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A creative and well-thought out slideshow is the perfect partner to your presentation, as so righteously pointed out by Eduardo Brandi on Tuesday, 12 December at IE Public Speaking Club’s seventh session on ‘Presenting Effectively with Visual Aids’.

There are several key aspects we should always keep in mind when putting a presentation together:

Long Text – Avoid! No speaker should ever read off their slideshow. If you feel that you require that kind of text, you require more preparation.

Presenter – The key focus of a presentation is the presenter, he/she acts as the centrepiece of the presentation. The slideshow itself – as mentioned above – is but only a point of reference, for both the presenter and the audience.

Tables – Don’t bog your audience down with overly complicated tables and numbers. If you have to present something in this regard, be sure NOT to spend your time looking at the screen and pointing. Use available functions to highlight your points of interest.

Text – Use simple, easy-to-read text like San Serif which compliments a presentation that is usually read at a distance. Serif can be difficult to read and overcomplicates something that should be easy to digest.

Backgrounds – Can be used for presenting effect or the introduction of a new idea. Be sure to use them accordingly.

Images – As backgrounds have the potential to steal effect from your text and even your presentation, be careful of overly complicated or coloured pictures, unless you are using it purely for reference and it does not come with too much text.

From our session, it was clear that there is a strategy behind every presentation, and the above aspects should not hinder your ability to deliver an effective presentation.

Join us next week on Tuesday, 18 December for our session on Analysing your Audience, by our astute consultant, Raffaele Piemonte.

See you there!


IE Public Speaking Workshop on Stress Management

Written on December 7, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

On Tuesday, 4 December Glaxton Robinson hosted our sixth workshop at the IE Public Speaking Club on a very relevant topic, stress management. Did you know that glossophobia – the fear of public speaking – is one of the most common phobia’s? It is said that over three-quarters of the population suffer from it.

Stress itself comes in a multitude of stages and affects us all differently. From sweaty hands, an increased heart rate, a trembling voice or even an upset stomach we all process our stress differently. But what physically causes those effects are the same, the soup of hormones and chemicals flow through our body. As psychologist and professor, Richard Lazarus stated, stress is “a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.”

In our workshop Glaxton covered the key aspects of stress, defining and better understanding what and how stress works. He covered several focal points which focused on the pre-game, the in-game and the post-game of giving a presentation. What was clear from his presentation was that stress itself is a natural and normal reaction to challenging tasks, and as Hans Selye, ‘the father of stress’ so famously quoted, “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it”. Having considered that, it is important to note that we cannot eradicate stress, but we can learn to manage it, and how we react to it.

Better identifying our key stressors and how to manage them is a journey and an experiment we must all go through to better ourselves on stage and in life.

Join us next week for our educational workshop on how to effectively use PowerPoint and Prezi, to create a presentation that you will be proud of.

“stress is fundamental to life because it motivates action and behaviour”…Hans Selye


IE Public Speaking Club

Written on November 29, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

On Tuesday, 27 November Sowmya Vavilala, one of our esteemed coordinators hosted an exciting session on Debating. Having a wealth of experience in the topic she took us through an insightful journey of the facets of debate.

A debate is an ongoing action of listening to your competitor’s points while effectively communicating your own. We learnt that to effectively communicate your point, you should do it with passion, and if you can’t find it, fake it, as we learnt in our previous session on Body Language, how you something is more important than what you say. But always remember to take note that a great debate is backed up by solid research, always opting for logical and rational thought. Other key points from our session included:

·         Criticize the opinion, not the person
·         Hold your poise, if you lose your temper, you lose the debate
·         Do not generalize or exaggerate, it weakens your position
·         Debate like a politician, as though your opponent isn’t present

Our members then took the stage to put their new-found skills to work, debating from pizza to tomato sauce versus mustard, and even veganism.

Join us next week for our session on Stress Management on Tuesday, December 4th.


Personal Branding and Elevator Pitch by The Bold Choice

Written on November 21, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

In Collaboration with three other clubs (IE Marketing Club, IE Communications Club, and IE Public Speaking Club), IE Entrepreneurship Club co-hosted Jane Rodríguez del Tronco who is an Executive and Team Coach, Personal Brand Expert, CEO of The Bold Choice, and Associate Professor at IE Business School. Jane offered a session on Personal Branding and Elevator Pitch for Entrepreneurs to 80 students.

Entrepreneurs need a personal brand because they are constantly in contact with investors and potential business partners with whom they need to build trustworthy relationships.

In her presentation, Mrs. Rodriguez mentioned that the main purpose of building our personal brand should be to show others what is special about us, what is the value we can offer to the world. Our personal brand is what people say about us when we are not in the same room and it has a lasting power.

Mrs. Rodriguez also highlighted the importance of having a good elevator pitch in order to succeed in our careers. When building our elevator pitch, we have to think about what makes us different and what are the solution/s we can provide to others. She said that sometimes we work a lot in our true selves but we forget to make us visible because we expect others to make us visible. Therefore, we need to work on our elevator pitch as this is a great opportunity to show our value and sell ourselves or our business ideas.

Finally, Mrs. Rodriguez added that networking is fundamental in our careers, but what is more important is how we work with our net.

If you like our events, would like to become a member of IE Entrepreneurship Club or have any doubts, please send us an email to

Blog post by Andrea Labiste, President of IE Entrepreneurship Club.


IE Public Speaking Club is not only one of the largest professional Club at IE, but also a supportive community of like-minded people, which work together to achieve a common goal: to improve their communication skills, in a dynamic environment and in a stimulating context.

On July 2018, the Club has more than 1140 members. Graduate students, undergraduate students, alumni: high level professionals, with diverse backgrounds, but the same vision. Ever since October 2017, IE Public Speaking Club hosted more than 40 weekly workshops, covering a huge number of different topics.

In sum, the topics analyzed might be brought back to three macro-areas: content creation, effective delivery, and psychological approach. Each of these three macro areas has been developed in detail, following a specific educational system aimed to combine theoretical insights to practical tryouts, able to empower participants and to offer them an immediate opportunity to apply the notions learned during the workshops. Consequently, the weekly workshops followed a pre-determined structure: a first theoretical part, dedicated to a specific topic; a second practical part, dedicated to tryouts (one up to two minutes speeches, followed by a feedback session).

Several other workshops have been organized. The Club co-hosted events with other prestigious clubs, such as IE Debate Club, IE Recruiting Club, IE Women in Business and IE Italy Club. In addition, the Club actively contributed to the event 3MT Competition and to the TEDx IE Madrid: in the first case, a specific workshop has been organized, providing participants with the basic notions on public speaking, effective communication and pitching; in the second case, on an individual basis, two of the officers (the President, Nader El Mashnouk, and the Vice President, Raffaele Piemonte), coached the speakers, helping them to create and to deliver the talks in the most effective way possible.

Our Future.

The future of IE Public Speaking Club will be built starting from the success of the last academic year. The traditional structure of the weekly workshop will be kept, whereas, if the case, minor aspects will be improved on the light of the feedback provided by group members and board officers.

Strengthening the global presence of the Club, through new partnerships with other Clubs, IE Institutions, external associations, alumni, and all the stakeholders of the IE Community, will surely be a key point of the new board’s strategy, which will also take into consideration the possibility to create new and even bigger events.

The final goals are not only to improve the quality and the prestige of the Club, but also to foster the participation of students from all the programs. IEPSC, with more than 1140 students, is already one of the most important professional Club at IE. Our mission is to further improve the Club. We envision the creation of a professional community and a student-driven organization which is able to enhance and to complete the academic experience of the IE Students. Indeed, strong communication skills and the ability to deliver terrific public presentations is an unavoidable requirement of any IE student, and one of the secrets to achieve ambitious professional goals, in any field.

The quality of our Life depends upon the quality of our communication.

Forward. Always.

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