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Suzette Meade & Gabrielle Rajkumar
International MBA Student, September 2017 & International MBA Graduate, January 2017 intake
From: New York, United States, & Trinidad and Tobago

The IMBA Program provides access to many valuable opportunities beyond the classroom. Recently, Gabrielle Rajkumar, graduate of the IMBA January 2017 intake, and Suzette Meade, current student in the IMBA September 2017 intake, identified a career learning and networking opportunity with Google through the IE Talent & Careers Achieve portal. Google hosted the “2017 Top Black Talent Forum” at its London office. This event was part of the tech leader’s core mission to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Gabrielle and Suzette were invited among 55 students from top European institutions selected through a competitive process of more than 1000 student applicants.

For two days, students enrolled in bachelors, masters and MBA degree programs participated in customized activities further to build their knowledge of the company, network with employees across a range of disciplines and learn helpful skills from the HR and recruitment team to enhance future job and internship applications. Also, attendees had the option to participate in variety of “soft” and “hard” skills” workshops, such as digital marketing (Ad Words), leadership development and building one’s personal brand. In addition, to the corporate context, the Forum included a lively Q&A session with successful external content creators from the YouTube network, which demonstrated how Google partners with and provides a platform for the broader community to monetize social media engagement. To cap off the experience, the group took a tour of the unique office space to get an inside look at the environment, new technology on display and day in the life of a Googler.

A message that came through loud and clear from the EMEA University Programs Team and company leaders, who took time out of their busy schedules to present at plenary and breakout sessions, is how much Google values highly qualified MBA graduates as part of its future talent pipeline around the world. The combination of education and work experience that MBA candidates offer is viewed as an asset to the company as it continues to grow and expand its business offerings and talent pool. An example of this is the fact that the Forum added an ad-hoc Q&A session with a Senior Director exclusively for the dozen MBAs in attendance. This session was not on the original agenda, but was inserted midstream to provide a small group experience for MBAs, and was yet another example of how being nimble and adaptive are part of the organization’s DNA.

Whilst the Top Black Talent Forum was aimed specifically at recruitment and networking for students of ethnicity from the global African diaspora, like Gabrielle and Suzette who have cultural roots in the Caribbean, it is just one manifestation of Google’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace. During the Forum, students learned about other Googler Networks such as those dedicated to the LGBTQ community, differently abled individuals and other underrepresented ethnicities. Ultimately, Google as a business is sustainable insofar as it remains a relevant utility for its users. By employing people who contribute diversity of culture, thought, ability, experience, etc. to the workplace, Google helps to ensure that its products and services reflect the expansiveness of its users worldwide.

Overall, Gabrielle and Suzette had a fun, informative and memorable experience at Google UK, and were thankful to IE for raising awareness of this opportunity, which has helped them as they pursue their post-IMBA career paths.


Gabrielle Rajkumar: Gabrielle Rajkumar is a graduate of the IMBA 2017, January intake. She is a native of Trinidad and Tobago and prior to moving to Madrid, lived in New York City where she worked in the Office of the President of the General Assembly at the United Nations. During her MBA, she was the treasurer of the IE Family Business Club and a member of the Net Impact and Soccer Clubs.

Suzette Meade: Suzette Meade is a first-generation Caribbean-American, born and raised in New York, USA. At IE she serves as a Careers Representative and is engaged in leisure and industry clubs. Prior to starting the IMBA program in September 2017, Suzette spent more than 10 years as a corporate communications and public relations professional at global hospitality corporations and consulting agencies. She has visited nearly 50 countries and is “mom” to her dog, Sassy.


Imad Khochman: a message to new IE students

Written on January 11, 2018 by Campus Life in IE Stories

Imad Khochman
International MBA Graduate, January 2017 intake
From: Abidjan, Ivory Coast

To all the inspiring people joining the IE community very soon,

You are about to embark on an uplifting journey and certainly have many expectations. You are probably wondering how this year in Madrid will transform you and help you on your way to being a more accomplished individual. Well, let’s put it this way: It will be what You make it!

It is about how much you’ll get involved in the community, how well you’ll embrace diversity, how open you’ll be to change and how enthusiastic you’ll be to share experiences with your peers. This might seem trivial now for smart people like you, but when the workload will start to peak up, when tensions will appear in some work groups (not all obviously), when you’ll get over the super-excitement of starting your MBA and meeting hundreds of new genuine and creative people; then you might be slightly drained and overwhelmed.

We all have different reasons to be here, different objectives and different ways to deal with more complicated situations: Some will choose to get lost in the crazy Madrid nightlife, others will travel around, some will prefer the calm of their own bubble or even study. As far as I’m concerned, I found Sports to be the perfect element for my personal balance.

Teamwork and Leadership are two key master skills that the IE experience aims to teach. You’ll get the opportunity to develop those skills not only during your MBA classes but also in the different clubs that are available for you to join depending on your areas of interest. Getting involved in those clubs is also a great way to meet more people from different intakes and boost your network. (Going out for drinks is also a good option! You’d be surprised by how much Gin Tonic can help skyrocket your professional network and personal career).

Looking back at my year with the IE Football and Running clubs, as well as at an exciting Triathlon experience in Barcelona, I am very grateful for the friendship and camaraderie that our teams could build regardless of our differences. I am also very proud of the positive attitude and team spirit that we developed while traveling around for sport events in Spain, France and the UK. I have learnt a lot of bad Spanish words on the pitch but I’ve also been inspired by outstanding teammates.

It’s up to you to go out there and make it a special year! All the best!

Bio: Imad is an alumnus from the Jan. 2017 Intake. Originally from Lebanon, he was born and raised in Ivory Coast. After achieving his Masters in Engineering in France, he moved to Canada and the US where he worked in the energy industry before launching a start-up in Montreal. In 2017, he was IE coordinator at the MBATournament in HEC Paris, Member of the IE Football Club and won tournaments in London Business School, Barcelona, Bronze Medal in HEC Paris, was a finisher at the Santander Olympic Triathlon in Barcelona, member of the IE Running Club and Coach of the IE Women Football club.


Alicia Moder
Executive MBA Student, 2017 intake
From: Madrid, Spain

I’m a mother of two children, passionate about digital marketing and very ambitious. It’s difficult to make everything compatible, but I try.

Two years ago, I decided to start writing a blog about digital marketing in health industry to force keeping me updated about the digital transformation that we are living. Especially at the beginning, it was very difficult to manage time between family and “hobby”, but I’m steadfast and I got it.

I noticed how ill-prepared people in this sector are about digital marketing. That’s why, I decided to go ahead and took the first step to write a book, starting teaching at the same time. It took me and my co-author more than a year to write this user manual of digital marketing in healthcare, but we finally succeeded!

Months ago, due to my continuous process of professional development, I realized I needed to take the next step in my professional career and I decided to start an MBA.

During my search for a right business school I realized that IE Business School was internationally well positioned and plays an important role in innovation (that is a must for me), so in October I started the Executive MBA at IE Business School.

I want to be well prepared to manage a team and as Steve Jobs said: “management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could”. IE Business School offers me all the tools I need to be a disruptive leader knowing a company in a 360 degree.

I think it’s the best way to be inspired constantly, by speakers, classmates, teachers etc… Being ambitious it’s important to step up in my career in an environment of innovation, where to learn new skills to better achieve my goals with gorgeous people as the ones I’ve met in IE Business School.

Nevertheless, my family is the most important for me and I want to be inspirational for my children too.

Looking forward, I hope to manage in a right way my personal and professional life without losing sight of what motivates me.

BIO: Digital & Communication Manager- Abbott Diabetes Care. Executive MBA graduate 2017-2018. Coauthor of the book “Marketing Digital-Healthcare” and author of the blog Passionate about Digital Marketing and new technologies, with more than 13 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in a wide rage of fields including Marketing, Sales, eBusiness and Communication. Currently a professor of Digital Marketing in Healthcare, and speaker in different Digital Health Marketing events.



Representing IE at ESADE Case Competition Finals

Written on December 14, 2017 by Campus Life in IE Stories

Out of 20+ entries from schools all over Europe, our pitch deck was selected as one of six finalists and we had the honor of representing IE Business School at the Leading Futures Case Competition November 23-24th in Barcelona. The competition is an annual, ESADE student-led case competition and conference. This year, entrants were asked to create a brand new fintech venture for Banco Sabadell’s innovation hub, InnoCells.

Our Idea: Helping wealth management select investment portfolios that align with the interests, personality and values of millennial clients using data mining techniques from clients’ purchasing habits, prior investment history, social media habits, geo-location, professional history and more. Millennials feel comfortable in investing what they like and wealth management does not know what that is, our tool is to help bridge that gap and leverage data that banks already have and are not leveraging to its fullest potential and data that banks can easily get to better know their clients.

Our Experience: Despite being sleep deprived from final exams we had the opportunity to attend a 5 hour marathon of workshops with Google, Insitum, Business Models Inc and InnoCells to fine tune our new venture idea. The most valuable workshops for the team were on the business model canvas and human centered design, and the elements needed for a successful pitch. After the workshops, we had until midnight to refine our pitch and submit a final pitch deck for the next day. Despite the time crunch, we were amazed by our team’s cool composure throughout the process.

The next day, in between other workshops attended by ESADE students we pitched our final solutions in front of a panel of industry experts:

•Lilly Vasanthini, Infosys, AVP & Germany Head – Delivery & Operations

•Moniek Tiel Groenestege, Business Models Inc, Strategy Designer

•Dr. Miquel Noguer Alonso, UBS & Columbia University, Executive Director & Adjunct Professor

•Adria Battle, Innocells, Director of Venture Building

We pitched in front of 100 audience members and fielded tough questions from the judging panel. The other five finalists from ESADE, IESE, and Bath had amazing venture ideas ranging from tuition currency hedging, green finance investing, personal finance management, and leveraging blockchain technology. Ultimately our team was not selected as the winning team and the 2000 Euro grand prize went to the team from Bath School of Management.

The Learnings:

Despite not winning, the experience of pitching a venture exposed some areas of improvement for each of us especially skills related to storytelling and understanding our audience. We really enjoyed the collaboration and networking amongst MBA students outside of IE. The conference had a healthy dose of competition amongst schools but also an incredible amount of knowledge sharing on the fintech sector but more importantly on the MBA experience. Finally, this competition got us out of our comfort zone and forged new bonds. Our team had never worked together before and came together because we were all looking to challenge ourselves and bring classroom learning to the real world. We have to give a special shout out to Professor Jose Esteves whose Innovation in a Digital World course served as inspiration for our venture idea and whose mentorship on the case proved to be invaluable in making it to the final stage.

Short Bios:

Trishna Patel is a former management consultant and Kiva Fellow looking to transition into a career that ideally blends innovation, digital technology, and social impact.

Geetansh Kakkar has 4+ years of work experience as an entrepreneur and consultant in the transportation and automotive sector.

Guillermo Chinchilla has joined IE’s IMBA pursuing a new career line within Finance after five years in Private Banking in Geneva.

Daniel Schloss comes from a market entry research and strategy background for a real estate firm. He is looking to transition into management consulting or digital market entry strategy.

Dr. Luca Borgio holds a PHD in Bioengineering and in the past has successfully managed international medical devices, healthcare, pre clinical & clinical pharma projects. He is a dedicated team player and thrives in managing complex projects in an open & innovative environment.



Jesus Martin
Chief Data Officer at The Cocktail and Associate Professor at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology
From: Madrid, España

One of the passions I have always had is observing how the world can be improved with data, how many phenomena can be understood and better decisions can be made by using analytics. While I was studying at the University, I asked one of the professors to collaborate with him to facilitate practical activities to students on financial economics with spreadsheets software. This was my first teaching experience ten years ago and something that I will never forget. Those thoughts around data and analytics have evolved to dream of a future in which we could all live in a better world having technology doing everything that a machine could do with data and leaves us room for whatever needs more than data to be achieved.

This passion has been always developed in parallel with my fascination about digital and how the world changes by having easy access to endless information and communication. Before finishing my studies on Business and Law, I deeply enjoyed designing and building websites as well as learning all about digital marketing that I was not learning in my studies.

I did not expect these two passions would come together so smoothly as when I started working at Google Spain in 2010. I realized how data, analytics and digital marketing can work together to improve the experiences that a brand, an organization or a government provide to the world. Amazing things can be done with the right approach and the proper technology and making this happen is what I realized I wanted to spend my time on.

Looking back, I realize how lucky I am. Now, working at The Cocktail as Chief Data Officer, we define how data and analytics can be used to improve the business of our clients with a true focus on the end user, and teaching Digital Analytics and Marketing Intelligence at the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology are achievements that I could never imagine a few years ago. Thinking about the people that I have found in the path, having lived in three continents and collecting amazing experiences along the way is amazing but in my mind there is always the mantra of “the best is yet to come”. Nevertheless, what really makes me get goosebumps is to think about my year old baby and my wife who are always pushing me higher.

At the IE, I teach courses on understanding the digital data ecosystem at the Market Research and Consumer Behavior master and how data can be used to improve marketing at the Business Analytics and Big Data master. I have been teaching at the IE for three years and my main challenge is to have students become passionate about data and digital marketing. Same passion is applied to the projects that we at The Cocktail develop with the IE to define and implement how different marketing channels can be optimized to improve business goals. Hopefully, my IE Blueprint lasts for a long time and the digital revolution through data is continuously adopted at IE to generate competitive advantages that make IE more and more relevant in the world.

Bio: Jesús Martín is Chief Data Officer at The Cocktail and Associate Professor at the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, teaching digital and marketing analytics. He worked at Google four years holding different positions at the Global Business Operations team in Madrid and New York, working with large companies to make the most of their digital marketing efforts. Spanish with international perspective, he holds an MBA from INSEAD, studied Law and Business at the Rey Juan Carlos University and worked at its Applied Economics department as researcher and lecturer. He also studied the Superior Degree of Music at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, specialized in contemporary accordion and has played in several chamber groups and music bands.

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