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Women in Luxury & Retail Blog

Written on October 26, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

Last night, October 24th, the Women in Business Club hosted our Women in Luxury & Retail Dinner sponsored by Mastercard at Habanera. This event is one of our 6-part dinner series, each hosting speakers and students interested in a sector voted for by our club members.

Joined by Veronica Baez Marquez Former Marketing Director at LVMH and CEO & Co-Founder of Designersrooms, Marina Oliveira Vendor Manager Beauty and Luxury Beauty at, Marisa Velasco Brand & Communications Director at LasRozasVillage in Value Retail and Alessandra Chichi EVP and General Counsel for HBO Europe.

All of our guest speakers took their path one step ahead and are focusing on the next level of the Luxury & Retail world:

• Veronica who stepped into the powerful entrepreneurship world and founding a strategic consulting services, specializing in the development of Luxury and fashion brands.
• Alessandra who is an inspiring executive in one of the successful companies that is in charge of many Luxury players (actors and shows) in the market and their daily performances.
• Marina who is enriching every day the environment in Amazon and is looking into changing the Luxury Beauty department in Amazon, making it more environmentally friendly.
• Marisa which is in charge of creating the best Luxury experience for clients while they shop for the next Luxury item in the Real Estate company which holds all the Luxury brands under one roof.

During the dinner the members of the club brought up a very important subject which touches all: Sustainability and Environment. We spoke about how important it is for the Luxury brands, that many people would pay a high price for them, should set a positive example while watching over the environment and being an influencer as part of being the change in the world.

The evening began with networking followed by a sit down 3 course dinner where we went around the table introducing ourselves and asking questions about the Luxury industry and its secret to be successfully positioned. consulting industry that we do not have access to asking in most career related environments and shared our personal experiences as women in business. Key learnings from our amazing speakers and students that we’d like to share from this event include:

Quotes – Female in Luxury & Retail

• As Luxury is a very competitive industry, you need to understand that if you truly believe in yourself, take risks, go forward with it and don’t be afraid to fail.
• I always ask myself: What is the worst thing that can happen? I always see that the answer is the answer I already had before trying- No.
• The “secret” is to think outside of the box, to initiate and create.
• You are the only person who is standing in front of achieving what you would like to, put yourself in the spot light, just like high branding, and people will approach you the same.

Our Dinner Series is designed in an intimate setting to facilitate open and honest conversation to flow between leading professionals and students, a learning experience and sharing of perspectives like no other. Future Dinner Series events planned until the end of the year include: Women in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Technology and Leadership. Join the Women in Business Club here to be kept in the loop for future events.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Women in Business Dinner Series Event.

WiB Coordinators.


“Women in Entrepreneurship” Dinner

Written on October 2, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

On September 25th, the IE Women in Business Club hosted the “Women in Entrepreneurship” Dinner. We would like to thank the speakers for the active discussion they encouraged with students – their carefully thought out advice made this event a true success! The speakers who joined us were:

María Gómez Del Pozuelo, CEO of Womenalia
Alexandra Pereira, Founder and Creative Director of Lovely Pepa
Sugata Jain, Co-Founder and Manager of LifeStrong Coaching
Izanami Martínez, Co-Founder and CEO of The Notox Life

The “speed dating” set-up made it so that groups of five to six students had 30 minutes with each speaker to get to know them more closely. All rounds started with the speakers sharing general advice with students, and then discussing their personal experience in the entrepreneurial world.

According to them, there is no “right for all” path in an entrepreneurial career. For example, in Alexandra Pereira’s case, a blog can lead to a career as an influencer and later to Creative Director of your own brand. In María Gómez’s case, it is possible to have more than 10 years in the corporate world and realize you want to pursue something for yourself. They all work very closely with their team on a daily basis and agreed that it was crucial not to forget the importance of a team over a product, and that the team be aligned with the new venture’s objective.

We were all inspired by each of these empowering women’s stories, and were excited to learn about what’s coming next for them in their careers:

For Maria, Womenalia will soon launch in Latin America, with the focus of providing Latin women with the necessary information to make the best decisions in their career paths.

Alexandra is currently working bi-costal with her team in LA to launch a new collection for Lovely Pepa Collection while continuing her collaborations with other brands as an influencer.

Izanami is currently working on the app launch of her company: The Notox Life, which focuses on the importance of wellness and finding the best version of ourselves.

Sugata is launching two Academies to help others become entrepreneurs and is working as an advisor with EZ Sports to promote diversity in the gaming community.

On behalf of the WIB Club, we would like to thank the students for participating, Campus Life for assisting with event, and give a special thanks to MasterCard for sponsoring the initiatives of the Women in Business Club. We look forward to seeing you again at one of our future events.

We are very excited to announced our upcoming conference “Rise and Take the Lead” on November 12th, where several empowering women from a variety of industries will provide insights into their inspiring careers.

Do you want to participate in futures events? Want to become a member of the Women in Business Club? Sign up on Campus Groups ( and follow us in Instagram for updates on events.


Katharina Streibich
International MBA January 2017 intake
President, IE Women in Business Club
From: Bühl, Germany

A couple of weeks ago, the admissions office asked me to present the IMBA to prospective students and to answer their questions regarding IE, the program and living in Madrid.

In preparation for the call, I thought about the three reasons why I chose the IMBA: Its internationality, its set-up and its focus on Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

First, I guess having 92% international students, is one of IE’s biggest assets. We all love the different national parties and club events to taste local specialties, such as Tequila, Aguardiente, Pisco or delicious German beer at Oktoberfest. However, the true value add are the study groups. My first study group represented almost all continents and it was interesting to see how the dynamics changed over time. Whereas the (Latin) Americans and the Europeans were quite communicative and participative from the very beginning, it needed a karaoke party to reveal the real personality of some Asian fellows. However, the study groups are not only a lot of fun, but also a unique and save learning environment, both from a personal and professional point of view.

Second, the flexible set-up of the IMBA allows us to have the same benefits as in a two-year MBA program. Having the chance to do either an internship or the start-up lab as part of the MBA was one of the key reason why I chose IE. Although I love to live in the IE-bubble, I decided to leave Madrid during the summer to conduct an internship in London. Especially for students who want to change their career an internship is a great learning and networking experience.

Third, having worked as a Consultant before, I wanted to understand in detail what all those digital buzz-words, which I put on my slides, really mean and how they impact our lives, both in the short- and long-term. IE is the only top business school in Europe, that offers basically a class or club for every single digital technology.

Another reason why most of us love IE, is the rich campus life directly in the heart of Madrid. IE has plenty of national, industry, sports, and social clubs. Being a member of such a club is not only a great networking experience, but also a great chance to strengthen your soft- and hard-skills.

To come back to my call with the prospective students and the advice I gave them. – The IMBA is a great chance to experiment and to reach new limits. For some things, such as internships, you have to be a bit more proactive, but at the end of the day thanks to the program’s flexibility everything is possible at IE. So, make the most out of it and even more importantly ENJOY the exiting time!!!

Bio: Katharina, is an IMBA student from the January 2017 intake and will graduate in December. She just returned from London, where she completed the IMBA in Practice Internship at Here at IE, Katharina is leading the Women in Business and the Technology & Innovation club. Prior to her MBA, Katharina worked for 5.5 years at Accenture Strategy in the area of Strategy and Digital Finance in Munich, Germany. Before starting her professional career, Katharina studied in the UK, France, Germany, and Argentina.

Katharina loves sports, travelling, good food, modern art, and history.


Women in Business Mentoring for Career Options Program

Written on June 17, 2014 by Campus Life in Professional

Rachel Introducing Mentoring ProgramIf you don’t know about the Women in Business Club’s mentoring program yet, YOU SHOULD!

The program is coordinated by the Women in Business Club with the help and support of the IE Center for Diversity.  The mentors are men and women executives and professionals based in Madrid whom come from a variety of nationalities and industries.  All mentors speak either Spanish or English, or both.  The purpose of the program is to provide professional support and mentoring during their master program, to develop a model to provide support for the careers of high-potential women, and to develop evaluation and monitoring tools that will enable the program to track the professional development of participants over time.

The program begins with an initial workshop to introduce mentees to mentors, provide mentoring training and help participants find a good match.  Once the mentees and mentors have been matched 1:1, they will begin their individual mentoring sessions where they can focus on what the mentee has identified as their goals.  Once the four individual sessions have been completed, the IE Center for Diversity provides a closing event for the mentees and mentors separately so that they can share their experiences with each other.  We then ask for a final evaluation from the mentees and mentors so that we (the Women in Business club and the Center for Diversity) can analyze the process among all parties involved in order to make improvements for coming years.

Mentoring MeetingSounds great, right?  I’m sure you’re wondering how to sign up.  Our current mentoring program is already in session, but we will be providing an information session for the next mentoring program in the summertime (to be announced at a later date) where you can get more details on the application process and you can also ask questions to the Women in Business club.  The application process is rigorous as we’re looking for the most dedicated and responsible students.  After all, you’re representing not just yourselves, but also the Women in Business Club and IE.  As a former mentee myself, I promise that it is worth it!  And if you need more reasons for applying, here are quotes from mentees and mentors that participated in last year’s program:

“Thanks to my mentor, joining the Mentoring Program was one of the best decisions of my MBA.”
– Mentee

“It was an amazing experience with a lot of support for different areas in my life and future career path.” – Mentee

“This process has inspired me to become a future mentor.  I have gained so much through this program that I would like to give back to society.”
– Mentee

“Vuelves a los básicos de tu motivación profesional y llegas enseguida a puntos de encuentro entre el mentor y el mentee.  El aprendizaje es mutuo.”
– Mentor

“Was able to engage with a mid-career woman to better understand the challenges she faces in making decisions about what she really wants in a career.”
– Mentor

“The mentoring program allowed me to discover and strengthen a stronger part of myself that I didn’t realize I had.”
– Mentee

Karishma Me Lisa“The program provides the opportunity to exchange experiences with a person who has a significant professional career, but especially excellent personal qualities.”
– Mentee

“El programa me ha ayudado a conocerme más a mi misma y disfrutar más de la situación profesional que tengo.”
– Mentee

For more information, please contact

IE Women in Business Club


An honest conversation

Written on May 5, 2014 by Campus Life in Professional

Carmen Garcia and Lisa In March, the Women in Business club at IE welcomed Carmen García, Director of Business Analytics at IBM and Mentor for the Women in Business Club’s mentoring program, to present the top career advancement factors from a study with 600 IBM Executives from around the world.  While there was very valuable information in the presentation, the club was surprised to see the important dialogue that happened during the Q&A at the end of the presentation.  Both men and women in the audience were asking questions to Carmen and to each other, and then it became more of a conversation.  “As a man, how do I manage women employees in a conservative culture?”  “Am I making a career mistake as a woman by joining a company that is male-dominated?”  “How can I help empower other women?”  “How do I deal with women who are negative towards other women?”  A few participants then approached a few of the club coordinators after the presentation and asked us to “continue the conversation”. 

We decided to do just that.

Lisa Introducing Carmen GarciaIn April, we launched our first event in the series of “An honest conversation”.  The event was simple: a casual roundtable on gender in the workplace.  Both men and women from a variety of countries joined in an open conversation about gender.  Some questions were controversial and we didn’t always agree, but that’s ok.  The important thing was that we were open to hearing each other and open to discussing without judgment. 

In May, we continued “An honest conversation” with a panel featuring 3 IE professors followed by a Q&A.  Each professor gave a short background of their career path and then we opened the floor to questions around gender from the students.  We can’t take all of the credit for this event.  We were actually approached by several students that were both inspired by and curious about the lives of their female professors at IE.

We realize that these events may be simple and short, but we also realize that they are some of the only gender-related career conversations that many of us students will have while at IE.  So please join in and continue the “honest conversation”.  

For more information, please contact

IE Women in Business Club

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