also we were lucky because that day at the same hour an international meeting took place in the same part we were, so we also had the opportunity to meet new people who find themselves in the same situation as us. We really had a great time, and for sure, we are going to repeat the activity.



Partners 1Constantly the club organizes lunches and dinners for interaction with the partners. We enjoy this occasion because this way we can see again old friends and meet the new members of the club. This time lunch was at GINOS restaurant and it was really nice to saw many girls from January intake came. As always we talked, laughed, we ate delicious food and had a great time.Partners 3





Partners 4Every week THE PARTNERS CLUB has their unique LEGO EVENT, for kids from 4 years old onwards. It’s a time where the little ones show us their creativity by making great things. Come and join every week in this activity and give your kid the opportunity to interact with other kids while they can build amazing Lego creations, have fun and learn.


IE Partners club events

Written on April 12, 2016 by Campus Life in Social


lego1Lego event this week had a small change in methodology. We wanted the children not only to play with lego, but also to draw on the board what they are creating while we can teach them something about the alphabet and certain letters.

First we draw basic geometric shapes: square, circle, triangle and rectangle and we encourage children to seek between these figures in lego pieces. Then we asked children to tell us a letter so we can draw on the board and choose a word beginning with that letter.

They chose F (flower), D (door) and P (pencil). Each of the children built with lego the words they picked and then drew them on the board. We all had fun  while kids combine various recreational activities and, as always, learn something new.lunch

Last Friday we had the opportunity to meet the new members of the group. We went for a delicious lunch to Gastromaquia Restaurant where we spent a great time talking and knowing some new partners. We could explain all the activities the club has, for adults and kids, and some of the futures plans. We are very glad to see how more and more members join us in the different activities we have.







IE Partners Club Update: Learn a Cuisine

Written on April 4, 2016 by Campus Life in Social

IE partners club organized its 4th event of  “Learn a Cuisine” series. This time it was one of our Partners club coordinator Nidhi, who hosted the event to teach us one of the most famous Arabic cuisine Hummus with Tabbouleh salad. It was a great event where the partners engaged themselves in preparing the dish, exchanging useful tips of cooking, discussing about the different cultures and then finally relished the cuisine with some interesting conversation.

Learn a cuisine

This event gives a platform for partners/students to showcase their cooking skills and help others to get know your culture and food. So if anyone is interested in sharing one of your country’s cuisine with us, Partners club would be pleased to help you host the event. Till then stay tuned for our next “Learn a Cuisine” event and look out for the event details on clubs page.

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