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IE Strategy Club 2018

Written on July 20, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

BCG and Iberia

The ie Strategy Club had the privilege of hosting an event with The Boston Consulting Group and Iberia. Both our guests talked to the audience about strategy in Business, underlining the ideas of digital transformation in consulting and aviation industry. The experience has been enriching and both guests stayed in touch with IE community supporting students in projects related to the aviation industry and preparing MBAs in the touch process on consulting case interviews.


McKinsey visited the MBA campus as special guests of IE strategy club. The event was full house and the conversation with the presenters was so interesting that most of the club members stayed over even if they had to attend another important event! As global top consulting firm, McKinsey speakers talked about transfer pricing as strategic approach to business and how important is to have a deep knowledge on this topic in today’s business world.


IE Strategy Club – Glaxosmithkline event

Written on July 11, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

On the 24th of May 2016, a month rich of events organized by Strategy Club (just to mention the biggest ones, Nestle and Unilever), we were glad to host Maurizio Borgatta and Nuno Couto of Glaxosmithkline (“GSK”) for a presentation regarding  group’s global strategy as well as challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces nowadays.GSK 1

In specific, a key theme discussed was diversification- a strategy followed by the group until the recent past- with its implications on GSK share price along the years. Another key point mentioned was the asset swap between GSK and Novartis, which resulted in both groups further strengthening their already strong portfolios. Opposed to the diversification strategy, this move can be viewed as “divesting” and focusing on the core business.GSK 2

The presentation was followed by a networking cocktail were students had the chance to have casual but insightful chats with Maurizio and Nuno.

Both of them are IE MBA graduates and have joined the Esprit program of GSK. They were really eager to transmit what the working environment in the company looks like as well as share relevant info for the MBA as well as the master programs offered by GSK.

We would like to thank Maurizio and Nuno for the time and effort they devoted to this event and the students that honored as with their presence and brilliant questions!



IE Strategy Club is back

Written on July 11, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

Despite the very low activity of IE Strategy Club during the last few years, in 2016 the Club under new board of coordinators managed to become one of the most active Clubs in IE, bringing big international companies from different industries. In the beginning, we ran a survey to IE students asking them in which sectors they would like to work and what expectations they have from this Club. Surprisingly, the participation was high and the results clear. Technology and FMCG were the favorite sectors, followed by Pharmaceutical and Finance. Based on the results the coordinators of the Club focused their efforts to these industries and especially to the first three ones. From December the Club started contacting alumni of IE and other professionals who work in Strategy departments or in roles related to Strategy. The reaction of some alumni was very warm and they were excited to come back to their university to talk about their companies and their business. However, there were many difficulties to bring speakers from out of Madrid with main one the lack of time to travel to Madrid for presenting and meeting students. In addition, there was lack of funding for covering at least the flights and the accommodation of the speakers. Both problems with main one the lack of time had as a result many potential speakers to not be able to come in Madrid for a presentation till now. Some of them are Uber, Google, Nestle Innovation department, etc.

Despite the difficulties, the Strategy Club hosted events which attracted the interest of many students from different masters (mainly IMBA, MIM, Big Data and Communication) and increased its members in IE Campus and Facebook. Particularly, the first event was with the VP of Strategy of Amadeus, the leader of IT Travel industry. In the cocktail which followed the students had the opportunity to speak also to many other employees of Amadeus collecting information about several departments, such as M&A, Marketing and Finance. In this event, the IE Strategy Club managed to have as a sponsor the Jameson Whisky for first time in IE which provided some tasty cocktails with Jameson whisky. By this time, more and more Clubs started using the same sponsor bring a new ‘flavor’ to IE events.

In addition, four more big events took place. The director of NESTLE Spain Professional with base in Barcelona spoke online to the students about the trends in FMCG industry, the changes in Nestle and the key of  an international career in FMCG industry. The next event was with two alumni of IE who work in GSK and they are members of ESPRIT program. Nuno and Maurizio gave us a really insightful presentation about the new strategy of GSK, the deal with Novartis and what changes are happening in Pharmaceutical industry. The event was hosted in cooperation with the Healthcare Club of IE. The other big event was with the Strategy department of the head office of Unilever with two speakers Daniel (alumni) and Ramiro. In this presentation, it was introduced for first time the method of mini cases which intrigued the students and helped them understand what kind of problems this team of Unilever is trying to solve. CMC helped a lot and sponsored the cocktail but also coordinated the interviews for the recruiting process of the two  teams of Unilever Strategy department. The last event of IE Strategy Club was with Facebook (Dublin) where Prashant, alumni of Executive MBA with previous experience in Google and AIESEC, gave a very nice presentation about the changes in Facebook, the trends and challenges in the industry and the career opportunities in Facebook.

For all these events we had the total support of IE Campus, thank you very much Mihaela and Chiarra! Three of the existing main coordinators are going to graduate this month Arlon, Dimitrios (President of the Club) and Thais (VP).  We would like to thank them for their hard work and contribution to make this Club one of the best Clubs in IE in 2016. Special bravos to Arlon Carl who designed all the posters of the club, to Dimitrios for contacting companies and bringing speakers and to Thais for coordinating processes and events of the Club. We wish to Aditi and Panos who are going to keep running the Club together with the new elected coordinators to continue the activity of the Club with even more ideas and contribute to IE Community.

Thank you,

IE Strategy Club

For more activities of the club, you can register in ie campus page and Facebook page of IE Strategy Club.


strategy club, Challenging the CustomerOn May 16th, IE Strategy Club hosted Mr. Bernardo Centrone, Country General Manager for Southern and Eastern Europe Countries at Orange Business Services. Bernardo gave a lecture with the theme “Challenging the Customer: A Strategy for Southern Europe”. As Southern Europe is, like many parts of the world, hit by the financial crisis, it was a very relevant topic in the current context. It was interesting for us as Strategy Club to learn from Bernardo the strategy used by him and his team to manage and achieve the company’s objectives and target profitability for this sophisticated region.

Bernardo shed light on various areas such as the traditional versus Orange specified sales model, the different profiles of sales managers and where each one is best fit, Orange Business Service’s objectives, and its current foot print and market share. He also gave examples of current key accounts and how they managed to increase the chances of making them sign a contract with Orange. Bernardo also spoke about the consultative sales versus the challenging sales and why the latter may be more successful nowadays. Last but not least, he told us about the main customer loyalty drivers. After his engaging presentation, there was a lot of interest in the Q&A session.

The session lasted for one hour. The audience were from a variety of IE masters programs which reflected the diversity of IE and added flavor to the whole discussion during the session.


Interview with a Club: IE Strategy Club

Written on April 8, 2013 by Campus Life in Professional

Who are we?

Strategy coordinatorsStrategy is everywhere, in business and in everyday life. With the club, we hope to help the students realize the importance of strategy in business, just as mathematics is essential in physics.
Non-market strategies, for example, are particularly relevant, not only during crisis but also in a more general manner, as all the aspects related to strategy are critical to maximize business growth and impact  as a manager. 
Our first objective is to provide a platform to club members to network with other students that have similar interests and who are passionate about strategy. Our second and equally important objective is to offer the possibility to the students to meet professionals and renowned professors in these fields, by conducting events, and providing job opportunities in various fields. 

We view the club as a cornerstone between different disciplines, that is why we take collaborative actions to bring speakers to school.

Current Coordinators

Dom: I am the president but I would rather say that I am coordinating and bringing to life the ideas developed and validated by the group. I am the “ancient” by my age and because I will be graduated in two months. Besides this, I am French, did my PhD with the WHO, worked and wed in Brazil and super impatient to start a new professional life.

Raviteja: I am one of the board members of this nascent and exciting club. We discuss interesting topics on how to lay a strong foundation and build the club for the current and future generations. I am from India and have solid experience in marketing, technology consulting and co-founding a tech firm. Am deeply interested in politics, business and armed forces, which leads to my love for strategy.

Nikhil: I am a board member of the Strategy Club and am responsible for developing ideas for the activities of the club and maintaining relations with the IE administration. I am currently studying the IMBA at IE prior to which I was working at S&P Capital IQ. I studied economics during graduation and international marketing during my post graduate studies. In my free time, I like watching and playing all kinds of sports, singing, and driving.

Aditya: I am the VP of external communications for the Strategy Club and look into dealing with external sources and potential speakers that can benefit members of the club and school from a strategic point of view. I have a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State – USA and have worked as a strategy consultant for IBM Consulting in the Middle East. I have had the opportunity to live and work in over 5 countries in the last 6 years, and as such realize the importance strategy plays in both local and global businesses. An avid photographer, I hope to show case my skills on an international platform one day.

Club Activities

Our main focus for is to regularly organize conferences with top-level executives involved in the strategy decision making process of their companies. We try, whenever possible, to associate recruiters from the HR department of those companies to the events.

Our Vision

We have two main projects that we would like to develop in the near future. Firstly, a case competition; wherein we would like to involve a real company and groups of 3 students each to develop possible strategies to solve a pre-determined problem being faced by the company. Judges will be professors and, of course, the management of the company as well. A prize-money will be given to the winner team.

Secondly, we plan to organize a more ambitious project – a daylong forum on strategy to be conducted once a year to explore the trends and challenges in various industries and strategies of the companies to tackle current challenges.

Get in touch and participate!

The easiest way is to talk directly to us, then you can send an email or leave a message on IE communities, but we are also present on Facebook, on Business Because and we will be present on LinkedIn in few months, when the club will be well established with a regularity of events that we do not have right now.

In terms of support or collaboration, we started almost from scratch, thanks to Christian Baillifard and Scott Robertson the club is alive since one year, but we have a lot to do. We are looking for sponsors for the club in order to be able to organize our events with a decent networking after the conference and also to develop other activities. We also request students to help us simply by providing direct contacts with executives that we can invite for our events.

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