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This and many other interesting questions were discussed at the HeforShe at IE Launch event on Friday, June 17th. The IE Women in Business Club managed to gather a group of top-notch panelists to discuss the importance and benefits of gender equality in a Panel:

– Michele Meneghini, CR and Diversity and Inclusion Manager at PWCHeForShe

– Sandra Moreno Calderon, Managing Director – CFO & Enterprise Value Spain and Portugal Lead at Accenture Strategy

– Erik Schlie, Dean of the IMBA Program at IE Business School

and Rolf Strom Olsen, Professor at IE Business School


The Panel was moderated by Joaquin Pardo, currently International MBA student at IE Business school and former program coordinator at UN Women.

With over 80 participants, the event was a great success! It showed that there is a great interest in the student body to support this UN campaign, which encourages men to support women’s rights. IE is one of the first Business Schools in Europe to launch a broad campaign dealing with this topic. This event will only be the start of many more initiatives in support of HeforShe at IE to come. We don’t just want to start the conversation; we want to lead a change in mindset!

To stay up to date, follow the “IE Women in Business Club” and the “HeforShe for IE” page on Facebook. Also check out the amazing quotes handed it by IE students, professors and other staff in the MM31 Launchpad and in MM04.

To find out more about the UN Initiative HeforShe, please visit




Why diversity matters at Mckinsey

Written on November 23, 2015 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Professional, Social

mckinseyThe IE Diversity club and IE Women in Business club organized another successful event. Maria del Mar Martinez, Director from Mckinsey came to explain “Why Diversity Matters”. There are two details in Maria del Mar career that tell us a lot about Mckinsey leadership as well as hers. She was appointed partner while she was on a part time program after her maternity making her one of the first female partners in Iberia.

After moderating her brilliant presentation I received several messages of students saying it was a great and inspiring conversation, and so it was indeed!

She combined corporate figures with personal insights, which is what I personally enjoyed the most.

73% companies set gender as a priority and believe there is a case, mainly focusing in two targets: best brains and coping with customer demographics. But more and more women want to be there, and although there is not a causality relation there is a correlation between those corporations having, not one or two, but three women at the top and a healthier bottom line.

Further to Maria del Mar there are still four barriers: Structural obstacles; life style, that is continuously changing, not only for women but also for men who are changing the balance of time and the way they devote to work; Institutional biases, for example, women are promoted more often further due to their performance and men for their potential; and lastly, the individual mindset.

I totally agree with her, Diversity advancement is significant only when it´s a mandate from the top, further to her data only 54% of professionals think that their CEO is visibly committed with gender diversity …. 47% of women and 61% of men.

With regard to her personal insights. She gave general recommendations and ended with some specific advice for women.

  • Take the reins
  • Do not fear
  • Set goals and go for them
  • Be optimistic
  • Look for and exploit your energy sources.

She insisted a lot in the importance of feedback, we have to learn how to give it and receive it. Do not be defensive when you receive feedback and do not take it personally.

And specifically for women who want to lead:

  • Choose well your companion, it is a long and difficult way
  • Organization! You have to delegate at home and at work
  • Personal reflection
  • Contribute to other women successful career.

Women in Business Mentoring Program

Written on March 13, 2015 by Campus Life in Professional

WIBWomen in Business Club continues existing tradition and this year organizes in the third time the Mentoring Program. The Program is open to all MBA students and is organized together with IE centre of Diversity.

This year the Program has started in February with the series of events:

1) Kick-off event (February 2015)
2) Mentoring Workshop (March 2015)
3) Breakfast with Mentors (March 2015)
4) One-to-one sessions with mentors (March-July 2016)
5) Closing of Mentoring Program ( July 2015)

This year Mentoring Program has started with a great success. We got a great number of applications and selected the best suitable and most motivated candidates for Mentoring Program. Centre of Diversity as previously supported the program and connected the mentees with the mentors.

During the Mentoring Program the mentees will get the guidance and advices from mentors in order to be able to do the right strategic steps to realize their career dreams, to evaluate the beliefs and values, to say NO to certain positions and to identify the right work-life balance between personal and professional lives, to find out the tactics to get promotions internally and externally.  The main goal of the mentoring program is to help mentees to decide what does mentee want in life and to define what  needs to be made it to happen, how to create the conditions and build the connections.

The mentors will help the mentees to review the IE´s values such as  Diversity, Humanities, Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship, and to align them with own values. The mentors will help to find out what it means to be entrepreneurs of own career, including the following questions:

• How to be sure that our dreams are adjusted to this world?
• How to plan strategically and to find short term goals and to be flexible to review the path and long term goals.
• What are “individual responsibilities”?
• Who are professional role models?
• Who are the negative roles (what do I not want to be)?

Working together Mentees and Mentors will found out the right balance for the strategy and tactics and also the difference between real time and quality time as well as the personal methodology to make decisions and be consistent to follow them.


Women in Business Club 2014

Written on January 5, 2015 by Campus Life in Professional

wib area31This year in the Women in Business club, we have had various different and interesting events.

For one we had a PwC women leadership series which involves a networking and open round table discussion. However, throughout the year we tried to come up with other interesting ideas to make more people aware of the club and this is when we decided to collaborate with the IE Entrepreneurship club.

Around July is when we decided to have another speaker series. The series featured an IE professor, Paz Ambrosy. Paz took us through a very relaxed open session of her journey from a lawyer to a successful angel investor, followed by questions and answers. On one side she shared her journey as a woman in the industry and some of the struggles she dealt with, and on the other side there were many aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted to know how she had such a broad portfolio ranging from biotech, to NGO’s to consumer goods. As well she gave valuable advice on how to get started with ideas for companies and how to get investors. In the end it was valuable and also inspiring.

Below you can see a picture from the event in Area 31.

As of lately we have been busy working with the Center for Diversity to work on our mentorship program, which will start again next year in 2015. See the link for more information.

As well stay tuned for more networking sessions and speaker series. Our next session will be December 16th from 6:30-8:00 and will be focused on ‘Why and How to Build Long-lasting Professional Connections’. For more details on the event join the following link.


Women in Business Mentoring for Career Options Program

Written on June 17, 2014 by Campus Life in Professional

Rachel Introducing Mentoring ProgramIf you don’t know about the Women in Business Club’s mentoring program yet, YOU SHOULD!

The program is coordinated by the Women in Business Club with the help and support of the IE Center for Diversity.  The mentors are men and women executives and professionals based in Madrid whom come from a variety of nationalities and industries.  All mentors speak either Spanish or English, or both.  The purpose of the program is to provide professional support and mentoring during their master program, to develop a model to provide support for the careers of high-potential women, and to develop evaluation and monitoring tools that will enable the program to track the professional development of participants over time.

The program begins with an initial workshop to introduce mentees to mentors, provide mentoring training and help participants find a good match.  Once the mentees and mentors have been matched 1:1, they will begin their individual mentoring sessions where they can focus on what the mentee has identified as their goals.  Once the four individual sessions have been completed, the IE Center for Diversity provides a closing event for the mentees and mentors separately so that they can share their experiences with each other.  We then ask for a final evaluation from the mentees and mentors so that we (the Women in Business club and the Center for Diversity) can analyze the process among all parties involved in order to make improvements for coming years.

Mentoring MeetingSounds great, right?  I’m sure you’re wondering how to sign up.  Our current mentoring program is already in session, but we will be providing an information session for the next mentoring program in the summertime (to be announced at a later date) where you can get more details on the application process and you can also ask questions to the Women in Business club.  The application process is rigorous as we’re looking for the most dedicated and responsible students.  After all, you’re representing not just yourselves, but also the Women in Business Club and IE.  As a former mentee myself, I promise that it is worth it!  And if you need more reasons for applying, here are quotes from mentees and mentors that participated in last year’s program:

“Thanks to my mentor, joining the Mentoring Program was one of the best decisions of my MBA.”
– Mentee

“It was an amazing experience with a lot of support for different areas in my life and future career path.” – Mentee

“This process has inspired me to become a future mentor.  I have gained so much through this program that I would like to give back to society.”
– Mentee

“Vuelves a los básicos de tu motivación profesional y llegas enseguida a puntos de encuentro entre el mentor y el mentee.  El aprendizaje es mutuo.”
– Mentor

“Was able to engage with a mid-career woman to better understand the challenges she faces in making decisions about what she really wants in a career.”
– Mentor

“The mentoring program allowed me to discover and strengthen a stronger part of myself that I didn’t realize I had.”
– Mentee

Karishma Me Lisa“The program provides the opportunity to exchange experiences with a person who has a significant professional career, but especially excellent personal qualities.”
– Mentee

“El programa me ha ayudado a conocerme más a mi misma y disfrutar más de la situación profesional que tengo.”
– Mentee

For more information, please contact

IE Women in Business Club

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