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Written on December 12, 2017 by Campus Life in Sports

MBAT – HEC Paris May 2017

IE Rugby Club is where I met most of my IE friends from other intakes, sections and programs” (Argentinean from IMBA Jan2017 Intake). We train every Monday at Hortaleza Rugby Club and we organize extra activities to foster team building.

November 4th, we coordinated to have various IE players in a match with Lions. We had a great game winning putting in almost 50 points. International Relations Kiwi import Nick Hutton won man of the match.

November 11th was an international rugby day. Most of the team assembled at James Joyce Bar to see several international test matches and have some drinks. We had our captain Adam Mitchell-Heggs celebrating a victory of England vs Los Pumas of Antonio Feeney. Our Sprinboks Qhawe Ngonyama and Dirk suffered the match between his national team and Ireland. We all ended up on a classic beer contest with Samuel Lewis Ksiazkiewicz and Robert Hilliard as US reps and the September intake showing outstanding skills for this.

This was a fantastic way to finish a year in which we had second places in MBAT and IESE Games. Looking forward to new challenges!

Let’s continue playing, having fun and networking!



IE Rugby Club

Written on December 12, 2017 by Campus Life in Other Activities

July 3rd, 2017

In July 2017 the rugby club organized a training session for non-rugby players. This training session was attended by 25 sports enthusiasts from more than 15 countries. We did this session together with the Lions Club at Hortaleza Rugby Club. The session included rugby coaching exercises covering the basics of all aspects of the game including passing & handling, rucking & mauling, the scrum and more. We closed the session with the traditional touch match and the never absent beers!

September 18th, 2017

September marks the beginning of a new intake from almost all Masters programs at IE! We had players from IMBA, MIM, MIF, Big Data, International Relations, LLM, and cybersecurity, among others. After a few weeks for soft landing of new students, Rugby Coordinators coordinate the first after summer session of the best networking club at IE… IE Rugby Club.
This training session was attended by students from all programs and from 5 continents. The objective was to introduce ourselves, so we split the training from Lions at Hortaleza Rugby Club. At the beginning, coordinators we have coordinators the different programs helped organizing ten basic training exercises and asked about the rugby experience of new comers. We concluded the session stretching with Lions and conducting the stretch in 10 different languages. Great first session guys, WELCOME!



IE Rugby Club February Match

Written on February 23, 2017 by Campus Life in Sports

In the beginning of the cold month of February, IE Rugby Club had the opportunity to open the 2017 season with a very active celebration of our beloved sport in Madrid. It was a great chance for our teams and members to put in practice the skills and energy that we enhance and display at weekly trainings.

The day started with an amazing performance of our Touch team against the Capital Touch of Madrid. IE Rugby Club is a coed mixed club that prides itself and promotes, as one of the core fundamentals, the inclusion of the whole of the IE family around the idea of rugby community, personal development and fun. Touch is a non-physical version of traditional rugby that is based on speed, team coordination and agility and is an extremely fast and fun game to play. Both boys and girls play in the same team and many of our members are first time players and are able to actively participate in the club and games thanks to Touch. The Touch Rugby is also a major sport of the upcoming Spring Games and MBAT, and we are actively training (a lot of talent in the team) to become the European Touch Champions among MBA schools in both competitions!

The day was followed by a classical full contact clash against our traditional foe (and comrades, on the good practice days ) – Lions Rugby Club of Madrid. The match, despite having a friendly character, turned out to be a very intense and hard fought match, in the very best rugby traditions. Despite having only practiced for a few times since the start of new semester and incorporating the members from the new intake, IE showed tremendous heart, energy, will and coordination. The amount of talent and determination showed by the team was inspirational. We had, in the end, to accept an honorable defeat by the Lions, who put up a hell of a game, but within our ranks it rather felt like a win. What was truly remarkable is the that many of the players had just recently started with the club and in Rugby overall! This also highlights our feature of accepting all interested, regardless of the level, we will provide the training and help to learn the sport. The main purpose of the club is again community and participation. Rugby 7s (a version of the full-contact game) is also the major sport at Spring Games and MBAT and we are looking forward to defend the title of the MBAT champions this year!

The day ended with a traditional 3-rd half organized by the Lions where we had quite a few beers, shared some laughs and “war” stories. This is arguably the best part of the day when we got to appreciate each other’s company, the Club, the rugby culture, make some new friends and enjoy a great party which carried well into the night!

The IE Rugby Club has a very active season ahead, with games (all of them trips outside Madrid – great option to travel with awesome people) scheduled in March in Segovia, Barcelona (Spring Games) in April and Paris (MBAT) in May along many other events. If you would like to join the team or at least to learn some more, please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers via Campus Life, anywhere at IE and in one of our events!

By Alejandro Pereda Shulguin
IE Rugby Club Coordinator


First Rugby 7s Championship

Written on November 2, 2016 by Campus Life in Sports

IMG_20161030_131413216Plus 25 degrees Celsius, beautiful Madrid skies and a warm welcoming sun…the conditions could not be any better for the first Rugby 7s championship of the 2016 – 2017 season organized by the IE Rugby Club that took place at CAU Metropolitano Rugby Club pitch this Sunday the 30th. Despite the Halloween weekend and the overwhelming fatigue from studying hard and partying harder, the IE players arrived in numbers forming two 7s sides and two coed touch sides and with contagious eagerness and energy to play their first match of the year and to welcome the newest members from the fall intakes. We were joined in this celebration of rugby by two spirited teams from IESE (both 7s and coed touch team), the mighty Lions from Madrid and the fast and furious team from IE University.

As always in 7s tournament things started fast by the IE Rugby team A, composed of more seasoned and experienced players, taking an early lead in the competition which they maintained until the end. Game went one after another, of course accompanied by good music, laughter, food and drinks: Lions presenting an experienced and “big” in a literal sense of the word (some big guys right there) challenge at every game; technical and lightning guys from IE university could not be contained, winning most of their games in a good show of skills and fitness; IE Rugby team B representing the meaning of resilience and hard work, and most importantly of becoming a real team, with some IMG_20161030_182042884_TOPof the players having their first rugby game ever. Three very big cheers go to the coed touch teams, who despite most of them also playing rugby for the first time ever and with each other, showed an amazing set of skills and team coordination and most importantly fun. The highlight of the day, in full accordance with Spanish traditions of Madrid-Barcelona sports rivalry, was “el Classico” between IE Rugby A team and IESE 7s team – big and ferocious clashes, amazing solo sprints and saves and of course tries and tries and tries…what a game to watch, especially as the teams left the field saluting and congratulating each other in a good rugby traditions.

In the end, IE Rugby A Team with satisfaction of the well done tournament lifted the champions cup while IE University achieved the second place. The festivities though did not stop there but continued well into the night with the oldest and most prominent of all rugby traditions – the 3d half, where the teams had the opportunity to express their Halloween ideas and most importantly bond, sing and share few “war” stories over some well-deserved beers. IE Rugby Club would like to sincerely thank all the participating teams and fans, and especially the IE Campus Life team for their support in organizing what surely is the first of many more events from the IE rugby community.


Rugby triangular tournament

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Sports

On a breezy and cool April afternoon (Saturday the 23rd for those who like specifics), the mighty IE rugby club arrived at Campo de Hortaleza to take part in a triangular rugby tournament. The teams involved were the Madrid Lions, a great ally of IE, and a visiting French team who sported magnificent mullets throughout their games. The IE team was once again supported by some die-hard female members of the club, despite the rain.

The tournament kicked off with the Lions facing IE. Both teams were up for a good afternoon of rugby. These games were shortened slightly to fit in all three games before the Spanish first league final, which was to be played on the same field after the tournament.

IE took a few minutes to shake off some theory on the bond market, before focussing more manfully on the game at hand. This settling in period allowed the Lions to jump into an early lead. The true fighting spirit of the IE team started to bare its teeth, and IE hit back with some tries (that’s points for laypeople) of their own. The second half had both teams going at each other in what can only be described as ‘battlefield pleasantries’. IE had the Lions pinned down, however some ball handling issues prevented a score and the Lions kept their lead to win by one try.

The next game was the Lions versus the French. This game kicked off at a frenetic pace and gave the IE boys a glimpse at the French flair we were to face. It was a hard fought and flowing game of rugby that ended with the French team outscoring the Lions by several tries.

Finally, IE played the French. Some mental preparation was needed for what we knew would be a tough game against a running team. What happened next was a thing of beauty.

The IE team stepped up like a determined monk climbing the stairs to Shangri La. The pace was fierce, the tackles were crunching, the French somehow still had their mullets. IE attacked with gusto and defended like the impenetrable city of Troy. And just like the city of Troy, just one too many tricks slipped through and it was the French who managed to take home the win by one try. It was a close game and a great showing by IE, especially by a group that included members who were just learning how to play the game.

In the true spirit of rugby, the teams gathered in the rain after the game to enjoy a few beers together. It was a great tournament and grand day of rugby. The IE name was carried with pride and the reputation held high.

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