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Written on September 6, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

It is a sunny and warm Sunday afternoon, in Madrid. The noise of the people crowding the buildings that adopted us for ten months fade down, and now there is just silence. Walking through those corridors, it is so weird to watch those empty rooms, so bright yet so quiet.

It seems like yesterday: Monday, July 2nd, 2018. The last workshop of the IE Public Speaking Club.

IE Public Speaking Club is not only one of the largest professional Club at IE, but also a supportive community of like-minded people, which work together to achieve a common goal: to improve their communication skills, in a dynamic environment and in a stimulating context.

Ever since October 2017, IE Public Speaking Club hosted more than 30 weekly workshops, covering a huge number of different topics. In sum, the latter mentioned topics might be brought back to three macro-areas: content creation, delivery, and psychological background. Each of these three macro areas has been developed in detail, following a specific educational system aimed to combine theoretical insights to practical tryouts, able to empower participants and to offer them an immediate opportunity to apply the notions learned during the workshops. For this reason, the weekly workshops followed a pre-determined structure: a first theoretical part, dedicated to a specific topic; a second practical part, dedicated to tryouts (one up to two minutes speeches, followed by a feedback session).

Several other workshops have been organized. Inter alia, the Club co-hosted events with other prestigious clubs, such as IE Debate Club, IE Recruiting Club, IE Women in Business and IE Italy Club. In addition, the Club actively contributed to the event 3MT Competition (an international annual competition where the best students present their thesis to a panel of five up to seven experts, in three minutes), and to the TEDx IE Madrid (no presentation needed): in the first case, a specific workshop has been organized, providing participants with the basic notions on public speaking, effective communication and pitching; in the second case, on an individual basis, two of the officers (the President, Nader El Mashnouk, and the Vice President Membership, Raffaele Piemonte), coached the speakers, helping them to create and to deliver the talks in the most effective way possible.

The achievements have been impressive. It could maybe seem a cliché, or even an exaggeration. Nevertheless, it is sufficient to ask the participants for feedback, to have a glimpse of the impact of the activities of the Club, which has been maybe hardly quantifiable in a tangible way, but surely enormous, from many points of view.

The members of the Club who crowded those rooms know it very well. They felt it, more than once. They felt the importance to improve their abilities. They felt the joy to crack a presentation in class, with investors, with colleagues. They felt the joy to be finally able to stand up and to speak up, confident, in front of any audience.

Improving our public speaking skills is crucial. It is impossible to imagine a prosperous and successful business or academic life without excellent communication skills. And it is especially true if you are enrolled in a prestigious Master at IE, one of the top Business School in Europe and in the whole globe.

This is our vision. The quality of our Life depends upon the quality of our communication.

We will never forget.


Mister President? Yes You Can !

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

How would it feels like to be Obama for a day ? You’d rather be Steve Jobs ? Unless you’re more of a Gandhi kind of person ?ps5

On 27th May, our dedicated members have set the bar higher than ever, by puting themselves in the shoes of the Best Speakers of all times !

President Obama’s victory speech, Steve Jobs’ cancer public announcement, Nelson Mandela’s first speech after 27 years in jail… A little bit of tension, a great dose of concentration and a high amount of acting… that’s all it took to our amazing participants  to jump in and revisit these classicals with success.


Your Time to Shine with the Public Speaking Club !

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

October 2015. Beginning of a new year at IE. Discovery of your new groupmates and, before your realize, you’re already about to present your first project in front of the class. Breathe. CLAP CLAP CLAP : Done ! You’ve survived it. This weird feeling when you realize how good everyone seems to be and how they all look like Public Speaking Masters already! This feeling of anxiety when you think about  your next presentation and remember the Gauss Curve : indeed, you’re gonna be graded according to the level of the class…ps3

The next thing you know : you’re registering as a member of the Public Speaking Club !ps

And the following Tuesday, you are on stage in front of a small audience of IE students who just like you have decided to take this journey through the mysteries of Public Speaking.

« Grab audience’s attention with a catchy intro » « Give your speech a clear structure » « Say it easily : the shorter the better »… as times passes, you learn how to integrate small tips into your speeches to make impact. So excited ! You are definitely repeating on Friday !

With regular feedback and constructive criticism, you start identifying your strenghts and areas of improvement. With regular practice, you start improving on these areas and strenghts. Second term begins, you become comfortable with advanced sessions « Voice modulation : turn a speech into emotions », « Keep audience’s attention till the end », « Non verbal communication : use your body to support your words ». Tone of voice, body gesture, use of the space, eye contact, pauses… As time passes, you start to become natural mixing up these tools…


April 2016. Beginning of the last term. Crazy how the year has been flying, it feels like yesterday that you started the Master and ruined your first presentation… No time for jokes, if you want to get a job you’d better apply now. Soon enough will start the never-ending interview processes. Awwww… how much you’d love to practice to be ready for your appointments…


Continuously using the tools you’ve been learning in the past months, the Club moves on to professional-oriented workshops : « The power of negociation : get the best salary », « Elevator pitch : sell yourself in 30sec », « Group Dynamics »… you are ready to nail your interviews and get that relocation package you’ve been dreaming of before !And before you realize : July 2016. End of the Master. Tears, hugs. You’re definitely going to see these people again ! And while you leave the building, one last time for all, you can’t help yourself to pass by MM203. The safe space where you’ve challenged yourself. The room where you became a grown-up. The place you’ll hold in your heart for a lifetime. IE Public Speaking Club is proud and honoured to have been able to support the personal and professional grow of its members and coordinators.


The Act of a Love affair: Entrepreneurship meets Sales

Written on April 25, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional


IE is well known for its Entrepreneurship role in today’s world thanks to Area 31. As many ideas are born and incubated, so also many never get the opportunity to metamorphose into butterflies for the world to partake in its beauty. So when IE Entrepreneurship club partnered with IE Public Speaking club, there was no mistaken what the outcome would be.  On the 5th of April, renowned Ted speaker and author, ‘A Sales is a Love affair’, Jack Vincent was invited to Area 31 to share insights on his book and equip future innovators with the skills of selling their ideas to get the right attention.

Public Speaking

Ranging from seduction to acting impulsively, there is no limit to the tactics that could be leveraged to gain the right attention, said Jack giving an analogy of its Harry meets Sally story.

With the presence of IE’s own Entrepreneurship & Effective Sales professor, Amir Tarighpeyma, the 3-hour event proved its worth. With a mix of students, alumni and external entrepreneurs using Area 31 as workspace, the participants obviously had questions they needed answers. And they were not disappointed.

In the spirit of innovation, a survey of the event was rolled out using Vozviews, a feedback tool created by 2 MBA students, Idowu Adesina & Joy Mwihia for their Incubation project. It was fulfilling for the organizers that event exceeded expectations, the speaker for insights for his new book as well as the participants who attested to the knowledge gained as they are set to spring into action on their next sales pitch. Public Speaking 2

Worth having a love affair with selling your idea? You bet!

Thank you, IE Entrepreneurship & Public Speaking clubs.

Thank you IE Audiovisual team!

Thank you Campus Life.


Public Speaking Club

Written on January 5, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional, Social

ps1The Public Speaking Club recently hosted a session to help members overcome stage fright and nerves when speaking in public. Everyone present participated in the activities, and then we opened up the floor for a discussion so members could ask questions and share their own tips regarding how to overcome nerves. As board members, it has been great to see so many attendees from our weekly sessions improving so much throughout the course of their time with us!

Other recent weekly sessions to build presentation skills have included topics such as how to show confidence on stage, and practice with making eye contact.

The Public Speaking Club frequently varies the focus of our meetings so we can work on a variety of skills, from what you say to how you say it.

In recent weeks, we held sessions on vocal variety and on how to show passion when presenting. To work on voice modulation, participants practiced emphasizing certain words in their speeches, with the audience guessing what the most important parts of each speech were supposed to be. This helped speakers better understand whether they were using pausing and vocal modulation well enough for the audience to correctly understand the main takeaways.

ps2In the second meeting, we discussed how to show passion in public speaking. Participants chose topics they love to discuss, and each practiced presenting their chosen topic. It was amazing to see how much passion people were able to naturally show when they truly cared about a subject! 

We also recently ran several sessions that focused on content. For example, we practiced presenting with PowerPoints, where the speakers had to improvise because they did not know what was on the upcoming slides. This was a great way for participants to practice improvising in a business setting.

We also recently welcomed a classmate who would be presenting at Area 31. He practiced his elevator pitch for us, and club members gave feedback ranging from content to word choice to posture. We welcome similar requests to practice presenting for important presentations!

The Public Speaking Club has been gaining increasing membership, and we are looking into adding an additional day of practice each week so all participants can have a chance to practice speaking. Stay tuned for an announcement with the details.

We would also like to officially welcome our new board members – Joaquín Garralda Monereo, Idowu Adesina, Vincent Thielke, and Shuvojit Sengupta –  and congratulate our outgoing board members – Amy Seibel, Karoline Johanna Müller, and Daria Aleshina – on their graduations!

The Public Speaking Club Board


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