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Personal Branding, 21 May 2019

Written on June 10, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

Interviewing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when somebody thinks about Public Speaking. However, the critical skills that make one a great public speaker are very similar to those that help us perform well in the interview setting. Speech structure, use of the voice and the body and storytelling are all tools that will help us keep our audience or interviewers engaged. Still, there are some substantial differences between the two experiences, and that is why we partnered with IE Talent & Careers to create a unique feedback session.
During the session, our club members were able to practice answering very common interview questions while getting invaluable feedback not only from their peers but also from the Talent and Careers team. We had both Natalya Shustova and Juan Pablo Rodriguez who shared their extensive experience in coaching IMBA students on their careers. They helped our members navigate question such as “Can you tell me about your weaknesses?” or “Tell me about yourself”. Focusing on the content we had great guidelines around how to convert weaknesses into strengths and how to tell a story that ties to the job position.
Public Speaking Coordinators provided guidance on body language, engagement and length of the speech. We provided tips regarding how to engage with the interviewer and make sure that interest is maintained throughout the whole process.
As some of our stories at IE come to a close, we start looking forward to the future. We hope our club members found value in this experience as many set their eyes on the journey ahead.

See you next Tuesday!


The Road so Far, at IE, 14 May 2019

Written on June 10, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

Our experiences are what shape us. But more importantly, it is our view of those experiences that shape our memories for years to come. When selecting a business school, university or program those ideals are front and centre, and with them comes a certain level of expectations. In a school like IE, there is so much on offer it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize our wants and needs, but those decisions are what directly affect our experience.
In this week’s session, we shared those experiences and life lessons from our time here at IE. We had the chance to hear some amazing, truly inspiring stories of hardship and challenge and how our members ultimately overcame adversity, placing themselves in the position they are today.
Prepared speeches give us the opportunity to contemplate our delivery, thoughts and structure, to be able to better portray our stories and draw a certain response from our audience. This session was a perfect example of how prepared speeches can motivate others.


The Art of Pitching Workshop 2.0, 7 May 2019

Written on June 10, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

“Start with Why”, Simon Sinek says regarding your mission, vision and purpose. IE Public Speaking Club strongly relies on this formula. Empowering our members, by providing them with precious tools to be applied on a daily basis, is not only our ambitious goal but also the very reason why we do what we do.

On May 7th, 2019, Raffaele Piemonte – Alumni Advisor of IE Public Speaking Club – hosted an intense and insightful workshop: The Pitching Workshop 2.0. The latter started with a 45-minute interactive lecture, which was further divided into two parts: one devoted to a concise explanation of the basic concepts of Public Speaking and the second devoted to the analysis of the specific tools that can be used to create the perfect “pitch”.

1. Basics of Public Speaking:

  • Content Creation
    o Brainstorming
    o Storytelling
    o Structure of the Speech
  • Delivery
    o Use of the Voice
    o Use of the Body
    o Use of the Space
  • Psychological Aspect
    o Stress Management
    o Overcoming Fears
    o Leadership

2. The Art of Pitching

  • The Value Proposition
  • Sales 101
  • The Golden Formula: Why – How – What

Right after the lecture, participants were invited to join the stage and conduct practical try-outs, followed by ad-hoc feedback. As it is well known, IEPSC values feedback as a crucial learning tool. The officers, indeed, encourage members to “leave their egos outside the door”: it allows us to embrace constructive criticism and to be open to different opinions.

In conclusion, it is surely possible to state that – thanks to the Pitching Workshop 2.0. – IE Public Speaking Club took another step forward toward achieving its mission. Mastering the Art of Pitching, indeed, means being able to impress any audience and being able to efficiently “sell” any product, service, or idea.

Raffaele Piemonte


The Art of Impromptu Speaking, 23 April 2019

Written on June 10, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

At the Public Speaking Club, when we host our flagship weekly workshops, we often conclude them by inviting our members to take the stage for an impromptu speaking session.
On 23rd April 2019, Bhargavi Mantha hosted IEPSC’s first session after a lovely Spring Break. The workshop was on “The Art of Impromptu Speaking”. The session was an overview of some tricks and tips to think on your feet and also prepare for being able to tackle situations where one needs to be candidly insightful on various topics.
We flipped the session for this workshop to implement the Do, Reflect, Apply philosophy to better demonstrate this workshop. Meaning that we conducted the impromptu speaking segment first and then the lecture/education part of the session to reflect on each members’ performance.
The strategies of conquering an impromptu speech can be summed up into 4 main points:
• Express an Opinion – It is key to take a stance on a topic. You either pick a side or stay neutral but always remember to express what you choose
• Address Cause & Effect – If, then, give it a point of view that addresses a cause and the effect that supports your initial opinion
• Support your Line of Thought – Support the Cause & Effect with examples and anecdotes
• Bring It all together – Conclude, reiterate back to your opinion and end strong!
Furthermore, Bhargavi helped us understand how we could practice for impromptu speeches. She took us on a journey from her past experience as an Impromptu speaking contestant at an International Competition and how she practiced and prepared for the event, in terms of having the right mind-set, the kind of story development from within and finally being able to deliver a clear and concise idea/story about a certain topic in a limited amount of time.
Finally, at the IE Public Speaking Club as we always say that “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”, and thus invite you to our future sessions to come and Conquer the Impromptu Speech with us.


“Structure” and “Analysis of the Greats”

Written on March 11, 2019 by Campus Life in Professional

Another two amazing weeks have passed, and IE Public Speaking Club has continued to show creative and innovative ways of teaching its members regarding the art of public speaking.

Raffaele Piemonte, IE Public Speaking Club’s alumni consultant led a riveting workshop on ‘Structure’ on Tuesday, 26 February. Structure to public speaking is what a foundation is to a house, it’s the bedrock from which your creativity and success are built upon. This is true for many reasons, but none more than the fact it is the point of preparation that you have such an instrumental role in shaping your success. The structure of your speech is much like any story you have told, there is an introduction, the body and a conclusion. Knowing how to put these key points together is the art of preparation.

An introduction is your moment to catch the attention of your audience. Three tried and tested methods include using; a quote, a question, or a punchy story. A strong introduction sets the tempo for the presentation and should be thought out very well. When considering the structure of the whole presentation, one should try to focus on keywords that flow throughout the presentation. They function as a great measuring stick for whether you are getting your full story across, but also as milestones from which you are able to maintain your train of thought. This methodology can be taken further by building a story through which your presentation can flow. The idea is to try to evoke images and emotions through your speech.

When closing your speech, one should always be mindful of the introduction, relating back to the introduction completes the audience’s journey thus allowing them a better understanding of the entire delivery. If your presentation has been very factual, be sure to take the opportunity to recap your key takeaways as it can be difficult for the audience to retain all the information you’ve delivered.

Lastly, this past Tuesday, IE Public Speaking Club took the agenda to the next level, hosting its first ever movie night, dubbed, “Analysis of the Greats”. We had the opportunity to – and with popcorn – watch some of the best public speakers on screen and then analyse what it was we found so intriguing in their delivery. This was an amazing opportunity to discuss how we each felt about these speakers with constructive conversation between our members and coordinators.

We look forward to another great instalment of the video format very soon.

See you there.

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